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The Best Folding Tables of 2022

Office Star folding table outdoor

Folding tables are a staple for outdoor functions. They’re great for picnics, birthday parties, outdoor art projects, camping and crawfish boils. Basically, every household can use a sturdy folding table. In fact, it would be hard to find a home in rural areas that don’t have at least one folding table for outdoor get-togethers. 

There are plenty of types of folding tables on the market depending on what you’re looking for. You can get adjustable folding tables, small folding tables, round folding tables and folding tables for camping. It can be hard to choose the best table for your next function with the amount of options out there. 

Most people don’t think about purchasing a folding table for their event until it’s almost too late. The good thing about buying folding tables online is that you can have them delivered straight to you within a couple of days in most cases. 

We tested a handful of the best folding tables on the market and here are our top picks:

Lifetime Folding Table (Adjustable)

The Lifetime adjustable folding table is perfect for outdoor gatherings or to be used as a work table. It can hold plenty of weight due to the high-density polyethylene plastic body and powder-coated steel legs. It’s been tested to hold up to 200 lbs. and possibly more before buckling. While the folding table by Lifetime is somewhat small measuring 4 feet x 2 feet, it can easily sit 4 people. 

You can easily transport this small folding table by using the carry handle as it only weighs 19 lbs. in total. It even folds in half to make it easier to store when you’re not using it. A folding table picnic is an easy setup with the Lifetime folding table. 

Need to make height adjustments? You can easily adjust the height on this folding table from 22”, 24”, 29” and 36” depending on how high you need your table. This makes it a great choice for a folding table for art projects or for children to play on while the adults eat at their own table. 

This is one of our top picks due to this table’s durability, adjustability and price. 

National Public Seating Heavy-Duty Folding Table

The National Public Seating (NPS) folding table is incredibly sturdy and comes in multiple colors and configurations. You can choose between a single piece folding table or a folding table that folds in half. Center-folding tables may be easier to move and store, but one-piece folding tables can hold much more weight than their counterparts. 

This particular model is a folding table 6ft by 30” and can seat a large number of people for outdoor gatherings or just hanging out while the kids play. It’s incredibly sturdy and can support 1,000 lbs! The plastic top is 1-¾” thick and UV protected and can withstand any environment including scorching heat during the summer. You won’t damage this folding table with hot plates or cups and the top surface features a lightly textured design to resist scratches. 

We enjoyed the NPS large folding table for numerous gatherings and outdoor activities and highly recommend it to anyone that wants a higher quality product than a folding table at Walmart. 

Ontario Furniture Folding Table 6 Foot

Ontario Furniture is known for making high-quality outdoor furniture and their folding table is one of the best. It comes in multiple sizes such as 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet. They also make an adjustable folding table as well as a square folding table depending on what you’re looking for. 

This folding table can be folded in half for transport or storage and it lies flat to save room. Ontario Furniture did a great job at designing a sturdy folding table that’s impact-resistant, waterproof and scratch-resistant so it will continue looking nice for years. 

This is a relatively inexpensive choice that can seat a large number of guests to turn your backyard into a venue or to simply use as an outdoor table for projects. 

Office Star Resin Folding Table 6 Feet

Office Star makes one of the absolute best folding tables we’ve tested. They come in all sizes, but we chose the 6-foot folding table because that’s a good size for most needs. It can be adjusted to four different heights: 29”, 33.5”, 35.5” and 37” depending on how tall you need it to be. Adjustable folding tables are great for conference rooms at the office or around the house or campsite due to their accessibility. 

The Office Star 6’ folding table is made with a resin surface that gives your table an additional layer of protection against impacts, scratches, bumps and water. It even features powder-coated steel tube framing to improve longevity. 

We liked this folding table for the office due to its adjustability and for home because it’s tough enough to stay outside. 

Lifetime Commercial Adjustable Folding Table

We chose the Lifetime commercial folding table because it’s adjustable to 3 different heights: 24”, 29” and 36” depending on the height you need. It’s the perfect folding table for kids and can be used as their homework or drawing table. Many people buy one of these to be used as the kids’ table when hosting family gatherings because it can also be adjusted for adults. 

This folding table comes with a 10-year limited warranty which shows the company stands behind its products and plans on being around for a while. The steel frame can support up to 350 lbs. and features a rust-resistant powder coat on the steel frame to give it even more protection. The tabletop is made from high-density polyethylene that’s protected from harmful UV rays. 

The Lifetime commercial adjustable folding table was designed with children in mind, but it can be used for all ages. We like this model because it has superior durability when compared to other brands and it offers more uses than most folding tables. 

Best Choice Products Folding Table for Camping

The Best Choice Products folding table is the perfect choice for camping because it comes in compact sizes that are easy to transport and set up for the campsite. It comes in 4, 6 and 8-foot sizes depending on how many people you have to accommodate. 

We chose the folding table 4 foot version because it’s large enough to use as an electronic command center for those who need to work outdoors and small enough to fit in the back of a vehicle. You can easily set it up at the campsite for your family to eat or play card games. 

The 6 and 8-foot versions of this folding table are good to have for larger gatherings or taking to the RV park where you may have more people to seat.

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