The 6 Best ATV/UTV Winch Kits of 2022

Warn Axon ATV UTV 4-Wheeler winch

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 5, 2022

ATV/UTV winches are great tools to have for any situation you may encounter. They’re easy to use and have incredible power for their size. You can mount them to your ATV, side by side or other vehicle and start winching. They can even be used for other applications besides attaching them to an ATV. The cables are durable and reliable enough for daily use similar to truck winches.

Most ATV winches come with a three-stage planetary gear system paired with remote control capabilities to give you ultimate control. ATV winches are designed with more safety features than ever and provide plenty of stopping power. While most ATV winches are a little slow working, they get the job done. 

ATV Winch

If you go off-road, you need an ATV winch. You never know when you will get stuck with no one around to help pull you out. You can also use your ATV winch for work and pulling heavy items. You can watch videos to learn how to install your ATV winch in a matter of minutes. 

ATV winches come in different styles and you can get a traditional cable or an ATV winch with synthetic rope. There are pros and cons to each so it’s important to determine which type will fit your needs the best. 

ATV Winch with Wireless Remote

An ATV winch with a wireless remote allows you to access your winch from a distance. This is a great feature to have and most ATV winches either come with this option or are easy to install. 

You can add a wireless remote control kit to your ATV and control it hundreds of feet away. Wireless remotes come in handy when you use your ATV winch as a tool to keep yourself away from harm. 

The Best ATV Winch for the Money

You’ve probably been researching to find the absolute best ATV winch for the money. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a great ATV winch that will help get you out of a bind. However, you want to make sure you get a high-quality ATV winch that is dependable, sturdy and will get the job done when you need it. We’ve reviewed numerous ATV winches to find the best on the market in multiple categories. 

Here’s Why You Need an ATV Winch:

  1. They can get you out of a bind and back on the road. 
  2. 4-Wheeler riders can end up stranded for hours waiting for help to arrive. 
  3. ATV winches can pull you out of the ditch or mud hole. 
  4. You can mount ATV winches to your 4-wheeler or other ATV.
  5. You can use ATV winches for other things. 

Here are the best ATV/UTV winches:

Champion 4,500 LB ATV/UTV Winch Kit

The Champion ATV winch kit comes with everything you need to install and start winching. It’s easy to use and convenient when you need a powerful winch. You can use the wireless remote and control the winch from up to 50-feet away. It features auto turn off when not in use so you don’t run down your battery. The Champion ATV winch kit comes in multiple strengths such as this 4,500 pounds rated line pull winch. It features a 1.6 horsepower DC motor that can pull all types of loads. 

This ATV winch kit is easy to install and comes with a mounting channel, wiring kit, handlebar switch, wireless remote and more to give you the best winch kit possible. The cable is rated super-duty and measures 38 feet. It’s tough and can handle heavy-duty jobs without fraying. You can use the Champion ATV winch around the house, on the farm, at the job site or even at the camp to get the job done. 

We like the Champion Power Equipment 4500 lb ATV/UTV wireless winch kit because it’s powerful, easy to use and has everything you need to get started. 

WARN VRX 45-S ATV/UTV Powersports Winch Kit

WARN is known for making high-quality winches that are extremely durable and long-lasting. This particular model is rated for 4,500 lb capacity and is designed for hard-working ATVs and UTVs. It’s a great addition to any ATV and is perfect for using around the home, farm or camp to accomplish more work in a day. The synthetic rope measures 50’ x ¼” and won’t fray under heavy loads. 

This ATV winch comes with a dash-mounted control switch and a corded remote control that allows you to use it at a distance. This ATV winch with wireless remote is one of the best you can find. The three-stage planetary gear train runs smooth and works hard and the load-holding mechanical brake is incredibly reliable. It’s all-metal and black powder coated to protect from corrosion. It’s also waterproof to protect it from environmental elements. 

We like WARN winches and their ATV/UTV line of winches are perfect for any ATV owner. 

SuperATV Black Ops 3500 LB Winch Kit for ATV/UTV

The SuperATV Black Ops ATV winch kit is respected in the off-road community and has stellar reviews. It’s rated at 3,500 lbs and will fit most ATV/UTV models. You can even attach it to a bumper. It’s designed with waterproof seals to keep it protected and increase longevity. This ATV winch is powered by a 1.2HP motor and has a wireless remote so you can use it remotely if needed. 

The rope is synthetic and measures 50’ to handle even the toughest tasks. This ATV winch kit comes with everything you need to install such as the winch, synthetic rope, heavy-duty wiring, wireless remote and water-resistant receiver and more. We like this ATV/UTV winch because it does everything it says it does and won’t leave you stranded in the woods. 

MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV Winch Kit

MotoAlliance makes great ATV accessories and their winch kit is a great product. It comes in 3,000 lb and 4,500 lb capacities depending on your needs and you can choose between black and steel colors. This ATV winch kit will fit all major ATV brands. The steel planetary gears are extremely dependable and the stainless steel hardware is durable and will last. The motor is 1.8HP and features a mechanical load holding and dynamic brake to give you peace of mind while using it. 

The rope on this ATV winch is synthetic and measures 50 feet. You get the winch, rocker handlebar switch, wiring and more. The components are fully sealed to ensure no environmental conditions will affect it and the handlebar switch is waterproof. You never know when or where you will need an ATV winch, so it’s good to make sure all the important components are protected. 

We like this ATV/UTV winch kit because it’s dependable, cost-effective and has incredible pulling power. 

Superwinch 12 VDC SR Winch for ATV/UTV

The Superwinch ATV winch kit has a rated line pull of 4,000 pounds and features a mechanical and dynamic brake system that’s perfect for heavy-duty pulling. The sealed solenoid is protected from outdoor factors and the steel rope is extremely tough. You can also get synthetic rope if you prefer. This model comes with a 15’ handheld remote, handlebar rocker switch and roller fairlead to give you everything you need to get started. 

This is one of the best ATV synthetic rope winches you will find. It fits great and is easy to use, even for first-time winch users. It’s a great price for what you get and will give you years of hard use if you take care of it. 

WARN 101140 AXON 45-S Powersports ATV/UTV Winch

The WARN Axion ATV winch is the perfect choice for large ATVs, side x sides and other off-road vehicles. It has a 4,500 lb pulling capacity that’s sure to get you unstuck and it can be used for other pulling tasks. The Spydura synthetic rope measures 50’ x ¼” and has superior pulling power. The dash-mounted control switch and corded remote make this ATV winch super easy to use. 

The all-metal construction is extremely durable and keeps the elements away from your winch. The black powder-coating gives it an additional layer of protection and the IP68-rated waterproof sealing is the perfect combination for an ATV winch that can be used anywhere, anytime. 

We like the WARN Axon ATV winch because it gives you everything you need plus more.

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