Zombies, Halloween, and You

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Guest post by David Dubrow For children, Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas as the best time of year.  For the informed adult concerned about the coming Zombie Apocalypse, Halloween can be a definite gut check.  It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to dread it entirely; costumes, free candy, and parties are celebrations of […]

Interview with Author J.J. Shurte

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POSTED IN Q & A BY JEROME ANDRIES Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Jerome Andries of ApocalypseGuys.com spoke with Indie-Author J.J. Shurte to discuss his involvement with the post-apocalyptic genre, his writing career, his future plans and which end-of-the-world scenario he thinks is more likely to happen. Here’s what he had to say: Tell us about yourself. I’m […]

Boot knives for outdoor, survival, tactical and everyday carry

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POSTED IN GEAR BY JEROME ANDRIES Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest If you’re a survivalist like me, (and you probably are if you’re reading this article) you like to have a backup plan to your backup plan. enter: boot knives Boot knives have been around forever, they’re just more convenient these days. Many people carry a second firearm […]