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16 Best Gun Safes of 2022 (Handguns and Rifles)

If you own guns, you know how important it is to be a responsible gun owner. Firearms of any kind are dangerous, there’s no way around that fact. The best gun safe is essential to protect your investment and keep your unauthorized family members from handling firearms. Leaving firearms out in the open is dangerous for children and can be used against you in the event someone breaks into your home. Guns safes are a great investment to keep your guns safe and only in the hands of an approved user.  

50% Less Than Competitors

If you’re like most gun owners, you probably have a gun collection that includes long guns and handguns and needs a safe that can handle both. However, there are plenty of gun safes that are designed specifically for handguns if that’s all you need.  

As a gun owner, you know it’s important to secure your weapons in a safe place where you can easily access them, but also kept from the hands of those who aren’t approved in your household.

Many gun owners opt for hidden gun storage such as furniture with hidden gun storage such as mirrors, coffee tables, shelves and end tables that can hide guns. 

Here’s Why You Need a Dependable Gun Safe:

  1. They secure your firearms from unauthorized users in your home and children.
  2. You can store all types of firearms such as rifles, handguns and shotguns as well as ammo and shooting accessories.
  3. Gun safes keep thieves from accessing your firearms.

This article will discuss two main types of gun safes: handgun safes and large rifle safes.

Handgun Safe

A handgun safe is a small safe that can hold 1-2 pistols normally. There are multiple types of handgun safes such as a keypad safe and a fingerprint handgun safe. Each one has pros and cons, but their main function is to protect your handguns and give you quick access to them when you need them. Handgun safes can be placed on your nightstand, vehicle, desk or anywhere else in your home.

Large Gun Safe

Large gun safes are designed to hold rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammo and other gear such as tactical flashlights or weapon lights. They vary in size and also come in biometric or fingerprint versions such as a quick access gun safe that only requires your fingerprint to open. A pistol safe is an effective way to protect and secure your firearms.

Many people have a large gun safe for their rifles and shotguns and a handgun safe for pistols in case of emergency.

We’ve compiled the best gun safes of all sizes into an easy-to-read post to help you make a purchase decision.

Best Gun Safes for the Money

You already know that a gun safe can keep your family safe and protect them from thieves, but what are the best gun safes for the money? It depends on the type of guns you want it to hold, the amount of space you have in your home or office and the features you want. 

The best gun safes for the money may be a biometric handgun safe while the best for someone else may be a large gun safe that can hold rifles, shotguns and pistols. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best gun safes for the money so you can make the best choice possible to protect your family and your property. 

Best Home Safe

Most people who find this article are looking for the best home safe to keep their guns secure from young family members or from someone breaking and entering their home. 

The best home safe is the one that adequately protects your guns, gives you quick access and can be used by authorized users such as family members or neighbors that may need access. It’s important to read reviews and really think about what you need in a home gun safe. This article will help you choose the best home safe for all guns. 

Best Handgun Safes:

  1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric
  2. RPNB Biometric Pistol Gun Safe
  3. Awesafe Gun Safe 
  4. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe
  5. Vaultek MX Series

Best Rifle Safes:

  1. Moutec Rifle Gun Safe
  2. Steelwater Heavy Duty
  3. Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe
  4. Quicktec Rifle Safe
  5. Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS

Best Handgun Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe 

If you’re looking for a small safe for your handguns, the Vaultek VT20i should be at the top of your list. This is a highly-rated gun safe that has thousands of positive reviews. It has everything you would want in a pistol gun safe such as: anti-pry bars, interior security brackets to stop theft, interior mounted hinges and two-point anti-impact latches.

This is a super tough handgun safe that will serve its purpose for years. Made from heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel for durability and features a nice powder coat finish that’s long-lasting and protects your gun safe. Imbued with smart safe technology – the Vaultek VT20i allows you to interact from your smartphone.

Hidden in Plain Site

It also has responsive LED lighting to help you find your safe in the dark when you need to access the contents in a hurry. The battery is a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can power your gun safe for up to 4 months and can recharge in 2.5 hours with included charging kit.  

We highly recommend checking out the Vaultek VT20i because it’s one of the best gun safes on the market and has stellar reviews. Many users claim that Vaultek is the best gun safe for the money.

RPNB Gun Security Safe with Quick-Access and Biometric Fingerprint 

The RPNB Gun Safe is fully equipped with biometric fingerprint, RFID lock and quick-access to your hand guns. It’s nice to have multiple ways to access your weapons when you need them. The RPNB gun safe is one of the highest-rated gun safes and you can read hundreds of reviews before making a purchase.

This is a great handgun safe if you have children that aren’t old enough to understand gun safety. We all know young children and even teenagers play with guns when parents aren’t around, so it’s important that they not only understand gun safety, but that your hand guns are secured.

The RPNB gun safe has 3-point entry technology that gives you options. It has an upgraded and efficient smart biometric scanner and immediate access mode for when you need to grab guns in a hurry and rapid-fire backlit keypad and manual keys. It also has instant access to other valuables such as firearms, documents and items you wish to keep safe with an automatic opening door using the fingerprint option.

The RPNB gun safe has a rugged build and will last for years due to sturdy steel construction and expertly crafted features. The black finish prevents corrosion and makes it easy to store anywhere without drawing attention.  A burglar would have a tough time prying this gun safe open due to the durable dual-layered steel housing, pry-resistant door and pry-proof steel design. You can even mount it only the floor with the pre-drilled holes and included hardware to make it near impossible to steal. You can easily fit two handguns and a few other items in the RPNB gun safe. This is one of the best hand gun safes on the market.  

We highly recommend this biometric gun safe and think it is one of the best gun safes for pistols currently on the market. 

Best Desk-Mounted Gun Safe

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe – Best Desk-Mounted Gun Safe

The RPNB Mounted gun safe is a great safe for your home or office. It’s easy to program the fingerprint recognition scanner and keeps children and other unauthorized users out. This quick access gun safe matches your fingerprint in less than 1 second to give you nearly immediate access to your handgun. 

The desk-mounted design is perfect for a nightstand, office desk, bookshelf or even your vehicle. Most of us spend a good 8 hours behind a desk and this gun safe will help you stay protected at all times. Working from home during the day exposes you to break-ins from burglars that expect you to be at the office, so you need to be prepared. 

The steel construction will last a long time and it has a black finish that prevents corrosion and looks professional in any setting. You have multiple mounting options that allow you to fit this desk gun safe in any space and you can mount it from the left, right or top side. You can also store up to 50 individual fingerprints in the event you wish to authorize others to have access to your handgun. This RPNB is one of the best desk-mounted gun safes that also works great as a nightstand gun safe due to the multiple mounting options.

SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock 2Gun Capacity 

The SentrySafe is a biometric gun safe that secures 2 standard handguns or 1 large handgun plus ammo. It’s one of the best gun safes for the money. The fingerprint scanner helps you safely secure your weapons so that unauthorized users cannot gain access.

Designed with your needs in mind; the SentrySafe is tough, sleek and allows for single-handed access to your guns in a time of crisis. You never know when you’re going to need firepower or what you will have in your hands at the time, so it’s good to have a quick access gun safe that you can open with one hand.

It has a digital keypad with an override key just in case you need it. The SentrySafe gun safe is 16.4 inches wide x 9.8 inches deep and 3.2 inches tall. Perfect for 1-2 handguns for your bedroom, vehicle or saferoom. This gun safe weighs 16 pounds and requires 4 AA batteries for the digital keypad. This is one of the best gun safes under $500.

Best Long Gun Safe

Moutec Biometric Rifle Gun Safe 

The Moutec Rifle Gun Safe is large enough to hold up to 5 rifles up to 50” long plus a few handguns and ammo. It comes equipped with a separate handgun lock box that can really come in handy. This is a larger than average gun safe with biometric fingerprint capabilities and provides a high level of security for your valuables.

You can organize your gun safe with a pistol rack to store more handguns and ammo. 

It’s no surprise that Moutec makes one of the best long gun safes on the market. They’ve listened to what gun safe buyers want and created a quality product. 

This rifle gun safe is 14” x 13.7” x 57” and is deep enough for scopes as well. Its pry-proof design is tough, tamper-resistant and made with high-quality steel that will last for generations. The smart biometric technology is state-of-the-art technology and can retain 100 fingerprints.

If you have children or household members that you want to secure your rifles and handguns from, this is a great way to do it. You can create your own fingerprint/passcode or lock it by hand with the spare key.

You can even set the safe to alarm if the wrong code is input 3 times. The Moutec Gun Safe has pre-punched mounting holes in the back so you can mount it to the floor, wall or both for maximum security and to make sure no-one can walk away with it. This is one of the best gun safes for rifles and handguns at this price point.

The Moutec Gun Safe is great for people who only have a handful of rifles and handguns they want to secure. It’s one of the best small long gun safes for home use.  

Best Heavy-Duty Rifle Gun Safe

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection Gun Safe 

The Steelwater Large Gun Safe is huge, strong, fortified and everything a gun enthusiast could want. You can easily secure 20 long guns in this EMP proof colossus. The Steelwater is a contender for the best rifle safe of 2021 for those who want a heavy duty gun safe. 

The electronic lock system is EMP proof and has a double-sided bypass key lock so you can’t get locked out of your safe. This is a large safe with dimensions of 59” tall 28” wide and 18” deep and it weighs 453 pounds. No-one is simply walking out of your house with this safe. This Steelwater gun safe also has a Gear Drive System that protects against pry attacks, drill attacks and punch attacks to keep your guns out of the hands of criminals. They will ship this gun safe by tractor trailer. Steelwater is one of the best gun safe manufacturers out there and they make high-quality products. 

Quicktec 5-Gun Large Rifle Safe with Separate Lock Box 

The Quicktec Gun Safe can hold 5 rifles or shotguns with or without accessories. It’s larger and deeper to secure more of your gun accessories.

Constructed with an all-steel body and top-of-the-line digital locking system – the Quicktec secures your guns from children, unauthorized family members and those who wish to steal your guns.

The Quicktec is the best long gun safe for those who only need to secure up to 5 rifles. 

The exterior measurements are 14” wide x 13.8” deep x 57.2” tall and is made for holding rifles and shotguns that are fitted with scopes. It also comes with a separate lock box to store ammo, handguns, family heirlooms and documents.

This rifle safe has 5 steel deadbolts, tamper-resistant edges and can resist prying. Create your own security codes with the electronic lock keypad.

You also get 2 emergency keys just in case. You get a lot for the money with the Quicktec gun safe including: the digital rifle gun cabinet, inside lock box, 2 emergency keys, batteries, 4 anchor bolts to secure and a user manual. This gun safe has mute mode if you want to stay silent and is easy to install. 

The Quicktec gun safe easily made our list of best rifles safes you can buy at this price range. 

Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint ID and Biometric Lock 

The Awesafe Gun Safe the perfect 1-2 handgun capacity safe. You can protect two standard handguns or one large pistol plus extra ammo with a digital keypad.

This gun safe is perfect for those who have small children that are too young to understand the dangers of firearms. It’s built tough and has a pry-resistant door that prevents anyone from accessing your guns unless you want them to. Constructed from solid steel and a high-strength locking mechanism, this gun safe is pretty much impossible to break into to.

You can access your guns single-handedly with the gas strut and LED lighting for better visibility in the dark. This is the perfect gun safe to have next to your bed – children can’t access it and it can be opened quickly, quietly and the LED light lets you see what you’re reaching for. You can even hide this gun safe in your car or anywhere that’s hidden and out of the public’s view.

This is one of the best one-handed gun safes out there and has thousands of positive reviews. You can also find the version that holds 2 handguns right here – Awesafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock for 2 Guns – XL. 

Best Multiple Pistol Safe

Vaultek MX Series Multiple Pistol Safe 

Vaultek makes high-quality gun safes and the MX Series is on par with the best of them. You can connect to Wi-Fi and view life safe data remotely and the Vaultek gun safe can send instant alerts to your phone if anything happens.

You can download the Vaultek WiFi app to monitor your safe remotely and protect your investment. This is a high-capacity gun safe that can safely store up to 8 handguns and ammo and has a backup battery that can provide up to 4 months of standby power if you use it without plugging it in.

This handgun safe comes with a micro-USB charging kit that can charge the safe in 3.5 hours. Constructed from 14-Gauge carbon steel and 12-Gauge front door for maximum protection. It’s coated with a powdercoat finish that prevents corrosion and makes your safe last longer. You get 4-point entry with this gun safe: oversized biometric scanner, rapid fire backlit keypad, manual keys and smart key nano giving you instant access to what you need when you need it. This gun safe is large enough to customize by installing more accessories to store more guns and ammo.

We can easily recommend the Vaultek MX Series as one of the best multiple pistol gun safes on the market. Vaultek has been known as one of the best gun safe manufacturers recently due to a large amount of positive reviews and happy customers. They do great work and make sturdy biometric gun safes. 

Best Bedside Gun Safe

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

You want to know you and your family are safe during the night. You need a bedside gun safe to give you quick access to your gun at a moment’s notice. There’s usually no time to search for a gun during a break-in. The Fort Knox PB1 handgun safe is right there when you need it and is made from 10-gauge steel with a huge wraparound door that’s tamper-resistant. 

Quick access to your gun is the name of the game and the gas-strut assisted door opens quickly so you can reach and pull. The push buttons are fast opening and you don’t have to fumble with a key. Many people leave handguns unsecured on their nightstand, but this is a bad idea if you have small children or other unauthorized users in the home. The Fort Knox is one of the best bedside gun safes and is great as a vehicle gun safe as well. 

The interior secures your handguns with foam to keep them in place and to avoid banging and scratching when you transport. You get a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty in case something ever happens.

Best Car Gun Safe

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

The V-Line Brute is a simple, yet heavy-duty design that will give you quick access to your handgun. The gas assisted opening strut opens the door quickly which is exactly what you want in a car gun safe. 

If you spend any amount of time on the road, you know the importance of securing your gun in a vehicle gun safe. It’s easy to knock your gun around if you simply carry it in your glovebox unsecured. The best car gun safe will not only secure your gun safely, but will keep others from accessing it. 

We’ve all had passengers who randomly open the glove box and start going through your things while you’re driving or in the gas station. It’s human nature, but you don’t want any unauthorized hands on your gun. This car gun safe has great reviews from users.

Best In-Wall Gun Safe

V-Line Closet Vault II In-Wall Gun Safe

Hiding your guns and other valuables in the walls of your home is a great option. The V-Line Closet Vault is one of the best in-wall gun safes of 2021. It allows you to hide your guns in a place where no one would think to look. You can fit this hidden gun safe into your wall and it will only stick out about 2 inches. 

You can store up to 4 long guns, ammunition, handguns, passports, cash, expensive jewelry and other important documents in this hidden gun safe. Plus, it’s hard to break into if discovered. The 3-point rod locking system and anti-pry brackets do a great job at keeping unauthorized users out. It has a 14-gauge door that uses a push button lock so you can easily access your valuables or guns. 

This is one of the best in-wall gun safes or hidden gun safes of 2021. 

Best Multi Purpose Lock Box

AmazonBasics Security Safe Box 

The AmazonBasics Safe Box is a tough and well-constructed standalone safe. Perfect for handguns and anything else you want to keep safe and secure.

The 0.5 cubic foot safe has an electronic lock and 2 emergency override keys just in case. You always want multiple ways to access your guns and this gun safe provides plenty.

Designed with 2 live-door bolts, adjustable/removable interior shelf and pry-resistant concealed hinges make this a tough gun safe for handguns. Pick up some batteries because the digital access lock requires 4 AA batteries.

You can mount this handgun safe to a shelf, wall or even the floor for maximum protection. Guns are an investment and the best way to protect your investments are with a good gun safe that burglars would have a hard time taking. This handgun safe measures 13.5 x 8.75 x 9.5 inches and has a door thickness of 2 inches which should be plenty to protect a few pistols, ammo and important documents or family heirlooms.  

Barska Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe 

The Barska is made from a solid construction with solid steel walls, 3 pry-resistant steel deadbolts, tamper-resistant features and can withstand something trying to break in.

You can easily store 4 rifles without attachments and it has a shelf that you can remove if you don’t need it. The Barska rifle safe comes with a 120 fingerprint biometric module and is equipped with a silent mode so you can access your guns quietly. 

The Barska is one of the best long gun safes you can buy even though it only holds a handful of rifles. 

This safe is easy to mount with the pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware. Mounting a gun safe makes it harder to steal and more secure in your home.

You can access your firearms as quick as 2.5 seconds in the event of an intruder. It has a handy accessory shelf that’s 46” from the floor and is removable. The protective floor mat keeps your guns safe looking nice. You can store rifles, shotguns, handguns, accessories, scopes and ammo in one central location in your home with the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe. 

The Barska is one of the best quick access rifle safes and has biometric functions that make it a great choice for homeowners. 

Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security Cabinet 

The Stack On makes a great gun safe for the price. It may not win any awards, but it provides great protection at a low cost. You can store up to 10 rifles or shotguns that measure up to 52” tall. You have additional storage for ammo and accessories with the steel top shelf or you can remove the shelf for even more space.

The Stack On large gun cabinet is equipped with foam padding at the bottom and barrel rests to protect your guns. This gun storage cabinet measures 17” wide x 13 ½” deep x 53” high and is perfect for those who just need a place to store their guns in one central location in their home or shed.

The 3-point locking system is key coded and double-bitted lock. This is a great cheap gun cabinet that won’t break the bank and secures your guns from unauthorized users in your household.

The Stack-On large gun safe is a great investment that protects your guns and doesn’t cost a fortune. You can usually find this large gun safe on sale if you buy online.

Awesafe Drawer-Style Gun Safe

The Awesafe drawer-style gun safe gives you a new way to store your handguns. You can easily secure two standard size handguns in this gun safe that fits in any drawer. It features a digital keypad that gives your guns extra protection. This is a great model for those who have young children. 

This is the perfect gun safe for offices or random spots around the home. The gun drawer slides automatically when unlocked to place your handguns in your reach. It’s made from tough 18 gauge steel that’s extremely tough and has a protective finish that will last for years. The door is pry-resistant and made from solid steel. 

You can open this drawer-style gun safe with the biometric fingerprint scanner, keypad or manual keys. You can easily secure this safe in your office at work, in your desk at home, in the kitchen drawer by the door or in your nightstand. We like this drawer gun safe because it gives you even more options to secure your handguns for when you need them.

Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide + FAQ

How to Choose the Best Gun Safe

With the number of gun safe choices currently on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for your home or office. You simply have to take stock of the firearms you own and decide how many you want to keep secured. Do you have pistols, rifles and shotguns or just a few handguns? 

Gun Safe Size

If you only have one handgun, you can get a gun safe that holds a single pistol with some ammo and other important documents. They also make small gun safes for multiple handguns that can fit in small spaces. 

If you have rifles and shotguns as well, you have plenty of choices for long-gun safes. You have to determine how large your firearm collection will be because you don’t want to buy a gun safe that’s too small for your future purchases. 

Combination or Biometric Gun Safe

Combination or lock safes are dependable, but you may not want to fumble with your keys or risk forgetting your combination during an emergency situation. 

Biometric gun safes are high-tech gun safes that allow super quick access of your firearms by using just your fingerprint. 

While each style has pros and cons that you can read more about HERE, you have to decide which style you prefer before choosing a gun safe. 


You can get a great gun safe without spending a fortune. You can get a great biometric gun safe for handguns for under $200 or even a gun safe for multiple rifles, shotguns and pistols without breaking the bank. Improvements in technology has made high-tech gun safes available to anyone. 

Gun Safe Features

Take stock of what you expect from your gun safe. Do you want a simple lock and key type gun safe or would you prefer one that scans your fingerprints and opens immediately? You can find gun safes with any feature you want with ease these days. 

Get the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier You Can Find

Gun safes are designed to secure and protect your firearms. They can protect against unauthorized users in your household getting their hands on them, as well as protect your children from playing with gun. However, gun safes do not protect guns from rust. 

Moisture and humidity can wreck havoc on your guns and will damage them in the long run. Purchasing the best gun safe dehumidifier can actually save money and protect your guns from unnecessary and expensive repairs. 

Gun safe dehumidifiers aren’t that expensive and can be found right here

What is The Best Gun Safe On The Market? 

It depends. The best gun safe for you may be different for someone else. Every gun owner has different needs and wants. There are gun safes made specifically for handguns and others that are a mixture of rifles, shotguns and handguns. You also have to decide if you want a gun safe that can accommodate your guns with their accessories such as scopes without having to remove them to store in your gun safe. Some rifle gun safes force you to remove the scope before storing, while others are deep enough so that you can leave your accessories on your rifles and shotguns when you store them. It all depends on what’s important to you. You usually can’t go wrong with the top brands that have hundreds of reviews.  

How Much Do Gun Safes Cost? 

You can spend anywhere from a hundred dollars to upwards of thousands of dollars. A quality gun safe can be a big investment, as it should. Gun safes not only protect your investments, but also your family. You don’t want unauthorized family members or small children gaining access to your firearms and hurting themselves or others. So how much should you spend? We recommend buying the best gun safe you can afford. The price will range based on whether you only need to secure a single handgun or you have a mixture of guns. Some small gun safes are designed for one handgun, while large safes can hold up to 20 rifles, shotguns and handguns. It completely depends on your arsenal and how large you want your safe. We suggest spending money on a great gun safe so you can keep it in an accessible part of your home in case you need a firearm in a pinch. You want a gun safe that will keep family members from handling guns and you can keep it where it’s visible. 

What is the Best Quick Access Pistol Safe?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to quick access handgun safes. You have to choose between biometric and mechanical access. We think the best biometric quick access pistol safe is a tie between the Vaultek VT20i and the SentrySafe QAP2BEL. 

Both models offer quick access through biometric or fingerprint scanners. Each one has a keypad and biometric fingerprint to give you multiple options. They each make great bedside gun safes that you can keep with you when you need protection the most. 

What is the Best Affordable Gun Safe?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great gun safe that will serve you for years. There are many biometric handgun safes that can store 1-2 handguns plus ammo and you can find most of them for under $250. Some good examples are Awesafe Handgun Safe, RPNB Quick-Access and the Vaultek VT20i. 

The best affordable long gun safes include names such as Moutec and Quicktec who each make a rifle gun safe that has tons of options and doesn’t cost a fortune.

How Much Should I Spend on a Good Gun Safe?

The amount of money you should spend on a gun safe is entirely dependent upon what features you want in your gun safe. A few considerations to think about when choosing are:

  • What you plan on keeping in your gun safe;
  • Features
  • Fire rating
  • Access options; biometric, key, touch pad, etc.
  • Thickness of steel

If you have expensive rifles, rare guns and other valuables – you may want to spend upwards of 1k to 2k to get a high-rated gun safe. However, if you just want to secure a few rifles, pistols and extra ammo, then you will be fine with a cheaper gun safe. 

Gun Safe Delivery

You may be wondering what to expect once your gun safe is delivered to your home. Many gun safes are large and you may have concerns about the delivery process and how the gun safe delivery company will handle your gun safe. 

If you’re purchasing a large gun safe, there’s a good chance you don’t want anyone to know. Don’t worry, most gun safe delivery companies use plain vans so the neighbors won’t know exactly what you’ve ordered. 

Your large gun safe will be in a plain box that no one passing by will be able to read. Most gun safe companies will help you install your new gun safe, but it’s a good idea to check and see what comes with the gun safe delivery. Some companies will simply leave your gun safe outside your home and you will have to find a way to get it into your home. They will call you to let you know before they leave it unattended. However, you may need help getting a large gun safe inside your home as they can be quite heavy. 

Professional gun safe movers will have the equipment needed to get your gun safe inside without damaging your floors or walls. They have specialized pallet jacks, dollies and other equipment to move them across your flooring. If you’ve ever moved a large gun safe, then you know just how hard they are to move. They can easily damage your flooring or knock holes in your wall if you’re not careful.

How to Open a Gun Safe

Gun safes come with multiple ways to open them. From fingerprint scanners, keys, combinations and RFID bracelets; there are tons of ways to access your firearms. Combination lock safes are the hardest to open out of all options, but gets easier with practice. 

Here’s a quick refresher on how to open combination gun safes:

  1. Turn to the left for 1st number, 4 times
  2. Turn to the right for 2nd number, 3 times
  3. Turn to the left for 3rd number, 2 times
  4. Turn right to Stop
  5. Turn the safe handle to unlock

How Much Do Gun Safes Weigh

Gun safes are heavy and that’s a good thing. They are made from thick steel to protect your valuables from theft, water and fire. Small home safes are easy to move around the house, but full-size safes take a little more muscle to budge. 

Basic home gun safes usually weigh from 250 pounds to around 600 pounds easily. The larger and deeper models can range from 1,000 to 1,500 and professional-grade gun safes can go up to nearly 5,000 pounds. 

Most home gun safes fall into the mid-range and can be moved with 2 people. However, you want to make sure you don’t damage your flooring by dragging a gun safe across the floor. Carefully choose the location before attempting to move.

Should I Bolt My Gun Safe Down?

If you’re concerned about securing your gun safe, you always have the option to bolt it to the ground. In fact, it’s highly recommended by security experts that you bolt-down your gun safe to the floor. Find a gun safe that allows you to bolt it down from the inside so someone can’t simply remove the bolts. Most large gun safes come equipped with pre-drilled holes for installation. 

Bolting down your gun safe increases its effectiveness in preventing theft of your firearms. Thieves can push over your safe and drag it out the door if you don’t bolt it down. They can also tip your gun safe on its side and use their body weight to break open the door. You can’t get enough leverage to pry open the door if it’s standing upright. Burglars can also use a commercial size dolly to remove your gun safe and spend as much time as needed breaking into it.

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