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6 Best Ammo Cans for All Ammo 2022

Homestead 50 Cal Ammo box

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 24, 2022

Ammo Can

Ammo cans are a great way to store your ammo long-term. They’re waterproof, submersible and tough as nails. A great ammo can will be rubber sealed to ensure your ammo is safe and secure no matter what. 

One of the cool things about storing ammo in your ammo can is that they’re stackable and reusable. You can put other important items in an ammo can and stack them up for storage and to save space. You can organize your ammo to free up space in your gun case for other accessories such as weapon lights, tactical flashlights or other gear. Ammo can storage is one of the safest ways to make sure your ammo and gear stays in working conditions. 

Ammo Can Sizes

Ammo can sizes range from small to extra large and can handle any type of ammo you need to store. A quick search will bring up cans such as ammo can 40mm, ammo can for 223 or ammo can 50 cal. If you’re concerned about someone taking the contents from your can, you can find an ammo can with a lock or simply add a lock for your ammo can to keep unauthorized users from accessing your ammo. 

You can get all types of ammo can sizes and they come in steel or plastic varieties depending on your needs. 

Ammo Can Storage

Ammo cans are one of the best ways to store your ammo. They provide plenty of protection and are stackable. You can store a ton of ammo in various sizes of ammo cans. They also allow you to better organize your gun safe or ammo storage area and allow you to easily see what type of ammo it holds. I recommend storing your ammo in convenient ammo cans especially if you plan to store it for long periods of time. 

Benefits of using an ammo can (metal or plastic)

  1. Perfect for long term storage of ammo or other goods you want to protect
  2. Air and watertight to prevent spoilage
  3. Stackable 
  4. Lockable 
  5. Extremely durable

There are a ton of ammo cans on the market, here are the best: 

Redneck Convent RC 4-Pack Black Ammo Cans

Ammo cans are the best way to keep your ammo and tools safe from the elements and make them last longer. They keep your ammo dry, clean and organized. The Redneck Convent 4-pack black ammo cans are extremely durable and made from steel and are perfect for hunting, fishing, ammo, and other important items that you want to preserve. You get 4 black ammo cans that can hold plenty of ammo and makes organizing your gear simple. Each ammo can has a rubber gasket seal that’s airtight and will keep your ammo dry. This is a great deal for those who need multiple ammo cans and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Pelican V250 Vault Ammo Case

The Pelican V250 Vault is at the top of this list for a reason – it’s one of the best ammo cases out there. It’s built tough and is perfect for ammunition or additional gear that you want to keep safe. You can use the Pelican V250 Vault to organize your ammo or fill it up and take it to the shooting range. This ammo case is also perfect for transporting your ammo while on a trip. 

Properly storing your ammo is one of the most important things you can do. Not only is it safer to keep your ammo in an ammo box, but it also helps you organize your supplies so you know exactly what you have on hand. The Pelican V250 is known as one of the absolute toughest ammo boxes on the market and is weather-resistant, crushproof, dustproof and will protect your ammo no matter what. It even protects against moisture which can be an issue in some areas. 

The handles are heavy-duty and will last forever. The Pelican V250 Vault features a one-push button latch to easily access and secure your ammo case. We think this is one of the most reliable ammo cases that you will find and it’s absolutely worth the purchase price.

Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can

The Solid Tactical 50 Cal metal ammo can is as tough as they come. This is the heavy-duty ammo can you’ve been looking for. It features a powder coating that makes it even more durable and protects your ammo better than most. This is a lockable ammo can and comes with the locking kit hardware pre-installed into the can so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a lock for your ammo can. 

This can is waterproof and can even be submerged in water thanks to the rubber sealed design. It does an amazing job at protecting your ammo from dust, water and other impurities. This .50 ammo can is stackable and can be used for other items besides ammo. You can save a ton of space by stacking ammo cans and marking what each one contains. In fact, stacking ammo cans is one of the most effective ways to organize and amplify your storage capacity. 

Here’s exactly how much ammo you can fit in this .50 cal ammo can:

  1. 2200 9mm rounds
  2. 1200 5.56 rounds
  3. 1300 .45 ACP rounds
  4. 600 .308 rounds
  5. 250 rounds of 12 gauge x 2.75” 

That’s a lot of ammo! You can stack a literal ton of ammo in the corner of your workshop long term by stacking a crate of these. We like the Solid Tactical .50 Cal Metal Ammo Can because it has plenty of storage space, it’s waterproof and submersible and is built extremely tough. 

Homestead 50 Cal Ammo Can

The Homestead .50 cal ammo can is tested for water and air tightness and keeps your ammo dry no matter what. It does an amazing job at keeping impurities out while protecting the interior. It’s made with heavy-duty steel construction that will last forever and is designed to take a beating and still work. It’s not only the perfect can for long-term ammo storage, but it can also house other important items that you wish to keep in perfect condition. 

You can stack this ammo can to save space in your garage, shelter, pantry, gun safe or other storage areas. It comes with a desiccant pack that absorbs any moisture and keeps your ammo dry. The compression fit lid features a water resistant seal that makes it airtight and the lid is easy to remove. The durable matte finish on these cans protects them from drops, bumps and scrapes. 

The best ammo cans do more than just protect ammo, they’re also great for hunting gear, fishing gear, valuable electronics, expensive tools and more. We like the Homestead .50 cal steel ammo can because it’s tough, stackable, air and watertight and is easy to use. They come in a single pack or 6-pack in case you want to buy them in bulk to save money. 

Sheffield Ammo Can Plastic

The Sheffield ammo can provides watertight ammo storage to protect your ammo from just about anything. Plastic ammo cans are lightweight and rugged enough to store ammo or other hunting and fishing gear that you want to keep secure. These are stackable and compact to save space in your storage areas. 

This ammo can with a lock features 3 locking options to ensure no one gets inside. They can’t even pry this box open due to the locks and the molded lip gives you extra protection against impurities that could ruin your ammo. These are extremely easy to carry and many users prefer ammo can plastic versus steel due to their ease of use. 

The Sheffield 12628 Field Box is a great plastic ammo can that can store ammo for shotguns, pistols, rifles and other gear. 

MTM .50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can

The MTM .50 Caliber ammo storage can is made from a tough and long-lasting polypropylene material that’s lightweight and sturdy. You can store plenty of .50 caliber ammo or survival items such as fishing and hunting supplies, emergency gear, batteries, some foods, essential tools and more. Many people use these ammo can plastic varieties for storing household and camping goods to save space and to stay organized. 

The MTM ammo can feature a tongue and groove O-Ring seal system that keeps air, water and other harmful impurities away from your ammo or other goods. It provides one of the best water-resistant seals that you will find on an ammo can. MTM got the latching system on this ammo box perfect and it keeps the top on better and strengthens the seal. 

You can literally take this plastic ammo can anywhere. It’s easy to carry and has a comfortable handle. You can buy a lock for your ammo can and put them on the two tabs for added security and to make sure no one can pry open your ammo box.

We like the MTM ammo storage can because it’s rugged, lightweight and lockable. 

Sheffield Military Style Ammo Can

The Sheffield metal ammo can comes in .50 caliber sizes. It’s made from alloy steel and is tough as nails. The ammo can dimensions measure 12.6 x 6.6 x 8.1 inches and can hold plenty of ammo or other goods that you want to store long term. 

If you’re looking for an ammo can built like the military surplus ammo cans, this is the one. The Sheffield military ammo can is built exactly like the old surplus ammo boxes. It’s air and watertight and will keep harmful substances away from your ammo while you store it long-term. 

You can store ammo in this can loose or in boxes depending on your preferences. This ammo can isn’t just for 50 cal ammo, it’s also an ammo can for 5.56 ammo, 9mm ammo, .380 ammo, .223 ammo and more. You can even store shotgun shells in this ammo can. 

The lid is a compression fit and works great and it has a matte finish that gives your ammo can additional protection. We like the Sheffield military-sty ammo can because it holds plenty of ammo, it’s built tough and made from heavy gauge steel that is perfect for long-term storage. 

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