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The Best Deer and Big Game Carts of 2022

Leader Accessories deer hauler cart

Game carts can help you carry large game such as deer, elk, hogs and more. They have large wheels and can transport hundreds of pounds and help you get back to your vehicle without having to drag a large animal. The best game carts are perfect for any hunter that needs a way to carry large animals after a successful hunt. 

Hunting game carts are designed with a heavy-duty platform that can handle large game and large wheels to help you travel over rough terrain with your kill. Not everyone wants to load a deer on their back and drag it through the woods, nor can they. Sometimes you need a little extra help, especially if your hunt includes game that weighs upwards of 500 pounds. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need a Deer Hauling Cart:

  1. They save your back and allow you to carry more weight
  2. You can get back to the camp faster 
  3. You don’t have to bring a friend to retrieve your kill

Here are the best game carts to help you retrieve your game after a successful hunt: 

Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Game Cart

Leader Accessories makes great hunting equipment and their game hauler cart is a great option. It’s heavy-duty and can hold upwards of 550 pounds! That’s plenty for most hunters. It only weighs 43 pounds and has large wheels that can cover a lot of ground. You won’t have to worry about rough terrain as the wheels are big enough and provide plenty of clearance to get you back to your vehicle with your game. 

The heavy-duty construction makes this one of the best game hauler carts on the market. It has 2 straps that will secure your deer or other game so you can safely transport it through the woods. You can easily fold this game hauler cart for storage and it’s easy to pack with you on long hunting trips. It’s constructed with welded square tubular steel and will last throughout many hunting trips. 

Goplus Folding Deer Game Cart Hauler

The Goplus game cart hauler is as tough as they come. The steel construction allows it to safely carry 500 pounds which is perfect for large game such as deer or hogs. It can also be used to transport firewood and other hunting supplies. It’s a great tool to have on hand when you need it. 

This game hauler cart features large wheels with thick rubber tires that can hold a lot of weight and transport game through rough terrain. It has locking pins on the wheels to give the cart even more stability. The steel axle wheels are rugged enough for heavy-duty use and can be used on all types of roads, grass, dirt and woods. 

This deer cart hauler can be easily folded for storage and transporting it to sites. We like this deer game cart hauler because it’s extremely heavy-duty, durable, rugged and can hold plenty of weight for most hunters. 

Sherpa Lightweight Game Cart with Flat-Free Wheels

The Sherpa game cart is extremely lightweight at only 14 pounds. It can carry up to 300 pounds and is great for hunters or campers that need to haul things such as deer, firewood and supplies. It’s made with a tough aluminum construction that will get the job done. It’s easy to set up and you can fold it down for storage or to transport. 

The tires on this game cart hauler are 19” and have great clearance. They’re also flat-free, scent-free and feature sealed bearings. They make hauling game from the woods easy and efficient. You can roll it on roads, trails and straight woods to get your deer back to the camp or truck. We like this game cart hauler because it’s lightweight compared to other options and it’s sturdy enough for most tasks. 

Rage Powersports Kill Shot Big Game Deer Hauler Cart

The Rage Powersports Kill Shot deer hauler cart is probably the beefiest cart you will find. It can hold up to 750 lbs and is perfect for deer, elk or even bear. This is the big game hauler you need if you hunt large animals and need help transporting them. 

This big game cart features a heavy-duty steel axle that can handle plenty of weight for any hunting trip. It’s beefy and will do the heavy lifting for you. The tires measure 20” x 1.75” and have steel rims that can handle anything you throw at it. 

You can adjust the height from 36” to 49” depending on your height and preferences. It also features a brown powder coat finish that helps protect it and will blend in with any hunting environment. 

This is probably the best deer cart for rough terrain thanks to the large wheels and durable frame.

Guide Gear Deer Cart

The Guide Gear deer cart is a simple, yet effective solution to transporting large game from the field to the camp or truck. It weighs 28 pounds and is easy to maneuver when you need to. It can roll on any type of surface and the large wheels give it great ground clearance. 

The frame of this deer hauler is rugged, strong and can get you out of a bind when you have a successful hunt. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds and can easily transport deer, hogs, firewood, gear and tree stands to make your hunt easier. The wheels measure 16” and can cover plenty of ground. They’re also puncture-proof and won’t go flat on you in the middle of nowhere. You can fold this deer hauler cart to make it easier to take with you on hunts. 

We like the Game Gear deer cart because it’s sturdy, inexpensive and can handle plenty of weight. 

How to Choose a Deer Cart

Deer carts or game hauling carts have been around for a long time. There are tons of deer carts on the market, so you may be wondering how you can choose the best deer cart or big game cart for your next hunt. 

There are a few things you can look for to make sure you get a quality deer cart such as wheel size, weight capacity, straps to secure your game, sturdy construction, flat-free tires and more. 

Wheel Size

Deer hauling carts come with oversized tires to give you great clearance to get over bumps and rough terrain. While most deer carts come with large wheels, some are a few inches larger and can get over rough terrain better. 

Buckle Straps

You want to make sure your deer hauling cart comes with buckle straps to secure your game. It makes it much easier to get out of the woods with a large deer if you can properly secure it. 

Alloy Steel Body

If you want a heavy-duty deer hauling cart, you need to go with steel frames. They can carry more weight and can get you through tough terrain better than say an aluminum frame. While aluminum deer carts may be lighter and work for smaller game, the heavy-duty steel frame deer and big game carts are what you need if you’re hunting something bigger. 

Foldable Design

Most deer hauling carts have a foldable design that allows you to easily store them. They’re also easy to store and you can bring them anywhere.

Do Deer Carts Work?

Deer carts can help big time! They’re worth the money and can save your back from dragging a large buck from the woods. You can use them on trails, woods and roads to get your game back to the truck or camp. Not everyone can drag a full-grown deer from the woods, especially if you’re older. A heavy-duty deer hauling cart will make it much easier. 

Is a Deer Cart Worth It? 

Deer carts are great for hauling deer and other big game, but they can also help you carry your deer stands and hunting gear. We all know how heavy hunting equipment and deer stands can be and a good deer hauling cart can save your muscles and help you get set up quicker.

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