The Best Climbing Treestands for Rifle and Bow of 2022

Summit Viper Climbing tree stand

Climbing tree stands are a great way to hunt for large game. They’re portable, easy to carry and dependable. You can easily choose a hunting spot, climb and readjust when needed. Climbing tree stands allow you to change your hunting spot regularly so you can test out new spots without having to disassemble a standing deer stand. 

Climbing Stand

Climbing stands have been around for ages and give hunters the ability to pack up and move when deer change trails or leave the area. You can literally hunt a new area every day until you find the right spot. The best climbing tree stands are made from lightweight materials, easy to carry, dependable harness and reliable materials. You want to make sure you get the right climbing stand for the type of hunting you prefer to do.

There are basically three different types of portable tree stands: climbing stand, ladder stand and hang-on stand. Each type of stand has pros and cons, but you’re likely to get the most use from a climbing stand if you prefer to change spots regularly. 

Best Tree Climber Stands

You want to make sure you choose the best tree climber stand possible when choosing your stand. There are tons of types, styles and brands so it’s easy to get confused. You will want to read reviews of the best tree climber stands before making a decision. 

You will also want to check the safety rating and weight limits (if you’re larger than average) when choosing the perfect deer stand climbers. 

Bow Hunting Tree Stand

Bow hunting from a tree stand takes some practice, especially if you’re using a climbing treestand. It’s a good idea to try to practice before you intent to hunt. There are a few differences in bow hunting from a climbing stand versus using a rifle, but you can get the hang of it with a little practice. 

Lightweight Tree Stands 

You want to make sure your climbing stand is lightweight but sturdy. You have to consider how far you plan to hike to your hunting spot. Also, don’t forget to factor in the amount of gear you plan to haul into the woods. A lightweight tree stand can make a huge difference when your hunting spot is far from the road or campsite. 

Climbing Tree Stand Safety Harness

For safety reasons, you will want to get a safety harness for your climbing treestand. Accidents happen and you likely hunt solo and far from any roads. Many hunters have fallen from their climbing stand and suffered horrible injuries. It’s important to wear a climbing stand safety harness while hunting. 

Most Comfortable Tree Stand

You’ve probably searched online for the “Most comfortable tree stand” more than once. Your search probably brought up tons of brands claiming to be the most comfortable tree stand on the market. Keep in mind that every hunter is different and what may be comfortable for you could be a nightmare hunt for someone else. 

The best way to find the most comfortable tree stand is to read reviews and see how hunters with a similar build liked the tree stand you’re looking at. 

Here’s Why You Need a Climbing Treestand: 

  1. They allow you to hunt anywhere. 
  2. You can bring a climbing treestand to hunting spots regular treestands cannot go. 
  3. You can easily move to a new location every day until you find the right spot. 

Climbing tree stands have multiple advantages over permanent stands, but you have to choose the right climber. You want to find one with all the features you want at the right price. There are hundreds of different climbers to choose from, so we compiled a list of the best for the money. 

Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

The Summit Viper SD is one of the best selling climbing tree stands currently on the market. It has multiple variations to choose from such as the Mini-SD, Pro SD and SD. Each one has special features that can accommodate your hunting style. This climbing stand is a closed-front aluminum stand that’s widely used by hunters everywhere. 

The suspended foam padded seat has a backrest that makes it much more comfortable than other brands. You may be sitting in the tree all day and you need to be as comfortable as possible. This climbing deer stand weighs only 18lbs. and can support up to 300 pounds. You want a lightweight climbing deer stand when you have to hike into your hunting spot or you’ll regret it after a long day of hunting. 

This climbing tree stand comes equipped with a full-body arrest harness system and the hardware you need to use it. Safety is a major concern each time you scale a tree and you want to be sure your hunting gear is safe and secure. The Summit Viper SD climbing tree stand has everything you need to get started including a four-point FAS harness that includes the safety strap and SRS strap for additional safety. 

Your hunting gear can’t make a single sound while climbing a tree and that’s why they developed ways to minimize the metallic sound climbers make when climbing. The Summit used sound deadening technology on critical parts of this deer stand so that you don’t make unnatural sounds while climbing or transporting your stand. It also features the QuickDraw cable retention system that allows you to attach the cable to fit the tree diameter quickly. 

If you’re concerned about your scent while hunting in a treestand, we suggest using portable ozone generators to eradicate your scent from the area. 

Overall, the Summit Viper SD has more than enough features to make it one of the best climbing tree stands on the market. We like the fact that it’s easy to carry, holds plenty of weight for larger hunters and it has sound dampening technology so that you remain as quiet as possible. 

If you want to stay warm, check out our reviews of the best tree stand heaters on the market. 

Summit Goliath SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Goliath climbing treestand gives hunters more room to maneuver without adding a ton of extra weight to the stand. It only weighs 25lbs. total and can hold up to 350lbs. This climber is far more comfortable than other tree stands. It has foot clamps, a backrest for the seat and arm cushions. It even has a footrest. You would have a hard time finding a more comfortable climbing tree stand. 

The Summit Goliath SD is a great climbing stand for both bowhunters and rifles. It has tons of functionality and you can maneuver easily with the extra space it provides. Clearance won’t be an issue with a bow or rifle and you can take better shots without your stand getting in the way. 

Overall, this is a great climbing tree stand that provides loads of functionality, enough room to move around and it holds up to 350lbs which is perfect for large hunters with heavy gear. 

Summit OpenShot SD Climbing Treestand – Best Lightweight Option

The Summit OpenShot SD is the perfect choice for a lightweight climbing treestand. It weighs 15 pounds and is easy to carry deep woods to get to the perfect hunting spot. It’s far easier to carry than larger climbing deer stands and still has the necessary safety features such as a 4-point safety harness, pads, ropes, straps and rapid climb stirrups. 

The main feature of the Summit OpenShot SD is that it features an open front so you can see and shoot in all directions. It doesn’t have armrests or other comfort amenities, but that’s not why you’re in the woods anyway. You’re there to hunt and bag your deer or other game. It even allows you to stand up against the tree and use the padded seat as a cushion for your back. 

The Summit OpenShot SD is perfect for bowhunting! Not only is it ultra-lightweight, but you can fold up the seat to take a standing shot with your bow. Bowhunters have used the Summit OpenShot SD as their main climbing treestand for years. 

Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II 

Lone Wolf Treestands make great hunting gear. Their climbing tree stands are high-quality and they have a model for all types of hunting. The Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb II provides a high level of comfort while sitting in a tree for long hours and fits a wide variety of trees with a 6” to 19” diameter. The seat is plenty comfortable with a 2-panel foam pad for those days you sit for hours on end waiting for the perfect shot. 

This climbing treestand weighs 21lbs and is easy to pack into the woods. It folds into a 4” profile and can be carried on your back with your hunting gear. We suggest testing it out before a hunting trip so that you will know how to climb and break it down after your hunt. 

We recommend using MOLLE straps with this climbing treestand for additional benefits. 

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand

The Lone Wolf Alpha is a minimalist hunter’s dream come true! It’s ultra-lightweight, incredibly quiet and easy to carry. It fits smaller trees with a diameter of at least 4” up to 22.” The seat is comfortable enough to sit for hours with a special contoured foam pad for extra comfort. This hang on treestand only weighs 14lbs and can hold up to 350lbs including hunter and gear. 

The self-leveling seat and platform makes your job easier and you can preset multiple treestand locations so you can get to hunting faster. If you compare the Lone Wolf Alpha to the Assault treestand, you will notice the Alpha gives you more room with only adding an extra pound. This is the treestand to get if you need to carry deep into the woods. 

Summit Titan SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Titan SD is the largest climbing stand by Summit. It has plenty of room with a larger top and extended platform to accommodate hunters. You can maneuver easily and take better shots with the longer platform. It supports up to 350lbs and is designed for large hunters. 

The Titan is basically similar to other Summit climbing stands, but gives you an extra inch or two for additional comfort and maneuverability. It features Summit’s DeadMetal sound-deadening technology which minimizes unnatural noise by filling in certain portions of the tree stand’s platform with expanding foam. It also features Summit’s QuickDraw cable retention system that is a super fast and quiet cable attachment. 

Overall, the Summit Titan HD is one of the best large climbing treestands on the market and has hundreds of positive ratings by hunters who’ve used this stand in the field. 

What is the Best Climbing Tree Stand?

The best climbing tree stand depends on which features you’re looking for. You can find a minimalist climbing tree stand that covers all the basics, or you may want to purchase a climbing stand that has all the bells and whistles. You really don’t need much when it comes to tree climbing stands, but you want to feel safe and comfortable. The Summit OpenShot SD climbing deer stand is a great example of a deer stand that’s lightweight but sturdy as is the Lone Wolf Sit & Climb. 

If you want a large climbing deer stand that has extra room, we suggest checking out the Summit Titan SD as it’s one of the biggest climbing stands you can buy and doesn’t weigh a ton. A good middle-of-the-road climbing stand is the Summit Viper SD. 

How High Should I Climb in my Tree Stand?

How high you should climb in your treestand depends on the surrounding coverage. Less coverage means you may have to go higher on your treestand. Bowhunters usually opt set their treestands anywhere from 16 to 21 feet high to get the best shot and remain out of the deer’s line of vision. 

Who Makes the Lightest Climbing Tree Stand?

If you’re looking for a lightweight climbing tree stand, we recommend the Summit OpenShot SD which weighs only 15 pounds and the Lone Wolf Sit & Climb. Each option is lightweight and easy to carry into the woods.

What is the Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand? 

You need a comfortable climbing tree stand if you plan on hunting for more than a few hours. It’s easy to get uncomfortable after sitting in one spot for hours on end. We like the Summit Viper SD for comfort. You can sit in it for hours and still stay comfortable. The Summit Titan is another great choice for comfortable climbing tree stands and it has the benefit of being larger. You get extra foot room and an extended platform. 

What is the Easiest Climbing Tree Stand to Use?

If you’re looking for the easiest climbing tree stand to use, you will probably want something lightweight, compact and plenty of room to get comfortable. The Summit Viper SD wins in this category as well. It’s a self-climbing tree stand that’s super easy to use. It’s also one of the safer options and allows you to hunt sitting down or standing upright. 

How Can I Make My Climbing Treestand More Comfortable?

It’s hard to sit in one spot all day, but hunting requires you to spend the better portion of a day in one place. The time leading up to peak rut can give you the best chance at harvesting a nice buck. You may find yourself hunting the same spot day after day and your climbing stand can get uncomfortable unless you take a few precautions. 

Choose a Good Location

When planning an all-day hunt, you need to take the time to choose the best placement possible. Find a tree section that is straight and doesn’t have knots or branches that keep you in a weird position. You want to be as level as possible, especially if you plan on hunting all day long. 

Find a Comfortable Seat

Not all climbing tree stand seats are comfortable. Sure, they will suffice for a 3-hour hunt, but sitting in the same spot for 10+ hours can be a pain. There’s nothing wrong with adding more padding to your seat or changing the seat out completely. 

Bring Food and Drink

I like to snack while hunting. I know it may not be the best way to hunt, but I get really hungry sitting on a tree stand. Maybe it’s from boredom, but I always bring snacks that are easy to access and open without making any extra noise. Also, be careful when choosing water bottles as they have the tendency to make an unnatural sound when opened. 

Use Storage Bags

You can buy storage bags specifically made for deer stands that allow you to store items you want to be able to reach when needed. You can bring things to make your hunt easier and to help pass the time. You can attach bags to the metal rails of your climbing deer stand so you can access it without moving too much. 

Tree Stand Hangers

Tree stand hangers allow you to place your gear close to your hands so you can grab them quickly. It also frees your area up so you can get as comfortable as possible. The less you move, the more chance you will have at seeing a buck.

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