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The 6 Best Ammo Bags for the Range 2022

Mastiff Outdoor ammo case ammo container

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 12, 2022

You need ammo and you need an easy way to transport it. Ammo bags and ammo cans are the best way to bring your ammo to the range or on a hunting trip. You may not always want to carry an entire box of ammo to the shooting range and only need a certain amount. 

Portable ammo boxes also help reduce trash at the shooting range. They help keep your area neat and you don’t have to worry about ammo boxes stacking up. Many ammo containers have a Velcro strip to place a PVC patch so you can differentiate your ammo. Ammo bags can fit neatly into your range bag for safekeeping. 

Ammo Bag

An ammo bag is simply a bag that can store and carry loose rounds, shotgun shells, rifle and pistol mags and more. Ammo bags are also called tactical dump pouches, dump bags or military drop bags. 

Ammo bags are often used at the shooting range, hunting trips or target practice because they allow you to quickly grab more rounds. Some people even use their ammo bag for metal detecting and arrowhead hunting. 

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Portable ammo bags are perfect for transporting large amounts of ammo and ammo wallets and bullet binders are great for smaller amounts such as when you’re hunting or just want to fire a few rounds. Transporting your ammo should be easy, safe and cost effective. We think these portable ammo containers are the way to go. 

G-CODE Bang Box Ammunition Transport

The G-CODE Bang Box is the perfect way to transport ammo to the shooting range. You can load it up and shoot for hours. It saves time when reloading and you don’t have to carry around multiple ammo boxes. You can pack ammo in the Bang Box and grab it when you need them. 

You get a velcro strip on top of the lid for your PVC patches. Many shooters put a patch designating the type of ammo inside. The container has a wide mouth so it’s easy to grab bullets by the handful and there is a small pocket sewn inside the lid where you can put your contact or ammo information. 

You can get a G-CODE Bang Box for every caliber to easily organize your ammo and to make it easier to grab and go. 

Cloud Defensive ATB ammunition Transport Bag 

The Cloud Defensive ATB is a great ammunition transport bag that can help you carry your ammo to the shooting range or hunting club. It stores easily in your range bag or hunting backpack. You can easily fit enough ammunition for an entire day at the range in this ammo transport bag.

You can fit up to 700 rounds of 9mm plus 5 GLOCK magazines as an example of how much ammo you can fit in this bag. It fits every type of pistol magazine you can imagine and has a velcro divider plus a handy magazine holder to keep your ammo organized and ready to go. The divider allows you to store multiple calibers in one location to take to the gun range. 

We like the fact that this ammo transport bag has zero sharp edges which makes it easy to transport and remove from other bags without ripping them to shreds. The top carry handle is rugged and allows you to carry ammo single handedly. The YKK zippers are beefy and never fail to give you a great experience. 

Black Skull Bags Ammo Pouch

The Black Skull Bags ammunition pouches are designed tough and can help you organize your ammo to take to the gun range. You get two Black MultiCam ammo bags that come with two patches: 9MM and 5.56 Caliber. Ammo pouches help you keep track of how many shots you take at the range and are great for anyone trying to up their shooting game. 

Ammo pouches are easier to transport than storage cans because they fit in other bags and don’t have rough edges that can rip other materials such as your truck seat. The bags themselves are designed with Mil-Spec 500 Denier nylon camo and Cordura nylon webbing that will last a long time. You get plenty of storage in these ammo pouches. In fact, they can hold up to 350 9MM rounds and 200 5.56 rounds which is plenty for a long day at the range. 

We like the Black Skull Bags because they’re tough, hold plenty of ammo and look amazing. 

TUFF 3 Gun Ammo Bags

The TUFF 3 gun ammo bags are a great way to keep your ammunition organized and ready to shoot. You get 3 ammo bags that are color-coded for different types of ammo. They’re tough and made from heavy-duty materials that will last a long time. The cinch cord makes it super easy to grab and go. 

The red and blue bags can easily hold up to 200 rifle or pistol rounds and the black bag can hold 200 loose shotgun shells. These ammo bags are great to take to the range and are large enough for any shooter. You can use them for 3-gun competitions where you need rifle, handgun and shotgun rounds in an easy-to-grab location. 

It’s recommended that you remove your ammo from the original box and use an ammo transport case or bag such as these. These are also great for brass collection after a long day at the range. Overall, we highly recommend the TUFF 3 gun ammo bags to anyone that wants an easier way to transport their ammo. 

Mastiff Outdoor Wide Mouth Ammo Case

The Mastiff Outdoor ammo case is about as heavy-duty as they come. The wide-mouth design makes it perfect for transporting guns and ammo to the gun range or elsewhere. The i600D polyester fabric will last for years through heavy-duty use in the field or gun range. 

This wide-mouth ammo bag has 10 external pouches that are perfect for extra gear and accessories that you want to access quickly without opening your bag. You get even more organization inside for gear, tools, gun accessories and a first aid kit. The bag itself measures 12 x 9.5 x 9 inches but the spacious pouches give you even more room both inside and outside. The materials are water repellent and give your guns, ammo and tools some extra protection while traveling or transporting in the rain. 

We really like the wide-mouth design and internal metal frame on this ammo bag. You can easily reach and grab ammo and the metal frame will keep it standing up. Overall, the Mastiff Outdoor ammo case is one of the best cases on the market and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Wolf Tactical Drawstring MOLLE Dump Pouch

The Wolf Tactical dump pouch is the perfect drop bag for the shooting range, hunting, loose ammo, magazines, shotgun shells and pretty much anything else you need it to hold. It features MOLLE and a quick access drawstring top so you can keep your ammo secure and easy to grab. 

You can attach the Wolf Tactical ammo dump pouch to your belt, webbing vest, tactical backpack and other ways. It’s a great way to organize your gear and keep your ammo where you can find it. You can also use this bag for hiking, scavenging, camping, airsoft, searching debris and more.

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