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Amancy 3- Finger Leather Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter

best leather cigar case for cheap

The Amancy 3- Finger Cigar Case is the perfect case for those wishing to carry up to 3 cigars with them at all times. Amancy makes some of the best cigar holders on the market. The classic brown leather design looks great and is made sturdy for you to enjoy for years to come. This is one of the best travel cigar cases you will find and can easily fit in your jacket pocket, vehicle console, desk drawer or at home.  

You never know when the mood to smoke a delicious cigar will strike you, so it’s a good idea to have them handy just in case. The Amancy cigar travel case is the perfect way to ensure you always have a few of your favorite cigars on hand and ready to smoke. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Holds 3 Cigars 

The Amancy cigar case holds up to 3 cigars that have a max length of 6.5” and a ring gauge of 52. Three cigars is the perfect number for an extended weekend or a smoke on the way home from a rough day at work. You can stash this cigar case in your hiking pack and hit the trails or bring it with you on a vacation or cruise and you will always have a good smoke.  

Comes with a Cigar Cutter 

Every cigar smoker needs a cigar cutter and the Amancy cigar case gives you what you need. Made from stainless steel, this cigar cutter will get the job done. The coolest part is the side pocket where you can store your cigar cutter so it will always be there. Locating your cigar cutter is usually the most frustrating part of smoking cigars. They’re easy to lose and friends often pick them up by mistake. The Amancy cigar case makes it easy to transport your cigars and cigar cutter anywhere you want to smoke.  

Great Way to Transport Your Favorite Cigars 

The 3-Finger leather cigar case is the best way to transport a few cigars at a time. While you will want to either purchase a home cigar humidor or a travel humidor, this case is designed to transport a few sticks at a time.  

Amancy Makes Other Cigar Accessories 

Amancy is well known in the community for making the best cigar accessories in their price range. They have 3-Finger cigar cases, larger travel humidors, leather cigar case gift sets that have lighters and cutters, desktop cigar humidors that hold 25-50 cigars and more. You can find anything you need with Amancy cigar accessories.  

Makes a Great Gift for Cigar Smokers 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the cigar smoker in your family, the Amancy 3-Finger Cigar Case is a great place to start. Most cigar smokers have the bare minimal cigar accessories and could use a sturdy leather cigar case with cigar cutters. These are the type of cigar accessories you don’t mind having multiples of because you can always use more cigar cutters and leather cases to transport cigars. Cigar smokers appreciate these types of gifts because they can use them for years.  

You Can Have it Engraved 

While Amancy does not offer engraving services, you can take it to an engraving place to add a personal touch to it. Many users engrave the bottom of their Amancy leather cigar case on the stainless steel portion. It adds a little personalization to the product.  

100% Guarantee 

Amancy offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their products. 

Our Take 

If you’re looking for a way to transport a handful of your favorite cigars, Amancy has you covered. The 3- Finger leather cigar case is a classy way to carry your smokes to work, golf course or a road trip. The stainless steel cigar cutter and pocket adds a little something extra and makes it easy to keep up with your essential cigar smoking accessories. Cigar cutters are easy to misplace and the leather pocket ensures you will always have it available. Amancy makes some of the best leather cigar cases and their 3-Finger case is no exception. We highly recommend this case for yourself or as a gift to the cigar smoker in your family.  

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