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The 7 Best ATV Gun Racks of 2022

Black Boar atv gun racks

By: Rome / Last Updated September 1, 2022

ATV gun racks are the perfect way to attach a shotgun or rifle to your ATV/UTV for safe carrying. They’re tough and designed for heavy-duty trail riding while protecting your guns. You can easily install them to your ATV or UTV so that your firearm will be there when you need it. Customizing your ATV or UTV with gun racks, storage boxes or even snow plows is a great way to increase the amount of gear you can carry and make your trip more fun.

These gun racks for ATVs are fully adjustable so you can fit them at nearly any angle that’s comfortable. Simply tighten the knobs when you’ve achieved the position you prefer. You can quickly access your ATV gun holder case by removing the pin and the rear section. This opens the case so that you can insert or remove your firearm with ease. 

If you’re looking for the absolute best way to secure and protect your firearms while riding then you need to get a gun rack for your ATV. They fit neatly onto your tubular racks and you can choose either front or rear carry on your ATV/UTV. The interior is a soft-sided inner gun case that gives you extra protection where you need it. These are made with tough polyethylene that will last for years and can handle heavy-duty trail use. The material is water-resistant and will protect your firearms from dirt, dust and other environmental aspects that could harm your gun. 

Here are a Few Reasons Why You Need UTV gun racks:

  1. They make it easy to transport your firearms. 
  2. You can keep your firearms with you at all times. 
  3. ATV gun holder cases protect your guns while you travel.
  4. They’re made from rugged materials to protect them no matter where you go.

Here are the best ATV gun holder cases on the market:

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case

Black Boar makes great ATV accessories and their ATV gun racks are some of the best. It secures and protects the majority of rifles and will keep them safe while riding. You can store left and right-hand bolt action rifles and shotguns in this case. The soft-side inner gun case provides extra support and protection. 

Not only is it easy to install but you get all mounting hardware included so you don’t have to purchase additional parts. It fits nearly all tubular racks. The case itself is made from rugged polyethylene material that will last a long time and will protect your gun from water, dirt, dust and other harmful substances. This gun rack for ATV is water-resistant and measures 53.5”L x 15.5”H x 5.25”D. 

We like the Black Boar because it’s tough and will secure your guns while on the trail or riding around the campsite. 

Kolpin Stronghold Gun Boot 

The Kolpin Stronghold gun boot is a great way to transport your firearms while riding and is perfect for the money. You get the auto-latch mount system that will allow you to attach this gun case to any ATV, UTV or another off-road vehicle. It provides a safe way to transport your rifle and will secure shotguns and rifles that measure up to 52” in length with ease. 

You can access your rifle or shotgun quickly with this ATV gun case. The single-handed attached lid opening is easy to open and the integrated rubber closure strap is a great addition. ATV gun boots are a great product that makes transporting your rifles and shotguns much easier. The lid hinge system is rugged enough for heavy-duty use and will keep your guns safe. We like this ATV gun boot because it’s easy to use and fits a large number of guns.

Kolpin Rhino Grip XL Double

The Kolpin Rhino Grips are probably the most useful ATV accessory you can own. They secure your guns on any part of your ATV or UTV you choose. Customization is a great feature to have on UTV gun racks because you may have multiple UTVs/ATVs that require different placement. They’re great for transporting guns, crossbows, fishing poles, tools, shovels and other types of gear. You can get the Kolpin Rhino Grip XL in a single pack or double pack depending on how many firearms you want to carry. 

The Kolpin Rhino Grip can rotate 360 degrees and is adjustable with multiple angles depending on what you intend to carry with it. These grips have superior gripping power and will keep your guns or tools secure no matter how treacherous the trail you’re traveling on. We like the Kolpin Rhino Grip because it’s one of the most versatile ATV gun accessories you can find. 

Kolpin 20091 ATV Gun Boot Realtree

The Kolpin Realtree ATV gun boot is a great way to carry your gun on your ATV. It gives you plenty of room for your rifle, even 50mm scopes and shotguns. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy carry and it features molded attachment points so you can use it with a sling. It secures and protects your rifles or shotguns from accidental bumps, knocks and scrapes while transporting. 

This gun boot is designed for both left and right-hand bolt action rifles and shotguns. 

Siezmik OverHead Gun Rack 

The Siezmik UTV gun rack system can secure two firearms to the top of your roll cage. It’s tough and made with high-quality materials. You can remove your guns silently due to the rubber straps and the thick plate mounts the rack solid and secure. 

This UTV gun rack fits a large number of UTVs and is made with premium glass-filled nylon housing. The support bracket is cast aluminum and has extreme longevity even with heavy-duty use. 

We like the Siezmik UTV gun rack system because it’s incredibly dependable and allows you to carry your rifles in a handy position. 

Kemimoto UTV Overhead Gun Holder

The Kemimoto overhead gun holder is perfect for UTVs. It keeps your guns out of the way and in an easy-to-reach area so they’re always available. It secures your rifles and tools with a tight grip. The adjustable straps and U-type holder protect your guns from scratches and bumps. Plus, it’s safer to keep your rifles out of the way while driving. This UTV gun holder keeps your guns in a secure position without making any noise. 

This UTV overhead gun holder is easy to install and gives you plenty of headroom so you don’t have to worry about your gun hitting your head when you hit a big bump. We like this UTV overhead gun holder because it provides excellent security for your guns and keeps them out of your way to keep your hands free while driving. 

Seizmik ICOS 2 Gun UTV Holder

The Seizmik ICOS (in-cab on seat) gun holder is the perfect fit for carrying a gun on your UTV. You can install it in literally seconds and don’t have to use tools. You simply use the seatbelt on your UTV to install this gun holder. It has great muzzle control so that your barrels will be pointed away from you and away from danger. This UTV gun holder is built rugged but uses closed-cell foam to cradle your guns and keep them from getting scratched. 

You can use the Seizmik ICOS gun holder for shotguns and rifles to keep them safe while driving. 

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