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The 5 Best Driveway Alarms of 2022

long distance driveway alarm

Driveway alarms are easy to install and are a great way to let you know when someone enters your property. Many brands of driveway alarms can cover up to a ½ mile area with a super long receiving range. Many are solar-powered and give you an extra layer of protection around your home, camp or business.

Driveway alarms are weatherproof and will last a long time. They give you an alert when someone approaches the alarm on foot, vehicle or by bike. Basically, they will alert you with light and sound anytime someone gets within a certain radius of your alarm. 

You can even stack multiple driveway alarms together to create a large perimeter around your home or business and they’re incredibly easy to set up. 

Two-way audio and siren alarms will alert you the second the perimeter is breached and will usually scare off intruders. It gives you time to call the police before they reach your home. 

Solar wireless sensors for driveway alarms can be charged by battery and solar energy. It’s recommended that you charge your driveway alarm before mounting and most of them can run for up to 6 months without a drop of solar energy. 

The best way to fully protect your home or business is to set up a perimeter of driveway alarms, interior and exterior security cameras, home security system, interior alarms and solar-powered motion security lights to ensure you’re fully protected. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need a Driveway Alarm:

  1. They alert you to anyone entering your property. 
  2. You can determine exactly where someone is accessing your property. 
  3. Driveway alarm systems help complete your home security plan. 

There are multiple brands that make their version of a wireless driveway alarm, here are the  best: 

eMacros Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm

The eMacros is one of the best wireless driveway alarm systems on the market. Its all-weather design is tough and has a ½ mile range under ideal conditions. It’s been tested in all types of inclement weather such as heavy rain, snow, hail, wind and both temperature extremes. It can even be installed in a dense forest setting and will still transmit. 

This solar-powered driveway alarm comes with an AC-powered receiver and will never need batteries. It features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s powerful and stays charged by the solar panel on top. The sensor can even be powered by the DC5V power adapter. 

You won’t have trouble installing this driveway alarm as they’ve made it incredibly easy to do by yourself. You can expand your coverage with up to 4 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers to completely cover the perimeter of your home, business or camp. It comes with 4 different chimes preloaded and you can match the tone with different sensors so you will know which sector has been breached on your property. 

The best home security setup you can have includes a layer of perimeter home security cameras, interior alarm system, proper lighting and solar wireless driveway alarms. This will keep your property protected and will let potential intruders know that you’re ready for them. 

Hosmart Wireless Driveway Alert System

Hosmart has been in the alarm business for a long time and makes great products. Their driveway alarms are dependable and have tons of home security applications. You can install up to 4 sensors and an unlimited number of sensors to fit your home or business security needs. They can cover approximately ½ miles in perfect conditions and will still transmit in rough weather and through trees, bushes and other obstructions. 

This affordable driveway alarm adds another important layer to your home security system. They work perfectly with camera systems and lighting to keep your property safe. This driveway alarm unit will alert you with light and sound if anything gets within a 30 feet radius. That alone will drive most burglars away. 

This driveway alarm is super easy to install and can be done in a number of minutes. You will easily get a 1,500 ft. range from these and ½ during the best conditions. 

We like the Hosmart driveway alarm system because it’s fully expandable, easy to set up and gives you a different chime for each sensor if you choose. 

Wuloo Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Wuloo gives you ultimate control when setting up your driveway alarm system. You can choose from multiple configurations and a number of sensors. They have approximately ⅓-mile coverage and can go through buildings, walls, bushes, trees and other obstructions. You can even use them in bad weather such as heavy rain or snow. 

The sensors are reliable and have rechargeable batteries that will last for up to 12 months on one charge. You can even add up to 8 more sensors to expand your coverage zone. All you have to do is place the sensors on your property and you will receive a customized chime anytime someone or something passes within 30 feet of the sensor’s zone. 

You can adjust the sensitivity of this driveway alarm system with 4 different levels. You want to avoid false alarms from small animals that pass within the sensor’s zone. This is easy to do and you can easily configure your sensor to cover your property. 

We like the Wuloo driveway alarm system because they get great range, can add up to 8 sensors and they come in camouflage for those that don’t want anyone to see their sensors. 

HTZSAFE Wireless Driveway Alarm Motion Sensors

This is a great set of driveway alarms that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. You can set up the perfect configuration to give your property a protection zone that will sound an alarm if anyone gets close. These are great for homes and businesses that need a little extra peace of mind. 

The motion sensors will pick up signals from up to ½ mile under the best conditions. Obviously, this range will depend on your property and the terrain, but overall they get great range. This driveway alarm system features wireless transmission technology to ensure there are no interferences from other devices that may be in use at the same time. 

These motion detectors will sound an alarm if anyone or anything gets within 50 feet of your sensor. You can put these around your yard, farm, business and inside your home to detect intruders or unauthorized individuals. You can expand this driveway alarm system with up to 32 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers. It even gives you up to 35 optional melodies so you can completely customize your driveway alarm system. 

We like the HTZSAFE wireless driveway alarm system because it’s fully customizable, you can add 32 sensors to cover huge areas and they’re weather resistant and can be used during all seasons. 

Chtoocy Solar Driveway Alarm System 

The Chtoocy solar driveway alarm system is a great way to protect large areas of the property from intruders. You can choose from various configurations and a number of sensors to personalize them for your property’s needs. The solar sensors can power them for a long time and each sensor is waterproof and weatherproof. It has 3 sensitivity levels that you can test so that you don’t get false alarms from small animals or vehicles passing by your road. 

These driveway alarms have a super long-range and can transmit up to 3,000 feet and still keep a stable signal that gets the job done. Keep in mind, this is under the best conditions and the outdoor terrain can shorten the range. You can expand this driveway alarm system with up to 8 sensors and more receivers to cover larger pieces of property. 

We like the Chtoocy driveway alarm system because it’s easily expandable, reliable and has an amazing range. 

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