7 Best Field Dressing Kits for Hunting 2022

deer hunting field dressing kit

Field dressing kits for hunting are a must for any hunter. You need a good set of specialized knives to clean your own deer or other game. Field dressing kits for hunting usually come in a sturdy case to keep them all together so you don’t misplace them. 

You have to have the right tools when harvesting wild game. Just as you carefully plan which weapon to use, you also have to consider proper game care while in the field. You can ruin a lot of meat if you don’t have the right tools after your kill. While many people try to use their trusty pocket knife to dress game, a field dressing kit is what you really need. 

Most dressing kits for hunting come with multiple knives and tools to get the job done more efficiently without damaging meat. You will likely use a caping knife for detailed cuts, bone saw to get through tough parts, large boning knife, gut hook skinner, spreader and more. 

Here’s Why You Need a Field Dressing Kit for Hunting:

  1. You get all the tools you need to properly process deer and other game.
  2. Field dressing kits make it easy to keep all of your knives and tools together in a safe place.
  3. Good field dressing kits have specialized blades that help you do a better job at cleaning deer or other game.
  4. You will always know where to find your tools and knives.

The best field dressing kits for hunting will include all of these important hunting tools in a compact and convenient box. There are a ton of different types of kits and here are our favorites in each section: 

Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit

Mossy Oak makes great hunting gear and their field dressing kit for hunting is a great option. This 8 piece kit has everything you need to process big game of all types. It comes in a tough case that you can take into the field with you so you will have everything you need when you get  a kill. The knives are full-tang, sharp and made to last. Each blade is made of 3CR13 stainless steel and has camo handles. 

This kit includes: 7.5” caping knife, 10” boning knife, 9.5” gut hook skinner, 8 ¾” bone saw, brisket spreader, knife sharpener (tungsten carbide V-sharpener) and Red Game cleaning gloves. You get everything you need to process large game such as deer and elk. 

We like the Mossy Oak hunting field dressing kit because it has everything you need in one handy box and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Outdoor Edge JaegerPak Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set

The Outdoor Edge JaegerPak game processing kit has one of the highest possible ratings of any product on this list. The tools are high-quality and made from tough materials that will last. The knives are razor sharp, well-balanced and full-tang. They’re made from 420J2 stainless steel and are heat treated to perfection. Hand finished with a razor sharp edge so you can slice through meat. The handles are non-slip, ergonomically shaped and easy to hold so you can make precise cuts every time. 

This field dressing kit comes with a hard protective case that will protect your knives in the field or in your tool box. This field processing kit includes a gutting knife, bone saw, ribcage spreader, drop-point knife for skinning, ceramic sharpener and game cleaning gloves. This is a high-quality set of cleaning tools for the money. 

Mossy Oak 10-Piece Hunting Field Dressing Kit

The Mossy Oak field dressing kit is perfect for hunting and fishing. It comes with 4 hunting knives that arrive sharp and have rubberized handles that are easy to grip while cutting. The blades are heat-treated and keep an edge even after multiple uses. They’re large and can handle big game field dressing such as elk, deer and hogs. 

This field dressing kit comes with 10 pieces and features a small hatchet, caping knife, game shears, bone saw, gut-hook knife, knife sharpener, rib spreader, gloves and a cutting board. This is a complete kit for field dressing. 

Outdoor Edge 12-Piece Game Processing Kit

The Outdoor Edge 12-piece Field to Freezer is one of the most complete sets you can purchase. This kit includes the usual 8 tools that most kits have plus 4 others such as: butcher knife, heavy-duty game shears, carving fork and cutting board. These extra tools can really come in handy when processing large amounts of game. 

Each knife is full-tang and made from 420J2 stainless steel with rubberized non slip handles that give you an amazing grip. The hard case is rugged and keeps your tools dry and ready to go at a moment’s notice. We recommend this field dressing kit for hunting to anyone wanting a complete kit that has everything you need to process game in the field. 

GVDV Field Dressing Kit for Hunters

This 6-piece game processing kit is smaller than other kits, but has the essentials you need to properly skin deer, hog or other large game. You get the 3 main knives for skinning: drop-point blade for small game, gut-hook skinner and boning knife. Each blade is razor sharp and made for heavy-duty use. The knives are made from 5cr15 stainless steel with polypropylene handles that give you a great grip even when wet. 

This kit also comes with a ribcage spreader and gloves and is the perfect addition to any hunting or fishing gear bag. We like this game processing kit because it has what you need in a small package. 

Meyerco Game Processing Set for Field Dressing

The Meyerco field dressing kit comes with 6 pieces and is a great addition to your hunting gear. You can easily process deer and other game with this knife set is perfect for beginners and professionals. The carrying case is sturdy and will keep your knife set secure while in the field or at the campsite. The knives are large and get the job done. This set includes a huge cleaver, filet knife, carver, skinner and a large Chef knife. You also get a handy knife sharpener that will keep your blades razor sharp and always ready to cut. We like this field dressing kit because it’s simple, yet effective. 

HME 8 Piece Field Dressing Kit

The HME field dressing kit features 8 tools that make your job easier in the field. The knives are made from stainless steel with rubberized handles. The carrying case is a convenient way to keep your skinning tools together in one place. This is a simple field dressing kit that is affordable and has everything you need to process game such as deer or fish. You get a gut-hook skinner, boning knife, small caper, knife sharpener, spreader and gloves. 

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