Armour Supply Co. Metal Patriot Edition Wallet

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You carry a wallet everywhere you go. Why not carry the best metal wallet on the market? The Armour Supply Co. Patriot Edition is a metal wallet that will blow your socks off! It’s tough, ultra-lightweight and practical. Metal wallets have multiple functions that can benefit you and improve your EDC or everyday carry.  

Made from the Strongest Materials 

The Armour Supply Co. Metal wallet is made from 2 pieces of Aviation Aluminum plates that are tough as hell and can take whatever daily abuse you can dish out. The outer shell is 2 pieces of high-quality Aluminum that makes this wallet one of the best on the market. Even the money clip is made from 304 stainless-steel and is spring loaded for maximum efficiency. You can’t beat this combination of inner and outer Aluminum plates.  

Designed for a Minimalist Lifestyle 

The wallet itself is ultra-light and compact which is exactly what you want in a minimalist wallet. It won’t bulk up your pocket with unnecessary leather flaps and it’s perfect for front pocket wallet carry. You can slip it into your back pocket if you prefer, but it’s designed to be carrying in your front pocket which makes it harder for thieves to grab it. You can fit up to 12 cards and 5 folded bills with ease. Weighing only 2 ounces and measuring 3.4” x 2.1” x 0.2” makes this a truly compact metal wallet.  -Buy Now

Tactical Multitool Card and Key Holder Included 

One of the coolest things about this metal wallet is what comes with it. You get a tactical multitool card that has multiple tools such as screwdrivers, hex keys, bottle opener, ruler and more tools that you can use daily. The key holder minimizes your keychain and is made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless-steel. Your keys will take up less space in your pocket with the included key holder.  

Improve Your Everyday Carry 

This wallet not only looks great and feels amazing – it can improve your EDC or everyday carry. It not only protects your personal information from RFID theft, but also prevents pickpocketing by making it easier to carry your wallet in your front pocket. It’s easy to bump someone and take their wallet from their back pocket, but the front pocket is another story. The included key holder frees up space in your pockets for more gear and the multitool keycard provides a few extra tools even if you already carry a multitool. There’s nothing wrong with having extra tools just in case.  

RFID Blocking Capabilities 

You may be on the fence about whether you truly need RFID blocking, but it’s there just in case. RFID blocks thieves from accessing your information through your wallet remotely. While it may be rare that it would happen to you, the truth is it is always a possibility. This metal wallet has advanced military grade RFID tech and can block 10MHz to 3000MHz signals to keep your information safe and secure.  

Package Includes: 

  1. Patriot Edition Armour Wallet 
  2. Multitool Card 
  3. Key Holder 
  4. Money Clip 
  5. Elastic Cash Strap 
  6. Mini Screwdriver 
  7. Stickers 
  8. Replacement Screws 

Also, a portion of each sale helps to build tiny homes for homeless veterans in need. No other metal wallet gives you as much as the Armour Supply Co. Patriot Edition.  

The Perfect Gift Set 

The Armour Supply Co. Patriot Edition Metal Wallet makes the perfect gift set for military, police officers, firemen, veterans and anyone who is looking for a minimalist metal wallet that will last forever. It comes in a premium gift box that looks good enough to keep.  

Lifetime Guarantee 

Armour Supply Co. backs this wallet with a 100% money back guarantee. It’s already the toughest wallet on the market, but if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, their customer service team will give you a full refund or a free wallet replacement. It’s rare that companies stand behind their products, but Armour Supply Co. absolutely cares about their customers.

Our Recommendation  

The Armour Supply Co Patriot Edition Wallet is an absolute beast and is highly recommended. It’s the perfect combination of minimalist design and metal attributes. Tough, sleek, compact and useful – it doesn’t get any better than this.  

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