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The Best Large Gun Safes of 2021

best fireproof gun safe for rifles

If you’re looking for the biggest, toughest gun safes that are built like a tank, this is the list for you. Guns and gun accessories are crazy expensive and you need a gun safe that will protect them no matter what. Through rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, attempted burglaries and even fire; your gun safe has to be able to secure and protect your valuables. 

Gun collecting is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle for many people. Statistically, most gun owners will never use their firearms for self-defense, and that’s a great thing, but you also want to be prepared if you happen to be unlucky enough to encounter a life-threatening situation. It’s a fact that people break into homes and the first thing they look for are unsecured items such as jewelry, money and guns. The best gun safes on the market will not only protect your firearms from the elements, but also from thieves. 

We reviewed the best large gun safes that will secure rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammo and other valuables. The focus being gun safes that can easily house a nice rifle collection. Light gun safes are easier to steal in a smash and grab, but these gun safes have some heft to them and aren’t easy to remove from your property. Each gun safe on this list is the best in their class and have tons of positive reviews. 

The Best Large Gun Safes

Heritage Security Products 

The Heritage Security Products Large Gun Safe is built like a tank and has loads of features that you’re looking for. This is a heavy-duty safe that weighs 450 pounds without guns. No one is walking off with this safe! Designed with a lot of heavy material, the Heritage Security Products gun safe will survive just about anything and protect your gun collection. It has a 75 minute fire rating at 1400F which gives you time to extinguish fires. It’s also waterproof for up to 72 hours in 2 feet of standing water. This means it can survive a house flood which is quite common in many areas. A storm can easily bring water into your home, but this gun safe will continue protecting your firearms while you get the plumber to your home. 

Not only is the Heritage Security Products large gun safe waterproof and fireproof; but it also has tons of functions that make it one of the best large gun safes on the market. The backlit electronic lock is easy to see in the dark and it comes with the Alarm-U function in case someone tries to crack it. The deterrent alarm will let thieves know someone is on their way while the theft alert summons the right people. They also won’t be able to walk away with this gun safe due to its size and weight, but it also has a heavy-duty bolt down kit that keeps it in place no matter what. 

One feature we really liked is the tapered bolts and recessed doors that keep people from prying the door. People will try anything and it’s your gun safe’s job to stop them. We also enjoyed the external hinge that allows you to open the door a full 180 degrees so you can see your firearms. Many large gun safes make it hard to see what you have inside. Another feature we like, but may not use as often is the factory installed outlet with USB ports. This allows you to not only safely store your valuables, but also keep a full charge on them as well. If your firearms and equipment have electronic components, this lets you keep them fully charged without removing them. 

Choose from a 24-gun or 64-gun option depending on the size of your arsenal. That’s enough guns to arm your entire street or community. Both options come at a reasonable price and can be delivered to your door. Overall, the Heritage Security Products gun safe is one of the best large gun safes on the market due to design, craftsmanship, price and available options. 

Barska Fireproof Large Gun Safe

Barska makes great large gun safes. They give you quick access to your firearms and protect them from dangers such as water damage, fire and theft. This is a solid and well-constructed gun safe that can secure up to 45 rifles and a ton of extra ammo, equipment and other valuables. It has a removable position rack, removable shelves for customization and 6 solid steel locking bolts to give you the most secure space possible. 

The Barska large gun safe is fireproof for up to 1 hour at 1,200 degrees F. This will cover most small house fires caused by accidents and will give you time to extinguish the fire or call the fire department to assist you. The super quick entry electronic keypad gives you immediate access to your firearms in case of emergency and you get a set of emergency back-up keys just in case. The keypad runs on a 9V battery that lasts for a long time. 

We like this large gun case because its fireproof, waterproof, holds up to 45 rifles and has a super heavy-duty built that will protect your firearms for years to come. 

Kodiak Gun Safe

The Kodiak is a large gun safe that can hold up to 32 long guns such as rifles and shotguns and 6 pistols. It has plenty of room for most gun owners and you can store extra ammo, important documents, rare coins and other valuables. This burly gun safe weighs 420lbs unloaded and is fireproof for up to 40 minutes at 1400 degrees F. The thick door is heat activated and will expand 7x its size to seal the door edge to protect your valuables from fire and smoke that can cause permanent damage. It also has fireboard protection all around including the door, walls, floor and ceiling to give extra fire protection. 

The door and body is made of heavy-duty construction with a 2.00 mm steel composite that lends to the total weight of this large gun safe. You get 8 door bolts that are 1.00” diameter for added security. The steel plates are hardened and will help prevent drill attacks to the lock. 

You get a nice door organizer that helps you customize your layout and the adjustable shelving gives you more options for your guns. Overall, we like this large gun safe because it holds a large number of rifles and shotguns and has a handy door organizer where you can stash extra pistols and ammo. It’s heavy-duty and fireproof which is extremely important when choosing a gun safe. The price is competitive for what you get and this large gun safe is protected against drill attacks which is quite common. 

Steelwater 20 Long Gun Fireproof Safe

This Steelwater long gun safe is the new and updated version that features an improved automatic LED interior lighting so you can see your guns and gear. It’s fireproof at 1875 degrees F for up to 1 hour. That should give you plenty of time to handle the situation and save your firearms. It’s also EMP proof just in case. This large gun safe by Steelwater holds up to 20 long guns with plenty of spaces for pistols and ammo. Keep in mind, the number of rifles a gun safe holds depends on the size of the rifle, but most users get anywhere from 12 to 16 rifles and shotgun in this Steelwater gun safe with no problem. 

The 12 gauge steel construction is attractive for gun owners who want their guns adequately protected from all threats. It has a double layer fireboard in the door jams, ceiling, walls and the floor to give you extra fire protection. The Steelwater large gun safe is pry proof, punch proof and has protection against drill attacks with the gear driven lock and bolt system. Basically, anyone would have an extremely tough time breaking into a Steelwater gun safe. This gun safe is a definite show piece and looks classy in your home or garage. 

Overall, we thoroughly recommend the Steelwater to anyone that needs a heavy-duty, large gun safe that can store an assortment of rifles, shotguns and pistols. This is a large gun safe that’s heavy and is shipped by tractor trailer. You must read over ALL shipping details to ensure there are no delivery issues. 

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska Biometric Rifle Gun Safe gives you quick access to your guns with the touch of your fingerprint. You can secure up to 12 rifles without accessories with ease. While it may not have the storage capacity of other large gun safes on this list, we decided to add it due to high-quality design, biometric security options and personalized storage. The Barska comes with 16 internal removable position rack that gives you the ultimate in personalization options. 

The Barska Biometric Rifle Safe is designed with a solid construction because you need your gun safe to be tough and easily accessible. The durable steel construction and tamper-resistant edges make it even harder to break into this safe and the 5 built-in pry-resistant deadbolts protect from pry attacks. If that wasn’t enough security, the pre-drilled holes let you anchor the gun safe into the floor to make it impossible to remove without permission. 

We like the biometric fingerprint identification system on the Barska gun safe. It has the ability to store up to 120 fingerprints so you can give access to other users. This comes in handy when you need to arm family members or other trusted partners. You can access your firearms super fast with the thumbprint and have a gun in hand at a moment’s notice.

Hornady Rapid Long Gun Safe

The Hornady rifle safe is an affordable option that gives you fast touch free entry with quick access. You can grab your guns fast with this biometric rifle safe. It’s heavy-duty and tamper proof to keep unwanted hands off of your firearms. The steel housing and 5 hardened locking lugs give you a new level of security. You have the option to customize the interior and mount your rifles in various configurations. 

The Hornady Rapid Safe also comes with 4 RFID tags that you can program to access your gun safe. This technology unlocks your gun safe faster than keypads or biometrics. All you have to do is program your RFID tags to open your safe. RFID tags can be worn as a wristband, put on your keychain or decals. They allow you to access your guns faster than ever. 

While the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe may not have a luxurious interior, it gets the job done. The metal interior peg walls give you plenty of options to safely store your firearms. You can even secure a few pistols on the inside of the door. 

Overall, we can recommend this large gun safe due to competitive pricing, no-nonsense design and quality of materials used in construction. 

Stealth 23 Gun Safe

The Stealth rifle gun safe can adequately hold up to 23 guns and is designed with an all steel construction. The door and body is made from 14 Gauge steel and it comes with 8 solid steel locking bolts. The Stealth gun safe can withstand 30 minutes of fire at 1200 degrees F and the door seals by expanding beyond the norm to lock out smoke. 

You get tons of useful features with the Stealth gun safe including a Molle door panel to help organize your gear, dual gun rack, electrical outlet installed and multiple adjustable shelves. This gun safe also comes with a lifetime warranty against Break ins and attempted break ins. That goes to show that this company stands behind its products. The Stealth gun safe is blacked out, has ghosted logos and they painted the 3-spoke handle black to make this gun safe less obvious. 

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe

The Aegis Fireproof Gun Safe is a large, electronic security safe that delivers on its promises. It weighs 575 pounds and is constructed of  reinforced solid steel wall with a corrosion resistant black powder coat. It can withstand temperatures of 1400 degrees F for up to 45 minutes and will protect your firearms throughout a house fire. The door is heat activated and will seal your guns inside during a fire. 

Security is your top priority when choosing a gun safe and the Aegis comes with 7 active bolts and 3 dead bolts plus anti-pry bars and a drill resistant hard plate. This makes it even harder for someone to break into this gun safe. You also get removable shelves so you can fit more valuables and pistols. The pre-drilled holes make installing this safe easier than ever and the external door hinge opens 180 degrees. This safe only requires one person to install.

Large Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide + FAQ

What is the Best Large Gun Safe on the Market?

The best gun safe for your collection completely depends on how many guns you have and what type of features you want. Take stock of how many firearms you have and how many you plan to purchase in the near future. Next, decide what type of lock you want. Do you want a biometric gun safe, keypad or combination? Most large gun safes are made from the same materials, but are various thickness. The best large gun safes have similar qualities when it comes to anti-pry protection, drill resistant plates and bolts to give you extra protection. 

One thing to keep in mind is that not all large gun safes are fireproof and waterproof. That’s a special feature that is only on certain models. You can get various levels of fireproof such as 45 minutes to 1 hour and only for certain maximum temperatures. They won’t protect from fire forever, but you have ample time to do something about it before your firearms are damaged. 

How Much Does a Large Gun Safe Cost?

Each model has a different price tag, so it entirely depends on the features and size of the gun safe. You can easily spend anywhere from $900 to $2,500 for a good safe that’s fireproof, waterproof and holds upwards of 20 plus guns. 

Are Gun Safes Easy to Break Into?

The best large gun safes are not easy to break into. They have special features that help prevent theft. They’re made from thick steel, have anti-pry bars, drill resistant plates and bolts. These features protect from drill attack, prying attempts and hammer blows to get into your safe.

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