Best Tactical Spears of 2021

serrated tactical spear

Spears are considered the ultimate hand-to-hand weapon. They’ve been used for centuries for hunting, sport and recreation. Tactical spears take an age-old design and improve by making them nearly unbreakable and razor sharp. 

Why do you need a tactical spear? Because they’re fun and you can actually use them for tactical purposes such as self-defense, hunting, survival and recreational throwing. You can even use spears around the campsite for chopping, sawing, splitting wood and even fishing.

Tactical spears are great for throwing, similar to tomahawks and throwing knives. We suggest throwing at hay bales, targets, stumps or trees for some extra fun at the campsite or backyard. Tactical spears are extremely durable and usually designed with a nylon-fiberglass handle with a stainless steel blade that can cut! 

We can think of a million reasons why you would want to add tactical spears to your outdoor gear, so here’s a list of the best on the market. 

Reapr TAC Javelin Serrated Spear

The Reapr tactical spear features a half serrated blade, nylon-fiberglass handle and a great balance. It’s a heavy-duty spear that can be used for multiple cutting tasks. You can hunt small game with this spear with greater accuracy thanks to the grooved nylon fiberglass grip. It’s perfect for close quarters and can deliver a powerful thrust and is versatile enough for chopping and splitting wood around the campsite. 

The Reapr tactical spear makes the perfect survival tool due to the removable spear head. Some tasks are easier once you remove the spear head such as camp duties that require a sharp blade. It also can be used as a survival knife that measures 8” and has a serrated portion of the blade. This survival spear will last a long time due to the black oxide finish that gives your blade rust resistance to protect longevity. 

We like the Reapr survival spear because it’s more than a tool – it’s a blast to use! You can also use it for hunting and fishing which makes it the perfect tool to have in your gear bag. 

Cold Steel Spear with Sheath, Boar Spear

Cold Steel makes a great tactical spear that’s also one of our favorites. It measures 82-½” and only weighs 68oz. The balance on this spear is perfect for throwing or thrusting. This classic design tactical spear is cold forged from medium carbon SK-5 steel that won’t break under heavy use. In fact, it flexes when put under intense stress such as throwing, cutting or chopping. 

The boar spear is a classic weapon dating back to human’s first attempts at hunting with tools. It was also prevalent on the battlefield as the spear was known as the ultimate fighting weapon for centuries. The dual cutting edges come in handy when thrusting and the shaft is extremely rugged and can take abuse. 

Many people use this as a hunting spear for hogs, deer and other large game. You can throw this spear with incredible accuracy with a little practice. 

We like the Cold Steel Boar Spear because it’s a well-balanced weapon and survival tool that will last you for years of hard use. 

United Cutlery M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath

The United Cutlery M48 Talon Survival Spear is long, has a thick blade and was built for heavy use. It measures 44-⅛” long and the blade is 8” and ready to cut! The stainless steel blade is razor-sharp and thick enough for anything you throw at it. You can use it for hunting, fishing, breaching, thrusting, impaling and slashing. 

This survival spear has tons of useful applications such as camp duty, survival situation and just plain fun! The handle is rugged and made from 30% fiberglass and you get a rubber sheath to cover the blade when not using it. 

Some users have stated their concern with this spear being on the short side. However, a short spear has tons of tactical applications and allows for urban combat. You can maneuver better with a short spear and apply it to your advantage. The blade is also thick enough to puncture through extremely tough material such as armor or thick clothing. 

We like the United Cutlery M48 Talon because it’s rugged, heavy and short enough to maneuver in a fight. 

Reapr 11003 Survival Spear

The Reapr Survival Spear makes a great tool for survival or hunting small game. It’s an incredibly accurate throwing spear that’s lightweight enough to throw a great distance. The spear head is razor-sharp and measures 8-½” long and 11mm thick, which is the perfect size and doesn’t overpower the spear. The handle is made from nylon-fiberglass and has the ability to flex when put under stress. This protects the spear from breaking. 

The entire spear measures 44” including the handle and blade and is the perfect size for a self-defense spear. You can take this spear hiking, camping or backpacking to protect yourself or just use it around the backyard for fun. You can easily sharpen the double bladed spear head to keep it razor-sharp. It comes with a rubberized TPR snap sheath that protects the spear head and your fingers from accidents. 

We like the Reapr Survival Spear because it’s durable, accurate, sharp and long enough for tons of applications. 

M48 Magnum Spear with Vortec Sheath

The M48 Magnum Spear is a robust spear that has quite a bit of heft to the blade. It’s a heavy-duty spear that sports a 10-¾” cast stainless steel blade that can do some damage! The handle is an aluminum shaft with a glass-fiber-filled handle that allows you to swing, thrust and stab without worrying about damaging the spear. The black oxide coating helps the spear maintain its integrity and helps it last for years of hard use. 

This tactical spear breaks down so you can store and transport it. It comes with a Vortex sheath that completely covers the blade for safety. The grip on this spear allows you to use it even when wet and the heavy blade is perfect for breaching, piercing and cutting. We like this tactical survival spear because of its heavy-duty design and hard steel blade that has ample size. 

United Cutlery UC2988 M48 Apocalypse Undead Survival Spear

The M48 Apocalypse Undead Survival Spear by United Cutlery is an amazing take on the traditional spear design. It measures 44-⅛” and has a large 8” blade that’s razor-sharp. The handle is nylon reinforced 30% Fiberglass and can take plenty of abuse! This spear was designed for heavy use and is built tough enough for just about anything. The handle is almost indestructible and the blade is thick and heavy enough to do some damage to an attacker or can be used for prying, breaking and piercing. You can even use it to cut wood. 

Many people use spears for self-defense when hiking or walking their dog, but they’re also great to have around the campsite. We like the design of this spear and its functionality as a weapon and survival tool.

What is the Best Spear? 

The best spear depends on what you plan on using it for. Spears can be used for hunting, self-defense, throwing and as a tool. Some spears are blade-heavy and have longer cutting surfaces, while others are more designed for throwing and have a more streamlined design. All spears on this post are suitable for any use. 

What is the Best Throwing Spear? 

While you can throw any spear on this list, we like the Cold Steel Boar Spear for throwing. It’s well-balanced, durable staff and has a razor-sharp blade that can cut through just about anything. It fits nicely in your hand and is easy to throw. The blade is tough and doesn’t dent when you hit your target. 

Are Spears Good for Hunting?

You can hunt all types of game with a spear such as hogs, deer, fish and even larger game. Spears have been the primary hunting weapon since we first started using tools. Hunting spears have become insanely effective at taking down large game. It takes a great deal of practice and patience to learn to hunt with a spear, but it’s possible. You have to get closer to your prey than you do when rifle or bow hunting, which requires you to be stealthy. Spear hunting requires accuracy and strength to hit your target in the right spot to kill it. 

Can You Kill a Deer with a Spear?

Yes, you can kill nearly any large game with a spear. You will need to check your location’s hunting regulations to make sure it’s legal. Remember, you want to make a quick and clean kill so the animal you’re hunting doesn’t suffer. A spear is considered a primitive weapon and is less accurate than a rifle or bow, so you will need to make sure you are accurate enough to hit your target in the proper area for a clean kill. 

Are Spears Good For Self-Defense?

Spears are known for being one of the most versatile self-defense weapons you can use besides a firearm. Just ask any Kung-Fu dojo and they will tell you the spear is an extremely dangerous hand-to-hand weapon. You can protect yourself from people and animals with a spear and many people bring them hiking and camping just for that purpose. 

However, a spear is a different type of self-defense weapon since you cannot conceal it, nor can you bring it everywhere you go. Spears are perfect for self-defense situations if you can get your hands on one, but you may not always have it close by. Spears are probably the best hand-to-hand weapon you can use, but it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of using them as a self-defense means. 

Are Spears Good for Hiking? 

There’s something really fun about carrying a spear while hiking in the woods. It’s almost primal. Our ancestors used them for everything, so it makes sense that you would want to carry a spear while hiking. The only issue you may encounter is other people may be concerned, but other than that, there’s no reason why you can’t bring one next time you go into the woods. 

Another option for bringing a spear on a hiking or backpacking trip is to carry a walking stick that you can fit a spear head to in an instant.

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