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6 Best Hunting Safety Harness of 2022

best safety harness for tree stand hunting

A treestand safety harness is an important piece of hunting gear that can save your life. Many hunters have been seriously injured and even killed by falling out of their tree stands. Unfortunately, it happens every single hunting season. You probably have a hunting buddy that’s fallen out of a tree on at least one occasion. 

Treestand hunting requires incredible patience and proper safety equipment. Anything can happen while you’re in a tree stand. Trees are incredibly unpredictable – you may think you have a steady grasp, but you never truly know. One wrong move can cause you to break a leg or worse. 

Hunter safety systems have been around for ages, but are getting more popular due to higher quality. Treestand hunting harnesses are the best way to ensure you have a safe hunt and avoid injuries climbing and descending from your treestand. 

Treestand harnesses can be worn all season either under or over your clothes. These harnesses are super lightweight and designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day. 

This is Why You Need a Hunter Safety Harness:

  1. They help you avoid serious injury from falling out of your treestand. 
  2. Hunter safety harnesses are easy to use and can be worn under your clothes if needed.
  3. Your climbing treestand could fail. 

Here are our favorite treestand harnesses: 

Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Harness

The X-1 bowhunter harness by Hunter Safety Systems is one of the best treestand harnesses on the market. It’s lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. It’s perfect for all-season hunting and only weighs 2.5 lbs. and won’t add extra weight to your hunting gear. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have dangling straps that can be a hazard when you’re in a tree. 

This is a quiet hunter safety harness that won’t make any sound even when it’s freezing outside. It can be worn over your clothes or under your winter gear. This set comes with the harness, suspension relief strap, instructions and a DVD for more information. This treestand safety harness comes in sizes ranging from small to 3X. 

We like this treestand safety harness because it’s made from high-quality materials, it’s affordable and lightweight. It also has stellar reviews from hunters who have used it for years. This treestand hunting harness could literally save your life. 

Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness with Scent Control Technology

The Pro-Series treestand harness by Hunter Safety System has been called the best harness by hunters that have used it in the field. It’s comfortable and gives you extra protection while sitting in a deer stand. It’s been treated with scent control technology that destroys your human scent so it’s not picked up by deer or other game. In fact, every single fiber of this treestand harness has been treated and heat-infused into the materials. 

This treestand safety harness has multiple features that other harnesses don’t have such as a USB port so you can charge your devices on the stand. I know a lot of hunters think you shouldn’t bring electronics in the deer stand, but sometimes you may want a cell phone with you. You can simply connect a USB battery pack. 

You get 8 pockets on this harness which gives you quick access to important gear. It also comes with binocular and accessory straps so you can attach even more gear. We like this treestand safety harness because it’s comfortable, has tons of pockets for hunting gear and it’s affordable. 

Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Treestand Harness

This is the lightest treestand safety harness on the market. You won’t even know you’re wearing it until you need it. This safety harness is incredibly flexible and has a mesh upper body that creates a super comfortable fit that still allows you to move as much as you need to. The waist buckle is high-quality and the tether is shock absorbing. 

The Ultra-Light Harness by Hunter Safety System will cover your scent with the ElimiShield Hunt scent control technology. It’s heat-fused into the harness itself and will last forever. It utilizes Realtree X-Tra Camouflage that will help you blend in with your surroundings. 

This harness kit comes with the harness, adjustable strap, suspension relief or deer drag setup, lineman’s climbing strap for additional safety and a handy DVD that will teach you how to use this harness. We like this treestand safety harness because it’s the lightest harness you can buy and it has tons of helpful safety features. 

Muddy Magnum Pro Climbing Harness 

The Muddy Magnum Pro treestand climbing harness is a simple, yet effective design that will keep you safe in the tree. It features padded nylon for comfort and is lightweight. The cam leg buckles are easy to use and Lineman’s belt gives you additional security. 

This climbing harness is adjustable and will fit large hunters. It can be worn over your base layer during the winter or outside your clothes. This treestand climbing harness can protect you from a life-changing fall. 

Summit Treestands Pro Safety Harness

Summit makes great hunting gear and their Pro Safety Harness is one of the best! This treestand harness will keep you safe and comfortable. It’s designed with high-quality materials and can support up to 300 lbs. It features quick-release buckles so you can remove it easily. 

You have plenty of ways to customize this hunter safety harness through attachments. The Summit Pro treestand harness features a MOLLE design that’s military-inspired and allows you to carry more tools and hunting accessories with your harness. It’s up to you to find the best way to customize it. The padding adds an extra layer of comfort. You need to be comfortable if you’re sitting in a treestand for hours at a time. This hunter’s safety harness comes in two sizes and will fit most hunters. 

We like this treestand safety harness because the design is comfortable and perfect for customizing it exactly how you want it. The MOLLE design is a nice touch that’s extremely useful. 

Hunter Safety System RT Hybrid Treestand Safety Harness

The RT Hybrid treestand harness by Hunter Safety System is packed with features that make it one of the best choices for harnesses. It features a mesh upper body that fits great and makes the harness lightweight enough that you won’t feel it. It comes with plenty of pockets for extra gear or electronics and bino straps. This safety harness is extremely easy to put on and the tether strap is long enough for you to sit or stand in your treestand. 

This hunter’s safety harness features ElimiShield scent control which blocks your natural scent so that game won’t smell you. The scent control will last for the life of the harness because it’s inside every single fiber and not just sprayed on. 

You get the hunter safety harness, suspension relief strap, adjustable tree strap, Lineman’s climbing strap and instructions. We like this treestand safety harness because it gives you the best of both worlds: lightweight features with plenty of pockets. 

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