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7 Best Gun Socks of 2022

Allen Company rifle and shotgun sock

Gun Socks

Gun socks are a great way to protect your firearms and prevent rust. You can use gun socks on rifles, shotguns and handguns with or without scopes to make them last longer. Gun socks provide additional protection when you store guns in your gun safe. You likely spend a lot of money on your firearms so it’s a good idea to do everything you can to keep them working and looking good for a long time. 

The best gun socks don’t hold moisture, prevent rust and keep other harmful substances from making contact with your guns. Many feature a drawstring closure to cinch them up when transporting or storing in a gun safe. 

Your firearms will look new longer and will be protected from dust, dirt, scratches, rust and other harmful substances that can harm your guns. Most gun socks even come with a label so you can ID your guns. 

Gun Sleeve

The terms gun sleeve and gun sock can be used interchangeably. They both refer to products that slip over your guns to protect them and keep them working longer while you store them.

What is a Gun Sock?

A gun sock is a great way to give your guns extra protection while in transit or in your gun safe. Many people use a silicone gun sock for long term storage and to keep their guns from rust. You can even use them inside a hard gun case to give your prized firearms even more security and protection. 

Why Use a Gun Sock?

A high-quality gun sock will prevent gun degradation, reduce the chance of rust buildup and prevent scratches. Firearms are tools and must be taken care of to get the best from them. A gun sock goes hand-in-hand with gun cases and gun safes to make your firearms perform their best. 

Rifle Sock

A rifle sock is a gun sock that’s designed to fit over your rifle. They’re longer than pistol socks and give you adequate coverage for your rifle or shotgun. You can use a rifle sock to store your rifles long-term to keep them clean and working longer. 

Gun Sock for Scoped Rifle

A gun sock for a scoped rifle is designed to stretch enough to fit over your scope to ensure a proper fit. Most rifle gun socks are large enough for scoped rifles as well, but you want to make sure before choosing one. 

Gun Sock Bulk Pack

As with anything, you can save money by purchasing a gun sock bulk pack. Most packs come with enough gun socks to cover a handful of rifles, shotguns and pistols or you can get a gun sock bulk back that covers one type of gun. 

There are a ton of gun sock manufacturers, here are the best: 

Allen Company Knit Gun Sock for Rifle/Shotgun

The Allen gun sock does a great job at keeping your rifles or shotguns clean, protected and in good condition when you store or travel with them. It’s silicone treated and helps prevent rust to your firearms. This gun sock measures 52” and will fit most firearms up to 50” with or without a scope. The drawstring closure secures your gun and allows you to transport it without issues. It’s made tough and keeps moisture away. 

You save money by buying a gun sock bulk pack and the Allen gun sock comes in single, 3-pack or 6-pack options. They come with a custom name tag so you can easily identify your gun which is especially helpful when you have multiple guns. This gun sock is one of the best you will find for the price. 

We like the Allen gun sock because it’s silicone treated to prevent rust, has custom name tags and you can buy gun socks in bulk to save money in the long run. 

Arcturus Silicone Treated Gun Socks for Rifles 

The Arcturus gun sock is specially designed for tactical rifles with big scopes and pistol grips. It measures 47” x 6” and can stretch to fit. The silicone treatment prevents the fabric from absorbing moisture to keep your rifles healthy and ready to shoot. 

You can buy the Arcturus gun sock in a 2-pack or 4-pack option depending on how many you need. You spend a lot of money on your firearms and a gun sock can help you protect your investment. 

We like the Arcturus gun and rifle sock because it does a great job at providing extra protection to your rifles. 

Flyfan Silicone Gun Sock 4-Pack

Flyfan makes great gun socks that are made of silicone and can fit nearly any rifle or shotgun you could own. These are extra-wide and measure 52 x 4.5” to fit a wide variety of firearms. They even fit rifles with scopes as well as tactical rifles that have more attachments such as oversized scopes or pistol grips. 

Firearms easily slide into these gun socks and they have a flexible drawstring closure for easy use. They provide additional protection while you transport your firearms or while storing them in your gun safe. Simply fold them up when not used to store in a bag or pocket. Silicone gun socks do an amazing job at keeping away moisture, scratches, rust and bumps while storing or transporting your firearms. We like the Flyfan gun socks because they’re made from high-quality materials and do exactly what they say they will.

Ruby-Q Handgun Socks 

The Ruby-Q handgun socks do a great job at protecting your handguns while in transit or in storage. This set comes with 5 gun socks for pistols each with a different color to help tell your handguns apart. These measure 16” x 4” and are extra wide for large handguns. You can stretch to fit due to their elasticity. 

Ruby-Q gun socks for pistols are made from silicone-treated polyester to keep your guns safe from rust and other harmful substances. They’re easy to use and the handgun sock secures tightly with the drawstring closure. You can store these gun socks for handguns pretty much anywhere due to their size and flexible fabric. 

Guguluza 5-Pack Silicone Treated Gun Socks

The Guguluza gun sock features a silicone treatment that protects your rifles and shotguns while storing or transporting them. You can use these in your gun safe, gun case or when you transport them in your vehicle. 

This rifle or shotgun sock does a great job at fully covering your firearms and each measure 54” x 4” and are a few inches longer than other gun sock brands. You get 5 different colors which is a great way to differentiate your firearms so you can tell them apart. Buying gun socks in bulk saves money and allows you to protect all of your guns. You probably won’t find this gun sock in Walmart or other stores, but can find it on Amazon. 

We like the Guguluza gun socks because they are durable, silicone treated, various colors for firearm ID and you get gun socks in bulk. 

Junsen Gun Sock Bulk Pack (6 Pieces)

The Junsen gun sock bulk pack is a great deal for anyone with multiple firearms that they want to protect. They measure 54” long and can be stretched up to 10” wide. This rifle and shotgun sock pack comes with 6 pieces and can fit over most rifles and shotguns with or without scopes. The fabric protects your firearms and repels moisture and other harmful substances. 

These gun socks each have a handy drawstring to ensure proper fit and to keep it from slipping out of the opening. The Junsen gun socks make it easy to protect your rifles and shotguns while traveling or on a hunting trip where you want a little extra protection. 

We like this Junsen gun sock bulk pack because you get 6 different colors, they’re easy to stretch and fit most rifles and shotguns. They make a great addition to your gun accessories. 

Guguluza Pistol Socks for Handguns

The Guguluza pistol socks for handguns come in multiple colors and various amounts depending on how many you need. These gun socks for pistols are a little thicker than other brands and have plenty of elasticity to fit most handguns. They do a good job at keeping your handguns safe from scratches, bumps and knocks while traveling or during storage. 

The drawstring closure makes these much easier to use and you can roll them up when you’re not using them to save space. You can get these gun socks in bulk to save time and money and they have a multi-color pack for those who want a different color for each gun. 

We like the Guguluza gun socks for pistols because the material is good and they cover most handguns. 

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