Q & A with Actor Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.

actor Patrick Constantine Bertsgnolli Jr.

Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr. sat down with Jerome Andries of the Apocalypse Guys to discuss his acting career, his time on the set of The Walking Dead and his cool new company, Never Resign. This is what he had to say:

How long have you been an actor and where did you get your start? Tell us about your first experience on set.

“I have been acting for 4.5 years. I got started as basic background on “The Prince”, which is a Bruce Willis movie, with Jason Patric, John Cusack, 50 Cent and several more. I was actually recommended to casting by a friend and they reached out to ask me about participating. Out of curiosity I said yes and worked one night on the production. I was instantly hooked and could not get the thought of doing more out my head. I never do anything without giving it my all, so I spent weeks pondering and researching to see what to expect and what would have to be done to properly pursue it. At the time I was 42 and single with no kids, so I figured I was a perfect candidate and have been forging ahead ever since.”

What are your favorite types of acting roles to book?

“I have mostly been booked for law enforcement and bad guy type roles. These are also among my favorite and what I am most comfortable and natural with. However, I am totally open to other roles that I may be fit for.”

the walking dead zombie apocalypse

I see you’ve been on the post-apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead. Can you tell us a little about your time working on that series? Did you see some of the big names like Rick, Michonne or Neagan?

“During my time on “The Walking Dead”, I was one of the Saviors. It was merely a background role but it was a great opportunity none the less. I had the pleasure of working with many of the principal actors, including Rick, Michonne and Neagan.”

What about the zombies? Did they keep them in a separate area during filming or were you able to mingle with them while in makeup?

“They don’t actually keep any actors or zombies in separate areas. It mainly just depends on the scenes being filmed and the content of the scenes.”

How many episodes of The Walking Dead were you in?

“I don’t recall exactly how many episodes I worked on but I was part of several episodes over seasons 7 and 8. I was killed off in season 8 and turned into a zombie.”

What about action? Did you get to do any stunts or use weapons?

“During my time as a Savior, I had the pleasure of doing some stunt type scenes and using live firearms.”

That sounds cool! What was your favorite part about working on The Walking Dead?

“I am not sure that I have an actual favorite part, as the entire experience was very epic and surreal.”

Understood. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to work on The Walking Dead and see the action take place right before your eyes. So, you would do it again if given the chance?

“I would definitely work with the production again, if given the chance, because everyone is very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Have you been in any other post-apocalyptic films or TV series?

“I have not yet been in any other post apocalyptic projects.”

Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll book another one. What’s next for your acting career?

“As for what is next in my career, I am focusing on booking bigger and better roles and hopefully ones that will assist me in climbing the Hollywood ladder. I recently learned that a feature film that I was part of about a year ago, is in the negotiations stage and should soon be available at Redbox. If that in fact happens, it should greatly help my career.”

What would be your ideal role and co-star?

“My ideal role would be a principal role as a law enforcement officer or bad guy on a feature film or TV show. My extensive background in law enforcement has greatly helped me in the entertainment industry.  I am hoping to someday book a speaking role, no matter how big or small, on “Blue Bloods”, as it is presently one of my most favorite TV shows.” 

Tell our readers about your company, Never Resign.

“I am presently working on an apparel company by the name of “Never Resign”. It was created as a way for people to be able to show support for those that have been afflicted with and/or affected by various handicaps and/or diseases. Kind of like the same concept as the awareness bands. A portion of the profits will also be given to someone or someone’s in need, either quarterly or every six months. So stay tuned for the official start of it within the next few weeks.” 

That sounds like a great company to start! Let us know when it’s live and we’ll do a follow up interview to give our readers more details about your company. Thanks for doing this interview, it was a pleasure catching up!


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