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11 Best Summer Hats for Men [2022 Review]

best leather and mesh outdoor hat

The reason we didn’t call this article “The Best Hats You Can Own,” is because there are quite a few wool hats that are out of this world. However, we’re talking about warm climates where wool would make you sweat bullets just walking to your truck. Wide brim hats with mesh walls are what we’re talking about today.

Why did we choose wide brim mesh hats? These summer hats for men are crushable, breathable and down right nice looking! You need one of these if you live in a warm climate and go on outdoor excursions during the summer.

Best Hat for Hiking in Hot Weather

Summer hats are important to wear when hiking because they are designed to protect you from sun exposure. They also keep you cool and your head protected from the elements. I like in a hot climate and always wear hats when hiking. This list has some great entries for the best summer hats for bald guys since some need more sun protection than others. 

These cool summer hats for men are made from materials that can handle it all – heavy rain, scorching sun and damaging winds. They stay on your head securely due to the cord and they keep you in the shade no matter how hot the sun is. The mesh walls allow a nice breeze through your scalp, but still prevent harmful UV rays from scorching your skin.

It’s a good idea to own a variety of hats for every season and there’s always a spot for stylish men’s sun hats if you live in a warm climate. It can get hot on the trail or at the beach and a men’s sun hat with a wide brim can make a huge difference. 

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We reviewed and tested a wide selection of men’s summer hats and compiled them into an easy to read format to help you make a good decision. These are cool summer hats for guys, but many are unisex. 

Best Overall Summer Hat for Men

Einskey Wide Brim Mesh Sun Hat

This hat deserves to be on every “Best Summer Hat” because it is extremely functional and doesn’t cost a fortune. This is probably the best hat for hot humid weather you will find. I wear this exact same hat during hot summer months and have zero complaints!

You can pick one up for $15 and you won’t be disappointed. Made from 100% polyester with a 3.7” brim and a drawstring closure.

The brim is larger than most hats and gives you protection all the way down your back. It gives you the most coverage of any men’s sun hat with wide brim and will protect you from the sun.

Not only does it excel at sun protection, but its also water repellent and one of the most breathable hats you will own.

You can take this kayaking, white water rafting, swimming and hiking and get it drenched and it will maintain its shape. These are extremely breathable and comfortable and exactly what you want in a summer hat. The Einskey Wide Brim hat is made to be folded in half so you can pack it in your beach bag.

The Einskey is also a cool summer hat for bald guys because it has a large brim that protects your scalp from harmful UV rays. 

This #1 best-selling summer hat is unisex and can be worn by both men and women. We think the Einskey Wide Brim is one of the best men’s summer hats I’ve ever used. 

What we like: 

The Einskey is by far my favorite summer hiking hat I own. In fact, it’s my favorite all-around summer hat in my collection. I was gifted this hat years ago by someone who saw me working in the sun and it was a lifesaver. I could immediately feel the temperature drop the moment I put it on my head. The mesh keeps a good airflow and the chin strap keeps it on your head while moving around. I now wear it swimming, hiking, camping and working in the backyard. I have a large head and this hat still fits amazing just in case you were wondering about fit. 



  • Best summer hat

  • Lightweight

  • Affordable

  • Great UV protection

  • Maintains shape

  • Can be folded for storage

  • None

Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer Cotton Mesh Hat

Henschel Hats is one of the elite hat manufacturing companies. They make a product that is made from top materials and their designs are some of the best on the market. Their quality standards are surpassed by no one. The Aussie Breezer is one of the best men’s sun hat on this list. 

The Henschel Aussie Breezer Hats come equipped with a handy chin cord to prevent the wind from taking your hat. You never know how helpful this feature is until it happens. You can crush this hat to pack and it pops back into shape. Perfect for all outdoor excursions such as backpacking, camping, fishing, trekking and BBQing in the back yard.

It has lining on the inside and a soft sweatband to keep the sweat from your brow. These wide brim mesh hats are perfect for hot weather or escaping to the trails during the summer.

These summer hats for men have a UPF 50+ rating and a big 3” brim to keep you protected and cool. this is one of the best hot-weather hats you will find. 

What we like: 

I bought this hat a few summers ago because I needed a cool hat for hiking in hot weather and I was more than impressed! Henschel makes great breezer hats and this one looks great and fits perfectly. One thing you have to look out for when buying a mesh hat is its ability to retain shape. 



  • Looks great!

  • Mesh keeps you cool

  • Retains shape

  • Great fit

  • A little heavy for some climates

Stetson Insect Shield Big Brim Mesh Safari Hat

Stetson has build a strong name for itself in the hat business. They’ve been around for years and your father and grandfather probably had a Stetson hat at one point in time. Their version of the men’s booney hat is a great choice to have in your collection.

The Stetson Insect Shield Safari Hat protects you from the sun with a 3 ¼” brim that covers your face, ears, neck and shoulders. It also has a non-toxic, odorless and CDC approved insect repellant that will aid you in the bush and keep bugs from you.

You will be protected from mosquitos, flies, midges, chiggers, ants and more – this is especially helpful for warm climates. This insect shield works for up to 70 washings. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never washed a hat that many times so it lasts a long time. It comes with a chin cord that will keep your hat secured on a windy day. Nothing worse than chasing your hat down. It also has a moisture-wicking sweatband to keep the sweat from burning your eyes.

This is one of the best wide-brim mesh safari hats for under $40. Stetson makes great hats and the men’s safari hat is a great addition to your summer hat collection. 

What we like: 

I own three Stetson hats and grabbed one of these because I needed one for the summer as my others are somewhat hot. I live in an area that is horrible with mosquitoes and they can really ruin your hike or fishing trip. I was curious as to how well the Insect Shield worked and can honestly say it helped some. Obviously, it isn’t perfect, but I did notice a difference. 

What we didn’t like: 

I’ve noticed the stitching around the brim isn’t perfect, although it’s not a big deal for me. 



  • Keeps bugs out

  • Breezy and keeps you cool

  • Retains shape

  • Lightweight summer hat

  • Perfect for hot weather hiking

  • Some aren't sewn perfectly

Stetson Mesh Safari Hat

Stetson has earned the right to have another entry on this list with the Stetson Mesh Safari Hat.

Constructed from 100% nylon and employing a 2 ¾” brim – this safari hat will keep you cool when the weather is unforgiving. It has mesh all over, so you will be able to get a nice breeze and still have protection from the sun. This Stetson has a smaller brim than other hats, but that gives it a little different style. It looks nice and you could wear this hat anywhere. It has a Coolmax sweatband to keep your head as dry as possible as you work or play in the sun.

This is one of the best wide brim ventilated hats for warm weather. If you’ve never owned a Stetson hat, this is a good place to start. 

The Stetson is a great summer hat for guys with long hair because it fits great and covers more area than other hats.

Going on an adventure, you need a neck knife. Check out this article about the best neck knives on the market. 

What we like: 

I picked up this Stetson mesh safari hat to add to my summer hat collection. I needed something to protect my head but allow good air flow and this safari hat did a great job! I like the color and design as well as the interior sweatband that keeps your forehead dry. 

What we didn’t like: 

I have an unusually large head and noticed the sizes seem to run a little small. I also had long hair when I first bought this hat so maybe that contributed to the tight fit. I recommend buying a size larger than you normally do just in case. 



  • Nice brim

  • Mesh top

  • Tough nylon construction

  • Sweatband

  • Sizes run small

American Hat Makers Breeze Leather and Mesh Sun Hat

This extremely popular hat is a different animal than any other on the list – it’s the perfect combination of fine leather and breathable mesh. If you’re looking for a style and functionality meet, the American Hat Makers Breeze will do the trick. Handmade in the USA and only using the finest leather and mesh; these hats are each sewn one at a time.

You also get a lifetime guarantee with each hat. You can’t beat that! This hat is super lightweight and UPF 50+ along with a chinstrap to keep it in place. Did we mention it’s water-resistant leather that can survive in inclement weather? These are super comfortable and come with a padded sweat liner that can be removed if you wish. This is a great wide-brim mesh hat for someone who enjoys a leather hat.

We’re told these hats are also great for golf as they’re breezy and go with golf clothes. American Hat Makers produces some of the best hats for hot weather that also look stylish. 

What we like: 

The combination of leather and mesh was an easy sell for me. I bought this hat on Amazon and wore it extensively during the summer. It offers great protection from the sun while keeping your head cool and breezy. The chinstrap keeps it in place while on the water and the leather dresses it up enough to wear anywhere. 

What we didn’t like: 

Sizes tend to run small. 



  • UPF 50+ protection

  • Removable sweat liner

  • Leather and mesh

  • Breathable

  • Handmade

  • Sizes run small

American Hat Makers Soakable Mesh Outdoor Sun Hat

If you weren’t into the leather/mesh combination; the American Hat Makers Soaker Hat could be right up your alley. It has a 2 ¾” brim and 3 ¾ crown which is just enough sun protection and plenty of space in inside.

The name comes from its ability to be completely soaked with no issues. I usually get completely soaked on most hiking, kayaking trips and you have to have a hat that can handle it. You can pack it easy and the chinstrap makes it the perfect wide brim soakable hat. These hats are great for hunting, fishing and hiking because you never know when you’re going to get soaked. You won’t ruin this hat with water and can enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer without worry. If you’re looking for the best soakable outdoor hat, the American Hat Makers Soaker Mesh Outdoor Sun Hat is a great place to begin your search.

What we like: 

I bought this hat mainly because it can be soaked and I knew that would be a great way to stay cool while outside in this heat. We’re on the water often and the sun is brutal. You can literally dip this hat into the water and wear it to keep you cool. I also like that it is crushable and will retain shape. You can pack it easily which is great for going camping. I highly recommend the American Hat Makers soakable mesh hat to anyone that lives in a hot area. 



  • Packable and crushable

  • Perfect for boating and swimming

  • Can be soaked

  • Great air flow

  • May run small

Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Mesh Soaker Hat

If you’ve ever owned outdoor hats; you’ve heard of Dorfman Pacific Co. They’ve been around for a long time and know how to make quality headwear. The Dorfman Pacific Co. Mesh Soaker Hat is a great example of what happens when innovation meets quality. This is the type of hat that people will remember when they see you wearing it. Why is that a good thing? Store owners, restaurant owners and people you see in your daily routine will remember seeing you each day and will likely give you better service. That may sound crazy, but there’s science behind it. It’s similar to growing a well-kept beard – it makes you memorable and people respond positively to people they remember.

Ok, enough science, let’s talk about the hat. This chiller hat is designed with mesh walls, 6” high, 12” wide with a 2 ¾” brim that will keep the sun from your face, neck and parts of your shoulders. Perfect for the golf course, ranch, RVing, hiking trail, or a day shopping. It’s made from 100% paper braid with a sweatband that absorbs moisture. Many people claim that this mesh hat keeps them cooler than straw hats.

What we like: 

I got one of these a few years back for around $30 and it has lasted extremely well! The wide brim makes it a great choice for golf, hiking, camping, boating, or just working in the back yard. I use it for sun protection and to wear while camping. 

What we didn’t like: 

It doesn’t have a chin strap. This probably isn’t a big deal for most people, but I prefer chin straps because I move around a lot while wearing my hats. Plus, you don’t want to lose it in the water. 



  • Wide brim

  • Great UV protection

  • Hand washable

  • No chin strap

Dorfman Pacific Men’s Soaker hat with Mesh Back

A different take on the popular Dorfman Pacific Soaker Mesh Hat – this version offers a stylish front that gives it a diverse look. This version is 60% polyester and 40% nylon, so you still get the same breathability and protection as you do with the original. Hand-washable, cooling vents and durable design makes this outdoor hat perfect for those who live in warm climates and enjoy outdoor adventures. This mesh safari hat has a 2 ¾” brim which is perfect for keeping the sun at bay and the mesh material on the side and back allows a nice breeze on a hot day. It also comes with an elasticized sweatband that soaks up sweat to keep it out of your eyes and you get a braided hatband to add to its style. This is a great safari hat for under $35 that will turn heads and keep you cool.

What we like: 

Personally, I like the fact that this hat does a great job of keeping sweat out of my eyes. I work outside A LOT and it is incredibly hot where I live. This hat also has a UPF rating of 50+ which is a great thing to have if you spend any amount of time in the sun. 

What we didn’t like: 

It was a little tight at first but started to fit my head better as I wore it. 



  • Keeps you cool

  • Elastic sweatband

  • Keeps sweat out of eyes

  • UPF rating 50+

  • Tight fit at first

Connor Hats Aussie Golf Soakable Mesh Hat

If you hit the golf greens often, you understand the importance of great headwear. The sun can scorch your scalp, or worse, lead to cancer. We always suggest covering your head to protect from the sun. Safari hats, cowboy hats, straw wide brim hats and mesh soaker hats are all great choices for hot weather headwear. We recommend wide brim mesh hats for exceptionally hot weather. They breath good and provide ventilation to your head and scalp, while giving protection against harmful UV rays. Connor Hats makes a great line of hats including the Aussie Golf Soakable Mesh Hat. Designed from mesh and faux suede with a 3.25” brim and 4.25 mesh crown height. It covers your face, neck and partial shoulders and the crown is high enough to give you some breathing space. These are crushable, and soakable and come with an adjustable inner band that has moisture-wicking properties. These are great golf hats for under $50.

What we like: 

I like the aesthetics of this hat. The brim is a great size for keeping the sun off of your face and the crown is just the right height to look nice and give your head some airflow. The fact that it can be soaked is a huge plus for someone like me and it is easy to pack for a trip. Overall, I recommend this hat to anyone looking for a great hot-weather golfing hat. 

What we didn’t like: 

The only issue I could find is that this hat seems to run small but will somewhat stretch to fit as you use it. I would recommend ordering a larger size than you normally wear to be safe. 



  • Nice sized brim

  • Crown is right height

  • Crushable and soakable

  • Sizes run small

Panama Jack Original Mesh Safari Hat

We’ve all heard the name Panama Jack. You couldn’t go on a beach vacation when I was a kid without seeing Panama Jack on everything. There’s good reason; they’ve been making quality products for years. They’re pretty big into the hat game as well. The Panama Jack Original Mesh Safari Hat is made with the same high-quality measures they make other products. Designed from premium cotton twill and polyester materials to ensure style and function. The mesh sidewall does a great job at keeping your noggin cool and the inner sweatband soaks up an ample amount of moisture and sweat. Mesh safari hats are made for sweat. Some hats will get soaked and will lose their shape – not mesh safari hats. They’re specifically designed for hot climates and vacation excursions.

What we like: 

I owned a lot of Panama Jack products when I was younger and figured I would give this hat a try. It was just as great as I remembered! I enjoyed the fact that it covered my head and the brim provided additional protection without drawing attention. I own a lot of large-brim hats that are great but often draw too much attention. This hat is just right. 



  • Mesh sidewall for ventilation

  • Sweatband

  • Moisture wicking

  • Stylish

  • Great for hiking and walking

  • None

Best Men’s Sun Hat with Neck Flap

JFH Wide Brim Bora Booney Safari Summer Hat

Roughly half the price of other hats on this list and just as effective. The JFH Wide Brim mesh top hat was specifically designed for hot weather adventures! If you’re looking for a men’s sun hat with neck flap, this is a great choice. 

It comes in solid or mesh/net crown styles for every style. Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend – this hat is perfect for moisture wicking and maintaining its shape after getting drenched.

The 3” brim gives you plenty of sun protection and the neck flap goes a few steps further to ensure you don’t get sunburned on your neck and upper back.

The cord keeps it on your head and protects you from losing it to the wind. This is a good safari hat for around $12.

What we like: 

I found this hat for just a little more than $10 to test on a hiking trip. I wanted one with a neck flap because part of the hiking trail was near a body of water and I knew there would be no protection from the sun. The JFH wide-brim hat did an amazing job at preventing sunburn and keeping me cool while I hiked. 

What we didn’t like: 

I noticed the material was a little thick and could have been made to be more lightweight for what I was using it for. Not a big issue for me though. I also noticed the mesh wall holes were a little large and I had concerns about UV rays. However, I did not get a sunburn that day. 



  • Neck flap for UV protection

  • Mesh walls

  • Prevents moisture

  • Can be drenched

  • Prevents sunburn

  • A little thick

  • Mesh holes are large

Summer Hats for Men Buyer’s Guide + FAQ

What is the Best Hat for Sun Protection for Men?

You have a lot of choices when shopping for the best men’s sun hats. There are multiple styles, materials and designs to choose from. If you live in a warm climate with lots of sun, then you know how important it is to protect your head from the sun. Wide brim sun hats can give you extra sun protection on your shoulders and mid arm as well. You can get sun burnt quick when working in the yard or spending time at the lake. 

Most men’s sun hats are designed to get wet. You don’t have to worry about wearing them while on a boat or walking on the beach because they can handle water. The mesh sides give your sun hat extra breathability and will keep your scalp cool while hiking. 

Does a Hat Block UV Rays?

Absolutely! Most hats have a UPF 50+ and will protect you from sun exposure. Wearing hats not only give you shade and keep your body cool, they can protect you from the sun by a factor of at least 10. While you can use various types of men’s sun hats to protect yourself while outside, studies show that hats made from tightly integrated fabric will normally provide higher protection than straw hats or canvas materials. Any hat will provide a certain level of sun protection, but now you have plenty of choices when it comes to the best men’s sun hats. 

Do Mesh Hats Protect From the Sun?

Men’s sun hats with mesh sides are designed to give you ultimate sun protection, while keeping it breezy on your scalp. It can easily get too hot to wear a thick hat and mesh sun hats can help. Mesh hats block light from reaching your scalp while keeping you cool at the same time. Obviously, there will be some sunlight entering through the mesh, but it’s minimal.

What is the Best Summer Hat for Bald Guys?

Bald guys have to take special considerations when choosing the best hat for them. You don’t have hair to protect your scalp against harmful sun rays, so you have to take extra precautions to ensure you don’t get blasted by the sun. 

You need a summer hat that fully covers your scalp and provides extra coverage for your neck and the sides of your head. A wide brim summer hat will do the trick and make sure you have the best coverage against the sum as possible. 

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