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Best Car Gun Safes of 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated July 22, 2022

Let’s be honest, you never know when you will need a gun. No one plans on having to use a firearm when they wake up. Things happen that are beyond your control, but you can do your part to make sure you and your family are prepared. If you travel often, you probably are interested in a car gun safe. 

Car gun safes are small gun safes that can be secured in your glove box, under your car seat or beside your car seat. They not only secure your handgun while you’re in the vehicle, but they also protect your gun while you run into a building. While you may have a concealed carry permit or live in an open-carry state, there are still places that will not let you bring your gun inside. You will need to leave your firearm in your vehicle if you have business to attend in federal buildings and some private businesses. 

The best car gun safes will keep your gun secured in the event you have to leave it in your car while you enter a building where carrying your gun is not a possibility. Car gun safes are also a great option for those who have children in the car or unauthorized users who often ride with you. The last thing you want to happen is one of your kids, or someone else’s kids to grab your gun from the glove box and point it at someone. 

We’ve researched and reviewed the best vehicle gun safes and compiled them into an easy to read list to help you choose your next purchase. These brands provide the best vehicle gun storage and will keep your firearm secured and protected. 

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe – Amazon

The Fort Knox PB1 is a great all-around handgun safe and is the perfect secret compartment hidden car gun safe. It’s sturdy, tough and constructed with 10-gauge steel that’s nearly impenetrable. The wraparound door is 3/16” and designed to keep everyone out. The door is also gas-strut assisted and opens fast with the push of a button. The locking device is dependable and works every time. 

This is a great car gun safe that will hide and secure your firearms. It measures 4 ¼” tall x 12 ½” wide x 1- ⅜” deep and can fit in numerous places in your car, truck or SUV. This is a tough-as-nails hidden car gun safe that is near impossible to break open or dent. If your goal is to not only secure your firearms from children, but also keep intruders out, the Fort Knox PB1 is tough enough for the job. 

Due to the size of the Fort Knox, it may be a great gun safe for your car console. You will have to check measurements as vehicles have varying sizes of consoles. It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and is one of the best car safes on the market. 

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe – Amazon

The Vaultek VT20i finds itself at the top of many “Best gun safe” lists and for good reason. They’re compact, tough and give you quick and easy access to your handguns. The Vaultek product line is some of the most reliable gun safes you can buy and they don’t cost a fortune. 

You can secure 1 handgun, some extra ammo, cash and other documents that you want to keep secure in a hidden car gun safe. Vaultek makes a larger size that has enough room for multiple handguns as well. The 16-gauge carbon steel construction makes it almost impossible to break into this car gun safe and it’s covered in a durable powder coat that prevents corrosion. Not only does it look great, but this gun safe will last you a long time. 

We’ve recommended the Vaultek VT20i biometric handgun safe in the past and still think it’s one of the best portable car safes out there. 

Awesafe Handgun Safe with Biometrics – Amazon

The Awesafe biometric handgun safe is a great choice and is one of the top selling gun safes of all time. There are two sizes available and you can either store 2 regular size handguns or 1 larger pistol plus extra ammo. It’s nice to have the option to store more than one handgun if you prefer. 

Awesafe gives you 3 ways to access your handguns: biometric fingerprint for quick access, password or you can use a physical key. Either option will give you super fast access to your handgun when you need it. 

We chose the Awesafe as one of our top car gun safes due to its compact design, portability and craftsmanship. We also like having multiple options to gain access to handguns. Single handed access is great for times when you need to keep one hand on the wheel and the biometric lock is the easiest way to enter your car gun safe. 

The Awesafe is perfect as a bedside gun safe, office gun safe, home gun safe or car gun safe due to a versatile design and high-quality materials. 

RPNB Quick-Access Gun Safe – Amazon

There’s no doubt RPNB makes a great in-car gun safe. The biometric quick-access handgun safe is perfect as a portable car safe that can be stored under the car seat, vehicle console or glove box. It’s tough and rugged to withstand bumps and bangs that happen while driving. You have 3 different ways to access your firearms: smart biometric scanner, rapid fire backlit keypad that you can see in the dark and physical keys that you can keep on your keychain. 

This portable car gun safe is perfect for keeping your guns away from children while traveling as well as other unauthorized passengers that like to dig through the glovebox. It also has a double layer steel housing for extra protection and a welded pry proof steel body to keep thieves out. This is the type of car gun safe that serves two purposes: keep children and unauthorized users from accessing your firearm and protects against theft. Not everyone wants passengers to know they’re armed and a secret compartment hidden car gun safe is exactly what you need. 

Wincent Biometric Gun Safe – Wincent

The Wincent biometric gun safe is perfect for handguns and gives you quick access to your guns. You can store up to 2 pistols or 1 large pistol and 1 small pistol plus extra ammo, cash and other important documents. You can save up to 100 individual fingerprints to give access to your family, friends or select co-workers in case of emergency. You can also program the electronic keypad with your own code and you get backup keys just in case. 

This biometric gun safe is a great choice for a vehicle gun safe because it’s compact enough to fit under your seat or in your glove box. It gives you near-instant access to your handguns in case you need to protect yourself while traveling. It has a built-in LED light so you can see what you’re looking for and it features an emergency USB port to ensure you can open it even if your batteries die. 

Wincent makes tough gun safes and this one is one of the best. You can’t pry it open due to its pry-resistant bars and it has built-in hinges to keep anyone from tampering with your car gun safe when you’re not around. 

Overall, we like the Wincent biometric car gun safe because it’s easy to use, durable, dependable and affordable.

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe – Amazon

The SentrySafe PP1K is designed to secure one regular size handgun and has interior foam to protect from bumps, drops and regular movement that happens in a vehicle. It’s a great portable car safe due to a compact size and tough design. It has a handy carrying handle for when you need to remove it from your vehicle without dropping it. The included tether cable can be secured for extra security options. 

This is a simple car gun safe that’s dependable and does exactly what it says it will do: protect and secure your handgun while traveling. It comes with a key lock and two keys to give you easy access to your gun and to keep others out. The SentrySafe can fit in your glove box, under your seat and even makes a great gun safe for your car console. It only weighs 6.5 pounds and is small in size to fit in multiple hiding places in your car, truck or SUV. 

The steel construction, carrying handle, tethering cable and overall design makes the SentrySafe a great hidden car gun safe to consider. 

SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe – Amazon

The SnapSafe is a heavy-duty lock box that can hold a handgun, ammo and important documents or cash. The lightweight and compact design makes it a great choice for a secret compartment hidden car gun safe because you can stash it anywhere inside your vehicle. You don’t always want passengers to know where you keep your handgun and valuables. The SnapSafe gun safe can even fit inside a bag, drawer or suitcase for when you need to transport it out of your vehicle. 

It comes with a security cable that is rated at 1,500 pounds and can be secured to stationary objects to make it harder for someone to walk off with your car gun safe. 

This is a great little car gun safe that’s lightweight and can fit in places other safes can’t. 

RPNB Smart Pistol Gun Safe – Amazon

The RPNB smart gun safe stands out due to it giving you 3 modes of entry: 3-digit keypad, mechanical lock and RFID that’s activated by a key fob and instantly opens the door. You get up to 5 RFID programmable tags that make accessing your portable car safe easy and effective. 

Not only is this vehicle gun safe easy to access, but it also has tamper proof and anti-theft features that make it hard for someone to break into. The anti-impact latches and pry-proof steel body make it a tough gun safe that’s perfect for the road. 

Younion Pistol Travel Safe – Amazon

The Younion travel gun safe is one of the best you will find for the money. Perfect for hiding under your car seat or glove box and can store a handgun, passports, cash, extra ammo and anything else you wish to conceal from others. It opens with a 3-digit combination lock that doesn’t require keys and is easy to open quickly. 

The 16-gauge steel housing makes this a tough little gun box that is perfect for trips, vacations or your daily drive back and forth to work. You get 4 layer protection foam on the inside to keep your gun from sliding back and forth while driving and you can remove the foam pads if you need more space. 

Overall, the Younion Pistol Safe is a great alternative to secure your pistol while traveling. You also get a heavy steel cable to secure it even more. 

Hornady RAPid Safe Vehicle Safe – Amazon

One look at the Hornady car gun safe and you can tell it was specifically designed for vehicles. They come in multiple sizes and configurations to fit your needs. This particular model secures one handgun and can be mounted on the driver or passenger side of your vehicle for easy access. 

It has touch-free entry options by using the included RFID key fob, decals or wristband. It doesn’t get any easier than that! You also have other ways to enter such as a backup digital keypad and physical key. The 1500 pound heavy-duty steel security cable can be attached to your vehicle to ensure no one is leaving with your car gun safe. 

Why You Need a Car Gun Safe

There are many reasons why you may need a car gun safe. You may have small children that you don’t want accidentally grabbing your gun. You also may have unauthorized passengers that like to dig in your glove box while you step inside a store. There’s also the possibility that you will need to enter an area where guns are prohibited and you need a safe place to keep your firearm. 

Car gun safes are an affordable way to give your guns a little extra protection while traveling. They prevent theft and are a great way to hide guns in your vehicle. Also, keep in mind that each state has different gun laws that prohibit you from keeping a gun in your glove box and you may be required to store your handgun in a car gun safe while you travel. 

Types of Car Gun Safes

There are many different types of safes for your vehicle. You have to consider what type you want and where you will store your car gun safe, especially if you are going to permanently attach it to your vehicle. 

Here are the types of car gun safes that you can buy:

  1. Mounted safe
  2. Console or glove box safe
  3. Cable gun safe

The most common is the console gun safe. It’s designed to fit into your vehicle console for quick access when you need it. You don’t have to bolt it down or attach to anything. Simply drop it in and it’s ready to go. Console gun safes are great for emergencies and you need one hand on the steering wheel. These are also great if you want to take your car gun safe with you when you exit your vehicle. 

Mounted car gun safes can be bolted in place. You will have to install them into your vehicle and they will remain in place until you unbolt them. These aren’t the type of car gun safes that you can grab and take with you, but are great for protecting your guns against theft. 

Cabled car gun safes come with steel cables that can be attached to another object. These are easy to install and remove when you need them.

6 Reasons To Own a Car Gun Safe

There are many reasons why you may want to own a car gun safe. Most of us travel back and forth to work and you could find yourself the victim of a carjacking or other crime and need to protect yourself. Here are a few reasons why you may want to install a car gun safe in your vehicle:

  1. Protection while on the road. You never know what you may encounter on a road trip or your daily commute to work. Many crimes happen on the road and a police officer cannot always be there to protect you. 
  2. Gun Safety. Vehicle gun safes secure your handgun so children and other unauthorized users can’t have access to them. You don’t want to risk your children playing with your handgun while you’re on the road. Many states have laws and requirements that guns must be locked up so that children cannot access them. You could end up facing criminal negligence liability should someone access your firearm from your vehicle. 
  3. Protection From Theft. Burglars and thieves target vehicles often. While you can easily replace a handgun, you don’t want someone smashing your window and taking your gun. You can get a secret compartment hidden car gun safe that no one knows the location and hide it inside your vehicle. 
  4.  Insurance Coverage. There’s a good chance your firearms are not covered under your auto policy. You would need to call your insurance agent to be sure. 
  5. Quick Access. You never know when you will need a firearm while driving and a quick access vehicle gun safe can save time digging in your glove box. 
  6. Some places don’t allow guns. You never know when you will need to disarm and you want a secure place to keep your handgun. Federal buildings and some businesses don’t allow you to carry a firearm and you don’t want to just stash it under your car seat where someone can grab it.

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