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Best Black G-Shock Watches of 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 22, 2022

Black Casi0 G-Shock Watches 

There’s no denying that a black G-Shock watch makes a bold statement. It’s one of the most popular color choices for all Casio G-Shocks. One look at an all-black G-Shock with a negative display and you’ll see why. They’re stealthy, they go with any outfit including business suits and they just look badass!  

Not all black G-Shocks are totally blacked out; some have color accents on the hands and bright displays so you can tell time in low light settings. There are so many combinations and options, you can get a G-Shock exactly how you want.  

Black G-Shock watches are great for military, law enforcement, business suits or anyone that wants a low-profile watch that has tons of features. Many users prefer a black G-Shock watch because they go with any outfit, can be worn with business attire and they don’t show dirt as much as other colors. 

You can basically take a black G-Shock watch into the woods or into the office and it will shine. 

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Here are the Best Black G-Shock Watches

G-Shock Master of G Rangeman Black GW9400-1B 

The G-Shock Rangeman was designed for adventure and going off the grid. It’s for those who take the road less taken and need a timepiece that can keep up with them.

If you’re looking for the toughest black G-Shock, the Rangeman needs to be on your list. The all-black design is stylish and perfect for those who want a watch that goes with everything. Black digital dial, black resin band and grey accents make this black G-Shock really pop.

The Rangeman has your needs in mind and is equipped with a shock-resistant triple sensor that allows you to track altitude, temperature, direction and barometric pressure. If that doesn’t inspire you, they also employ multiple gaskets on the pipes that guide the Rangeman’s buttons and shafts to protect it from mud.

There’s always a good chance you will get muddy while wearing your watch, may as well be prepared. You can explore new places without having to worry about your watch getting damaged when you have the toughest on the market.

Never worry about battery life again with the solar power capabilities of the Rangeman. What’s the point of owning the toughest watch if it’s not solar powered? The G-Shock Rangeman also has Bluetooth communication that allows you to link to your smartphone for an even greater experience. You already know G-Shocks are shock resistant, water resistant and just plain tough – the Rangeman takes it a step further with solar power, Bluetooth and the mud resistant case and buttons for the true adventurer. Pair this black G-Shock Rangeman with an expensive business suit and you will own the room. You truly never know what your day will entail, so you need to be prepared and the G-Shock Rangeman does exactly that. 

G-Shock GA-2100-1A1 Royal Casioak Blacked Out 

I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I first saw the GA-2100 Royal Casioak. This is the model I think about when someone mentions a blacked-out G-Shock.

This GA-2100 G-Shock is designed with an octagon form that borrows from the original DW-5000C and improves on the design. This stealthy G-Shock comes equipped with both Analog and Digital timekeeping and is easy to read due to the minimalist design.

You don’t have unnecessary dials and gauges cluttering the face of this awesome G-Shock. That’s one reason we love to recommend it – the simple design is light years ahead of other watches. You already know G-Shocks are tough as nails; this is the G-Shock you can wear with an expensive suit or on a covert mission.

The G-Shock watch band is made of high-quality resin that’s adequately enforced with carbon fibers to make it even stronger. This is a smaller G-Shock and less bulky than other models and has a band that is 11.8mm thin and fits on your wrist comfortably. If you’re looking for more of a minimalist G-Shock, this is your best bet.  

G-Shock GWG1000-1A1 Master of G Mudmaster Triple Sensor Black Watch  

This G-shock was designed for those who work hard and getting dirty is just another day for them. Take it in mud, dirt, rocks, debris and even water and the G-Shock Mudmaster will dive right in and impress the heck out you. It’s not only shock-resistant and water-resistant – the Mudmaster is specifically designed to keep everything out, including sludge, mud, dirt, snow and more.

You can work hard in this watch and it has the capabilities to protect itself and keep working hard for you. Work a construction site or a board room and this G-Shock will work just as hard. You won’t out work this watch as it even has multiple gaskets to keep debris out and protect the buttons from impact.

This is the perfect G-Shock for military, engineers, construction workers, law enforcement officers, paramedics, farm hands, welders, plumbers, business men, lawyers and entrepreneurs. This is one of the best-looking black G-Shocks you can strap to your wrist. The band is black resin, the dial is black with large numbers and silver hands so you can see.

The digital and analog timekeeping gives you options and looks classy. Google black G-Shock with business suits and you will see just how good this looks dressed up. This is a big watch coming in at 56mm and sits nicely on your wrist. 

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G-Shock GWFA1000-1A Frogman Carbon/Stainless Steel 

No list would be complete without the G-Shock Frogman. This is the diver-level water-resistant watch you’ve been looking for. The new line of GWFA1000’s kept the iconic asymmetrical face design that we’ve all grown to love over the years and they improved on the winning formula by adding dive time measurements, tide information, time, dual time and more in analog format.

An easy to read format goes a long way when choosing the perfect G-Shock for diving. Designed with a carbon monocoque structure that increases the utility of this watch. The carbon fiber reinforced resin promotes a higher level of water resistance capabilities. This watch employs an “always-connected” Bluetooth system which allows you to choose your settings on your smart phone versus struggling with watch buttons. It saves time and allows for a greater range of personalization.

The G-Shock Frogman has a Super Illuminator LED light, Tough Solar to keep you powered, time calibration signal reception, diving mode and much more that you may want to read more about. The G-Shock Frogman is a watch you will want to add to your collection.

Casio G-Shock Square men's watch

G-Shock GX56BB-1 Square 

This all black G-Shock is the jack-of-all-trades in the G-Shock world. It has a ton of features and is perfect for the outdoors and you can wear it to the worksite or office. It has the basic G-Shock toughness such as shock proof, water-proof and rock-hard design that will keep ticking no matter what you put it through.

Equipped with several watch functions including: world time with 31 time zones, EL backlight with afterglow with a blue-green display, four alarms and a ton of other features that you will use on a daily basis. This is a tough solar power G-Shock that is an added bonus and prolongs your watch battery.

This is a big, rugged watch that will turn heads and is a great conversation piece to add to your wardrobe.  

G-Shock DW5600BB-1 Square 

If you’re a fan of retro G-Shocks; you will love the black DW5600 model. The square body frames the watch nicely and the black on black makes this one of the best-looking G-Shocks out there.

It’s simple, rugged and the white numbers make it easy to read with just a quick glance. It’s rare that a watch embodies both ruggedness and sophistication – but the DW5600 black G-Shock does exactly that. You have a mineral crystal that protects the digital dial and you already know G-Shocks are water-resistant and shock-resistant.

This is an awesome upgrade of the classic watch you grew up with and was popular back in the ‘80s. It has a slightly smaller case size compared to other G-Shocks, but many people prefer a regular size watch versus a huge watch. Just read a few reviews on this watch and you will be happy that you did. If you’re looking for a classy, yet tough as nails black G-Shock – check this one out.  

G-Shock GGB100-1A Master of G Mudmaster Carbon Core Guard Quad Sensor 

The GGB100 Master of G Mudmaster series is famous the world over for creating rugged watches that can survive the harshest environments known to man. The carbon core guard structure case comes in black with grey accents that gives it a nice appearance and protects the inner workings of this G-Shock from damage and shock caused from bumps, drops and dings.

You get extreme resistance to dirt, grime and mud due to the mud resistant tight seal on the case. Even the metal buttons provide extra protection and the dual back cover is made from stainless steel and the outer cover is made from resin embedded with glass fibers for maximum shock resistance. The bezel is comprised of multiple layers of resin with inserts made from carbon fiber.

It just doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to environmental resistance. Nothing gets inside this watch that can damage the internal mechanics. Not only is this G-Shock built like a tank – it also comes fully equipped with Quad Sensor capabilities that give you the ABCs which include altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer and an accelerometer to keep score of your daily steps.

You also get set up with Bluetooth capabilities that connect to the G-Shock app and can record your steps, route information, altitude records and much more. This is the G-Shock for innovators, adventurers and trend setters.  

G-Shock GW2310 Tough Solar 

The GW2310 comes loaded with features that the base model G-Shocks with they had. It’s rugged, simple and accurate which is exactly what you want from a high-end G-Shock.

This blacked-out G-Shock has a black resin band, black dial and negative display that looks sharp and can be paired with a nice business suit, work clothes or casual. Wear this black G-Shock to the gym, business meetings or on the hiking trail.

The negative display is easy to read and if you do have trouble, a quick flick of the wrist will solve the problem. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Atomic Solar G-Shock batteries last much longer than regular G-Shock batteries. That’s a major plus when you’ve finally found a watch you love to wear. The solar battery system keeps your watch ticking no matter what you put it through. You can track 31 time zones and it has a nifty EL backlight and afterglow so you can read the dial in the dark.

The black Atomic Solar G-Shock is also equipped with 4 daily alarms to get you on schedule during your hectic day plus a multitude of essential watch functions that you are likely to use during your daily grind. The GW2310 is the perfect G-shock for business men and outdoor lovers alike. It’s also a great military G-Shock due to its versatility, solar charging capabilities and tough design. This is one of the best Tough Solar G-Shocks for under $150.  

G-Shock Mudmaster GG1000-1A8 Black with Blue Accents 

This G-Sock Mudmaster edition comes in black with blue accents for those that love black watches, but like to have something extra to liven it up.

This watch comes with a compass that can display direction as one of 16 points and can measure from 0 degrees up to 359 degrees in units of 1 degree. The Twin Sensor functions can gauge temperature and direction on the go and it is water-resistant, shock resistant and mud resistant. For those concerned about seeing the dial on negative display G-Shocks will be happy to know this Mudmaster has a high-luminosity LED backlight that allows you to see your watch even in rough environments. This is a high-end G-Shock and can cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth every dollar to have a high-performance watch that can do it all.  

G-Shock GA100XL Analog-Digital  

The GA100XL is a blacked-out G-Shock that’s perfect for anyone who needs a dark dial with just enough illumination to read the dial. It’s black on black and ideal for snipers, law enforcement, SWAT, military or anyone who wants to blend in with their surroundings and not have a watch that draws attention. This is a simple G-Shock that has a muted appearance, but is rugged and gets the job done. The case is 51mm in diameter which is large and fits comfortably on your wrist. It has both analog and digital time keeping and the hands are silver so they are easy to spot against the black dial. If you’re looking for a large black G-Shock that doesn’t cost a fortune – the GA100 XL is a great choice. 

Here are the best G-Shock watches for under $100.  

G-Shock GW2310-1 Tough Solar Atomic Sport Watch 

If the blacked out GW2310 was too dark for you, try the GW2310-1 on for size. This black Tough Solar G-Shock is a little easier on the eyes than it’s black on black counterpart. The dial is silver and does not feature a negative display. It may be easier for some to view the dial than the darker version. Tough Solar G-Shocks have great battery life and are super tough. If you know anything about G-Shocks, you know they’re shock proof, water-resistant up to 200 meters and can take a beating. This Tough Solar can do all that and more. It comes equipped with an organized dial that lays out the time, date and day of the week in an easy to read manner that’s easy on the eyes and won’t cause eye strain. The solar rechargeable battery has a life of 10 months on full charge and that’s without exposing it to light. Just walk outside and it begins charging. Many people love the fact that this is a digital watch face exclusively and doesn’t have the analog feature cluttering the dial. You can take a quick glance and read the time, versus risking the minute and hour hands blocking your view. Different people like different types of watches, so it depends on what you value most. This is the everyday watch that you can bang up and it still looks good enough to wear with business casual attire to the office. You can get this awesome Tough Solar G-Shock for around $100.  

G-Shock GWG1000-1AJH Mudmaster Black 

This is a big watch for someone who has a big appetite for adventure. If you’re looking for a small watch with few features, the Mudmaster is not for you. Equipped with the ABCs: Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. This allows you to gauge barometric pressure, take compass readings and determine your elevation no matter where you are. The function buttons are big and easy to find on the fly and the sensors are the latest and greatest which gives you pin point accurate readings every time. The Mudmaster is also solar powered and gives you the benefits of atomic time keeping. No worries about batteries failing or your watch being wrong takes a ton of pressure off. The dial is illuminated by a Super Illuminator which gives you high-brightness auto LED light so you can see it in any conditions and the numbers are large for easy viewing. This G-Shock also comes loaded with Twin Sensor capabilities to give you direction and temperature readings. It would be nearly impossible to fit more features into a watch than the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Men’s Watch.  

G-Shock GR8900A-1 Tough Solar Digital  

If you’re a fan of blacked-out G-Shocks, the GR8900A-1 Tough Solar will be a great addition to your collection. Black band, negative dial and dark numbers make this a G-Shock to buy. It’s tough solar powered and continually keeps the batteries charged just by walking in the sunlight. Shock resistant, water-resistant up to 200 meters and solar powered – what more could you ask for in a watch? You get a ton of really cool features on this G-Shock and you should get everything you want in a watch because you wear them for hours a day and you need your timepiece to perform and match your individual style. Some users report having a tough time reading the face due to it being blacked-out, but most people don’t have an issue seeing the watch. The GR8900A-1 is the perfect G-Shock for military or law enforcement due to the fact that it won’t draw attention and the muted tones won’t catch anyone’s eye unless you want it to. You can get this blacked-out Tough Solar G-Shock for under $100.  

G-Shock GW7900B-1 G-Rescue Solar Atomic  

This is the watch you want if you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t have time to baby his watch. Maybe you’re prone to roughing it a bit and your watch takes bumps, knocks, impacts and gets covered in all types of substances on a daily basis. The G-Shock gW7900B-1 Tough Solar Atomic can handle any environment and charges in daylight so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries. A watch is an important part of your EDC, so it’s important that you choose wisely and this Tough Solar G-Shock is the perfect addition. Don’t be afraid to get this G-Shock wet and you don’t have to take it off to go swimming or use the water hose. It’s water-resistant up to 200 meters which is plenty unless you go scuba diving. In that case, you may want to get a G-Shock specifically designed for diving. Other than that, the black GW7900B-1 is perfect for your daily activities.  

G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A Black Carbon and Resin Bluetooth Watch 

The black G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A Bluetooth Watch is something special. You can’t get these everywhere, but it’s worth the search to find one. Don’t wait until Christmas to try to buy a G-Steel; you may find it to be quite the task. They’re a little pricey, but it’s also one of the best high-end G-Shocks you can buy. With a watch band made from black resin, a scratch resistant sapphire glass and a carbon case – this is one tough G-Shock. Ruggedness and style aside, the G-Steel is solar powered and equipped with Bluetooth. You get the best of all worlds with this watch! Built like a tank and connected with enough technology to tackle the day. You’ll drop some money on this G-Shock, but it will be one of the best investments you will make.  

G-Shock GST-S100G-1BCR Stainless Steel  

If you’re looking for a stainless-steel watch that can do everything; the G-Shock GST-S100G-1BCR is the one you’re looking for. Stainless-steel construction, water-resistant, shock resistant and tough solar power – this G-Shock can handle any mission or day in the office. Stuffed with a ton of helpful features such as battery level indicator, power saving, hourly time signal, hand shift features, calendar, 5 daily alarms, 31 time zones and much more that would take too long to list. This is the watch you take home to meet your parents.  

G-Shock GD100-1BCR XL  

The GD100-1BCR is another black G-Shock that is worthy of your time. It’s big, tough and equipped with everything you would expect from a hard-core G-Shock. This is the rugged watch you can take in the wilderness and it will survive. It’s modestly priced and full of essential features. You can beat this watch up and neglect it and the huge rubber bezel ensures that it stays intact. The nice matte appearance blends in perfectly with any outfit you wear whether it’s to the office, worksite, camp or just around the house. This G-Shock costs around $65 at the time of posting due to sale prices, but prices are subject to change. 

G-Shock DW6900BB-1 

All black and decked out with tons of tactical features – the DW6900BB-1 is one of the highest-rated black G-Shocks currently in production. It may look basic at first glance, but it’s a highly dependable watch. It has a black watch band and negative dial that makes it a great G-Shock all black watch that’s highly preferred by military, law enforcement officers, snipers and others who like to keep a low profile, but need a dependable watch. The dial shows time, day, date and the buttons are easy to find quickly on the go. This is one of our favorite black G-Shock watches for men who prefer a minimalist watch.  

G-Shock GW-M5610-1BJF Square Solar Digital  

The GW-M5610-1BJF is an all-black square G-Shock that borrows from a classic design to bring to you the best in watch technology. It’s black on black and has an easy-to-read face with an organized theme. You don’t have tons of gauges and features blocking your view. This is a no-nonsense black G-Shock that is tough, stylish and cutting edge in terms of technology. It’s a casual solar-powered G-Shock that will keep on ticking and is equipped with multi-band atomic keeping so you will always be on time. The EL backlight lights up the screen allowing you to adequately see the time. The numbers and letters are white against a black dial which gives it an attractive appearance. You get all of the typical amenities that make G-Shocks legendary. If you’re in the market for a square black G-Shock that calls back to the classic designs, this is the G-Shock for you.  

Can You Wear Black G-Shocks with a Suit? 

Absolutely! A black G-Shock pairs well with business casual and dark suits. They’re perfect for business meetings and interviews that require you to dress up. Many people still feel they must have a dress watch to wear with suits. This is not true at all. A nice G-Shock looks good enough to wear with nice clothes and black G-Shocks look even more professional. Attorneys wear them to court; businessmen wear them to meetings and teachers wear them for class. G-Shocks aren’t just for military, law enforcement and SWAT – they can be worn anywhere and still look classy and professional.  

Here are out top 5 favorite G-Shocks to wear with a suit:

  1. G-Steel Black Carbon GSTB100XA-1A
  2. Master of G Rangeman GW9400-1B
  3. Royal Casioak Blacked Out GA2100-1A1
  4. Master of G Mudmaster GWG1000-1A1
  5. Square Black G-Shock GX56BB-1


Why Does the Military Wear Black G-Shocks? 

Many military personnel prefer to wear black G-Shocks because they aren’t blingy and they don’t reflect light in the same way a silver watch does. If you want to blend in, you want a dark watch that doesn’t have a lot of bright colors or metals that catch and reflect light and give away your position. Black G-Shocks aren’t just for covert missions, you may not want people taking notice of your watch in public places either. Personally, I prefer for people to not remember details of when they encounter me in public. A black G-Shock helps you remain stealthy.  

Are Black G-Shocks Practical for Office Workers? 

Black G-Shocks go with any outfit and are perfect for office work. Don’t feel that you need to get a “business” watch to wear with business casual or business suits. A G-Shock looks great with any outfit and tells people you value quality, precision and ruggedness. Those are fine quality to have in a watch and an employee.  

What are the Best G-Shocks for Police Officers / Law Enforcement Officers 

Police officers have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Don’t believe me? Take a ride around with one for the day and you will see exactly how hard the job is. It’s one of the occupations where you expect to take a few hits and contact. You never know when or where it will happen, but all police officers know they will have to get rouged up at some point. Cops have their fair share of aggressive encounters and their watches have to be able to take a beating and keep trucking. Many police officers search for the perfect watch that can withstand the abuse they take on a daily basis. They know Casio G-Shocks are up to the task. Police officers are similar to military personnel in that they must have a tough and rugged watch. Any G-Shock on this list will stand up to the rigorous job that police officers must perform. The Casio G-Shock Black Out Series is perfect for law enforcement because they are reliable and can make their job safer.  

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