Best Affordable Gun Safes

Tigerking gun safe

Securing your firearms is crucial for both safety and responsibility. Ensuring that your guns are locked away can prevent accidents, unauthorized access, and theft, providing peace of mind to gun owners and their families. However, many gun owners hesitate to invest in a gun safe due to the high costs associated with premium models, which often include advanced features and high-end materials that drive up the price. This financial barrier can leave many looking for more low-cost gun safes that can still do the job.

The good news is that affordable gun safes offer excellent security without breaking the bank. These safes balance cost and functionality, providing essential features to protect your firearms effectively. This article will review and recommend some of the best cheap gun safes on the market. These options ensure you don’t have to compromise on safety or quality while staying within your budget. Whether you need a compact safe for a handgun or a larger model for rifles, there are affordable solutions to meet your needs and keep your firearms secure.

Why Affordable Gun Safes Are Important

A. Accessibility for All Gun Owners

Ensuring that gun safes are accessible to a broader audience is essential for promoting responsible firearm ownership. Budget-friendly options make it possible for more gun owners to secure their firearms, reducing the risk of accidents and unauthorized access.

B. Balancing Cost and Security

Finding the right balance between affordability and adequate security is crucial. While keeping costs low is important, compromising essential security features can be dangerous. The goal is to find safes that offer necessary protection without unnecessary frills that drive up the price.

Key Features to Look for in Budget-Friendly Gun Safes

A. Locking Mechanisms

When choosing a budget-friendly gun safe, pay close attention to the locking mechanism. Options include electronic locks, mechanical locks, and biometric locks. Ensure the locking system is reliable and secure, even if it’s not the most advanced option available.

B. Construction Materials

The construction materials significantly affect the safe’s durability and security. Look for safes made of solid steel with a decent gauge. Fireproof and water-resistant features are beneficial but might be limited in budget models.

C. Capacity and Size

Consider the size of the safe in relation to your firearm collection. Ensure it has enough capacity to store your firearms and potentially other valuables. Smaller safes are suitable for handguns, while larger ones can accommodate rifles and additional items. Properly organizing your gun safe will give you more room.

D. Additional Features

Additional features such as interior lighting, adjustable shelving, and organizational components can enhance the usability of the safe. While these features might not be standard in budget models, they can be a nice bonus if available.

Our Favorite Low-Cost Gun Safes

Each of these affordable gun safes has fantastic reviews and won’t break the bank. 

Amazon Basics cheap gun safe

A. AmazonBasics Security Safe

  • Features: Electronic lock, adjustable shelf, compact design
  • Pros: Affordable, easy to use, versatile for various items
  • Cons: Limited capacity for larger collections
  • Ideal For: Small firearm owners, basic security needs

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is a versatile and affordable option for those needing basic security. Its electronic lock provides quick access, and the adjustable shelf allows for flexible storage. However, its compact size makes it more suitable for small collections and personal items.

Stack-On affordable gun safe

B. Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe

  • Features: Electronic lock, pre-drilled holes for mounting, foam-padded bottom
  • Pros: Compact, easy to mount, affordable
  • Cons: Not fireproof, limited space
  • Ideal For: Handgun owners, discreet storage

The Stack-On PDS-1500 is perfect for handgun owners seeking a discreet and secure storage solution. Its compact size and pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount in a drawer or closet. While it lacks fireproof capabilities, it offers reliable security for its price range.

Barska rifle gun safe

C. Barska Biometric Safe

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint lock, solid steel construction, pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Pros: Quick access, secure biometric system, reasonable price
  • Cons: Requires batteries, limited capacity
  • Ideal For: Home use, quick access needs

For those who prioritize quick access, the Barska Biometric Safe is a great choice. Its biometric fingerprint lock allows for rapid entry, and the solid steel construction ensures durability. The safe is reasonably priced, making it a good value for money.

SentrySafe low cost gun safe

D. SentrySafe SFW123ES Fireproof Safe

  • Features: Fireproof for 1 hour, digital keypad lock, adjustable shelves
  • Pros: Fire protection, spacious interior, durable
  • Cons: Heavier, higher-end of, budget-friendly
  • Ideal For: Homeowners needing fire protection and security

The SentrySafe SFW123ES offers fire protection for up to an hour, making it ideal for safeguarding both firearms and important documents. Its digital keypad lock provides easy access, and the adjustable shelves allow for customizable storage. Though it’s on the heavier side, its durability and fireproof feature justify the cost.

Povanje rifle gun safe

E. Povanje 7-8 Long Digital Rifle Gun Safe

  • Features: Fireproof design, holds 7-8 long rifles and pistols, deeper large gun cabinet, inner lockbox, door panel organizer, LED light, silent mode
  • Pros: Spacious design, fireproof protection, secure inner lockbox, organized storage with door panel organizer, enhanced visibility with LED light, discreet operation with silent mode
  • Cons: Larger size may require more space for installation, higher cost due to additional features and fireproofing
  • Ideal For: Gun owners with a larger collection of rifles and shotguns, individuals seeking fireproof protection, users needing organized storage for accessories and ammunition, those looking for a versatile safe with both capacity and advanced features

The Povanje 7-8 Long Digital Rifle Gun Safe is ideal for gun owners needing spacious, secure storage for up to 7-8 long rifles and pistols. It offers fireproof protection, an inner lockbox, a door panel organizer, and an LED light for enhanced visibility. The silent mode ensures discreet operation. While its larger size and additional features may increase cost, it provides excellent security for extensive firearm collections.

Tigerking gun safe

F. TIGERKING Heavy Duty Large Safe Box

  • Features: 2.05 cubic feet capacity, touch screen keypad, built-in lock box, digital lock
  • Pros: Spacious interior, modern touchscreen keypad, additional built-in lock box for extra security, versatile for various valuables
  • Cons: Requires batteries for the digital lock, may be bulky for small spaces
  • Ideal For: Homeowners needing secure storage for money, jewelry, and documents

The TIGERKING Heavy Duty Large Safe Box is ideal for homeowners needing secure storage for money, jewelry, and documents. With a 2.05 cubic feet capacity, it features a modern touchscreen keypad, a digital lock, and a built-in lock box for extra security. While it requires batteries for the digital lock and may be bulky for small spaces, its spacious interior and versatile storage options make it a reliable choice for safeguarding various valuables.

How to Choose the Right Affordable Gun-Safe

A. Assessing Your Needs

Start by evaluating the number and type of firearms you need to store. Consider any additional valuables you may want to secure in the safe. Do you want a mechanical lock or a biometric lock on your gun safe? This assessment will help you determine the size and features you need.

B. Setting a Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on a gun safe. While it’s important to stay within your budget, remember that investing a bit more in a higher-quality safe can provide better security and peace of mind.

C. Reading Reviews and Ratings

Check customer reviews and expert ratings for the models you are considering. Look for patterns in feedback regarding reliability, ease of use, and security. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the real-world performance of the safe. You can learn a lot from others who have purchased and used gun safes. It’s also a great way to see how a particular gun safe performs after years of use. 

D. Comparing Features

Compare the key features of different safes side by side. Decide which features are essential for your needs and which are optional. This comparison will help you find the best value within your budget range.

Our Thoughts

Securing your firearms and valuables is essential, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. By choosing one of the recommended budget-friendly gun safes, you can ensure your items are protected without overspending. Evaluate your needs, set a realistic budget, and compare features to find the best safe for your situation. Investing in a budget-friendly gun safe that meets your security needs is a responsible and worthwhile decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What should I look for in a budget-friendly gun safe? A: When choosing a budget-friendly gun safe, look for key features such as a reliable locking mechanism (electronic, mechanical, or biometric), sturdy construction materials like solid steel, adequate capacity for your firearms, and additional features like adjustable shelving and interior lighting. Ensure the safe meets your security needs without unnecessary frills that drive up the cost.

Q: Are budget-friendly gun safes secure enough? A: Yes, many budget-friendly gun safes offer excellent security. While they may lack some of the advanced features of higher-end models, they still provide essential protection against unauthorized access and theft. It’s important to choose a safe from a reputable manufacturer and read reviews to ensure its reliability.

Q: Can I find a fireproof gun safe within a budget? A: While fireproofing can add to the cost, there are budget-friendly options that offer fire protection. For example, the SentrySafe SFW123ES provides 1-hour fire protection and is reasonably priced. Be prepared to balance your budget with the level of fire protection you need.

Q: How important is the size of a gun safe? A: The size of the gun safe is crucial as it needs to fit your current firearm collection and any additional valuables you want to store. Consider your available space and whether you need a compact safe for handguns or a larger one for rifles. It’s better to choose a slightly larger safe than you currently need to accommodate future additions.

Q: Are electronic locks reliable on budget-friendly gun safes? A: Electronic locks can be very reliable if maintained properly. Ensure the batteries are replaced regularly, and choose a safe with a good track record for its electronic lock. Reading customer reviews can help you gauge the reliability of the lock on a particular model.

Q: How can I ensure my budget-friendly gun safe is secure from theft? A: To enhance the security of your budget-friendly gun safe, consider bolting it to the floor or wall. Many safes come with pre-drilled holes for this purpose. Also, the safe should be placed in a discreet location to reduce the risk of it being targeted by thieves.

Q: What if I need a gun that is safe for travel? A: If you need a gun safe for travel, look for portable options that are compact and lightweight yet secure. The Barska Biometric Safe is a good example of a budget-friendly safe that offers quick access and portability.

Q: Can I store other valuables in my gun safe? A: Yes, gun safes can be used to store other valuables, such as important documents, jewelry, and cash. Many gun safes come with adjustable shelves or interior lockboxes that make it easy to organize and secure various items.

Q: How do I maintain my gun safe? A: Regular maintenance includes checking and replacing the batteries for electronic locks, cleaning the exterior and interior to prevent dust buildup, and ensuring the locking mechanism functions smoothly. Periodically check the seals and any fireproofing materials to ensure they are intact.

Q: Is it worth investing in a more expensive safe if I can afford it? A: If your budget allows, investing in a higher-end safe can provide additional features such as advanced locking mechanisms, better fire and water protection, and larger capacity. However, many budget-friendly safes offer excellent security and can meet the needs of most gun owners.