Exploring the Desert: A Guide to Practical Considerations for Safe Desert Exploration

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The desert contains many interesting areas that are worthy of exploring. It’s important to know that safety is your number one concern when venturing out into the wilderness, especially in the desert. The deserts of the World offer stunning vistas, rigorous challenges and some of the most incredible photography opportunities you can find. Choosing the […]

Boot knives for outdoor, survival, tactical and everyday carry

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POSTED IN GEAR BY JEROME ANDRIES Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest If you’re a survivalist like me, (and you probably are if you’re reading this article) you like to have a backup plan to your backup plan. enter: boot knives Boot knives have been around forever, they’re just more convenient these days. Many people carry a second firearm […]

LifeStraw Survival Water Filter Review

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POSTED IN SURVIVAL GEAR BY JEROME ANDRIES Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Here at ApocalypseGuys.com, we test and review various survival gear and share with our readers what works, what doesn’t and warn you of products that don’t hold up to manufacturer claims. Today we’re going to talk about the LifeStraw and our experience using this particular water […]