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6 Best Blood Tracking Lights for Hunting 2022

Primos Bloodhunter blood tracking light

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 10, 2022

Blood tracking lights are a must have item for hunting. All hunters have wounded a deer at some point and had to track them through the woods. Sometimes it’s easy to find the blood trail, but it can be nearly impossible other times. Plus, you may find yourself tracking a deer throughout the night that you’ve wounded. 

Blood Tracking Light

A high-quality blood tracking light can make a huge difference when tracking your kill. It can make the difference between finding a wounded deer versus going home empty-handed. There are tons of types of blood tracking lights to choose from, so it’s important to do some research and purchase a blood tracking light that has been used and tested by hunters in the field.

Best Blood Tracking Light

The best blood tracking lights are designed for hunters and can really come in handy when you’ve mortally wounded a deer and can’t find it. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to lose your deer because you can no longer track the blood trail. 

Most blood tracking lights have multiple features and settings to assist you in various types of situations. They even have different colors to help you track wounded animals.

Blood Tracking Light Bow Hunting

Blood tracking lights are especially helpful for bow hunting due to the nature of the hunting style. It’s rare that you get a perfect shot that takes a deer down immediately. Most deer will run pretty far after being shot and you will have to track it through the woods. This is where a blood-tracking light earns its keep. This inexpensive, hand-held tool will increase your chances of coming home with your deer.

Best Hunting Flashlight 

If you’re looking for the best hunting flashlight you have quite a few choices depending on what you intend to use it for. A high-powered spotlight can help you locate deer at night to establish patterns, while a powerful flashlight can help you maneuver around your deer stand early in the morning or as the sun goes down. A comfortable hunting headlight allows you to work hands-free. The best blood tracking light helps you find a wounded deer or other animals to ensure you bag your kill and don’t waste it.

Here are a few types of hunting flashlights you need in your arsenal:

  1. Spotlight
  2. Powerful Hunting Flashlight 
  3. Hunting Headlamp
  4. Blood Tracking Light 

Do You Need a Blood Tracking Light for Hunting?

We think blood tracking lights can be viewed as a necessity. Think about how many times you’ve shot a deer and it ran away right as the sun was going down. It’s frustrating to find your kill the next day after it’s been out in the open for half a day and other animals have already located it. Blood tracking lights may not be perfect or work every time, but they give you the best possible chance to find a wounded animal at night.

This is Why You Could Benefit From a Blood Tracking Light for Hunting:

  1. Almost every hunter has wounded a deer and had to track it.
  2. Blood tracking lights give you the best chance possible at retrieving your kill.
  3. They’re easy to use and highly effective.
  4. Blood tracking lights save you time and effort while tracking a downed deer or other animals.

Here are the best blood tracking lights on the market: 

Primos Bloodhunter HD Blood Tracking Light

Primos is one of the leading manufacturers of hunting tools and equipment. The Primos Bloodhunter is one of the best blood tracking lights you can find. It’s used by hunters everywhere and has become a staple in most hunter’s gear bag. It powers 600 Lumen CREE XM LEDs and makes blood trails pop when you’ve exhausted the limits of your eyesight. 

This blood tracking light is designed to be comfortable to carry for those long evenings of tracking. You get 2 settings: low illumination and high-power HD tracking and can find blood trails in any type of terrain. You get the blood tracking light, belt straps, 4 batteries and a Cardura holster. We like this blood tracking light by Primos because it’s powerful, easy to use and can find a blood trail anywhere. 

Vastfire Blood Tracking Light 

The Vastfire blood tracking light comes with a ton of features that will help you track a wounded deer, elk and other large game. It has multiple uses and comes with outputs for white, green, red and blue/UV blacklight to give you more options. This is one of the highest rated hunting flashlights you will find. It’s perfect for fishing at night as well.

The focus is adjustable and allows you to use it as a searchlight or a spotlight. It’s USB rechargeable so you can use it for multiple hunts in a row. Here’s what each light does:

  1. Black Light: blood tracking light
  2. Green Predator Light: night vision to track predators
  3. Red Light: coyote light
  4. White Light: perfect for all other uses such as camping, hiking, power outages and other uses. 

We like this hunting light because it has multiple functions that can be used for more than just hunting. You can use it around the campsite, home and to keep in your vehicle just in case. 

Bushnell TRKR 400 Lumen Flashlight with Blood Tracking Mode

The Bushnell TRKR flashlight is a great all-around flashlight for everyday use and has a blood tracking mode that’s helpful to hunters. It features a 400 Lumen output that lights up a nice sized area and is powered by 2AA batteries. This is a tough flashlight that can handle heavy-duty use. The body is Aircraft grade aluminum and it’s resistant up to 1-meter impact. It can handle drops, bumps and scrapes and come out working like a champ. Plus it’s IPX4 weather resistant. 

This hunting flashlight has 3 modes: red, white and blood tracking settings. The white light mode has a 107 meter distance and is a great tool to have around. The red light is great for night vision and the blue light is perfect for tracking blood. We like this hunting flashlight because it has plenty of features and the blood tracking light is a great addition. 

Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD Headlamp

The Primos Bloodhunter HD Headlamp is a great way to track a blood trail while keeping both hands free. This headlamp amplifies blood so you can track the trail, even if there isn’t much blood to go by. Headlamps are a practical alternative to a flashlight, especially when you’re packing lots of hunting gear. 

You can easily track your prey through any terrain due to the ultra-bright LEDs and filter on this blood tracking light. We like this blood tracking headlamp because you can put it on your head to keep your hands free to hold your gun or other gear. It’s also an inexpensive way to own a blood tracking light for hunting. 

Vastfire Zoomable Deer Blood Tracker Light

The Vastfire Zoomable hunting flashlight has plenty of features to make your hunt more successful. You can adjust this flashlight from a 50 yard spotlight to a 20 yard flood light to light up a large area. The great thing about this flashlight is you don’t have to change the lenses, the color LEDs are in the base of the flashlight. 

This hunting flashlight features red, green and UV blacklight options. The green and red light is perfect for hunting predators such as hogs, coyotes and other large animals. The UV light picks up blood trails at night and comes in handy for tracking wounded game. We like this blood tracking flashlight because of the zoomable option and the fact that you don’t have to change lenses to use a different color light. 

Rayovac Sportsman Blood Tracking Flashlight 

The Rayovac Sportsman blood tracking flashlight is a small, but powerful hunting flashlight. The compact design makes it easy to carry and it comes with a holster. It’s tough and can take a fall up to 7 feet. You get 3 modes with this hunting flashlight: 2 white LEDs for everyday use, 3 red LEDs for night vision and 3 violet LEDs that can be used for tracking blood. You can use this flashlight around the campsite or to track wild game. 

We like the Rayovac Sportsman hunting flashlight because it’s strong, compact and has multiple modes. 

Do Blood Tracking Lights Actually Work? 

You may be wondering if blood tracking lights for hunting actually work as well as advertised. Hunters use them to track deer and other large game that they’ve wounded. You could ask hunters that have used blood tracking lights in the past and you will probably get different answers as to their effectiveness. 

Blood tracking lights are simply another tool to help you retrieve wounded game. While it may not work for every blood trail, it definitely gives you an advantage. You can use blood tracking lights day or night and it makes blood stand out so you can pick up a trail. They really come in handy when you’ve been tracking a deer and the blood trail suddenly stops. A good blood tracking light can help you find the trail and continue tracking. 

What Color Light is Best to Track a Blood Trail?

Most blood tracking lights come with multiple colored lights to use in different situations. The most common colors are white, red and blue lights. 

Blue lights are probably the best for most hunts because it causes red blood to contrast against the woods and leaves. However, if your animal isn’t dead, they may run when they see blue lights as deer are more sensitive to that color. 

Red lights are great for picking up blood trails because they allow you to retain your night vision. Red lights won’t cause blood trails to contrast the same way a blue light will, but they’re still effective and won’t frighten deer.

How Do Colored Lights Affect Game Animals? 

Colored lights are extremely popular for hunters. They can help you track blood trails and game animals. However, animals respond differently to various colors. For example, deer can see blue lights extremely well and may scare them away. 

Green lights are great for hog hunting since it contrasts against their bodies. Hogs also have a tough time seeing green lights. You can light up a larger area with green-colored lights versus red. 

Red-colored lights are often used when hunting deer and hogs because it doesn’t spook them the same way other colors do. Red lights may not light up a large spot, but it’s a safe alternative that won’t alert game to your position. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Tracking a Shot Deer?

You may want to run to your deer immediately after your shot, but it may be wise to wait in some cases. It depends on where you shot your deer. Shoot your deer in the heart and you can track him immediately. Lung shot deer can be tracked in 30 to 90 minutes to give them time to bleed out. A gut shot deer will take much longer and many hunters give them nearly 8 hours before they begin tracking them. 

The amount of time you wait entirely depends on where you shot the deer and your hunting location. Are there large predators in the area? Then you may want to act fast before they retrieve your kill. You also may fight with meat spoilage if you wait too long.

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