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6 Best Kneeboards of 2022

best kneeboard for tricks

Kneeboards are a great way to add a little extra fun to your trip to the beach or lake. They’re perfect for both kids and adults and are super easy to use. You can use them for waterboarding, knee surfing and catching waves. Not only are they a great accessory to your beach toys, but they can also be used on a rushing river. 

The best kneeboards on the market are lightweight, tough and equipped with a safety strap to keep you on your board. You can’t go wrong with them if you want to add a fun activity to your trip. 

A good kneeboard can provide hours of fun on rivers, oceans and lakes for the entire family. The form-fitting knee slots can fit children to adults of all ages. There are tons of kneeboard brands and designs, so it may be tough to choose the right board for your next outing. We’ve compiled a list of the best kneeboards for all users in an easy to read list to help you make an educated purchasing decision. 

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SereneLife Kneeboard

The SereneLife kneeboard is one of the best selling sport kneeboards on the market. They’re designed to be used in rivers, oceans and lakes with swift moving water. Adults and children can use this kneeboard and it’s easy to use with a little practice. This is an ultra-lightweight kneeboard that weighs under 9 lbs and won’t weigh you down. It comes with an adjustable safety strap that keeps you on the board and platform base is stable and easy to balance. 

SereneLife kneeboards measure 20” and 50” long and are the perfect size for adults, teenagers and children. They’re wide enough to practice your balance on the water and are thick enough to handle all types of water. 

We like this kneeboard because it’s easy to use, has safety features and is big enough for all users. 

Leader Accessories Kneeboard 

The Leader Accessories Kneeboard is extremely durable and can handle waves with ease. Designed from ¾” EVA foam padding, it gives you exceptional comfort on the water and has amazing stability! It features an integrated hook which makes this a great beginner kneeboard that is easy to learn how to use. The padded adjustable strap measures 3” and is comfortable. This kneeboard has deep knee wells which helps keep you secure while riding waves. 

We like this kneeboard by Leader Accessories because it’s extremely tough, designed for comfort and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Maxflo Kneeboard with Integrated Hook for kids & Adults

The Maxflo is an aerodynamic kneeboard that’s perfect for catching waves and having fun on the water. Weighing only 9 lbs, this kneeboard is easy to transport to the water. It comes with an adjustable strap that’s tough and provides enough padding for your comfort. The pad is contoured and fits your knees better than most kneeboards and it’s made from corrosion proof materials. 

This kneeboard measures 20” wide by 50” long and is a great size for adults and children. It’s made with reinforced polyurethane and is both corrosion and water-resistant which makes it perfect for long-term use. We like this kneeboard for use on lakes and oceans because it has a thin profile that makes it easy to maneuver and it’s built tough enough to handle rough waves.

Xspec Kneeboard with Hook Strap

Xspec makes a great kneeboard that can be used by all ages. It weighs 11 pounds and measures 50” long and 20” wide. It’s a sturdy board that can hold approximately 250 pounds safely. The interior is filled with foam which makes it stronger and more comfortable and the polyurethane exterior is designed from high-density materials that will last a long time and can take a beating. The padded belt is easily adjustable and keeps you in control while doing tricks or steering. 

The Xspec is the perfect blend between wakeboard and water ski that can be used in all types of water. The design keeps you comfortable and allows you to do tricks if that’s your thing. We like this kneeboard because it has a tough construction and the materials will last a long time. It also has stellar ratings from people who have used it long-term. 

O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook

The O’Brien Voodoo is a great kneeboard for beginner to intermediate users. It has molded fins on each corner that gives you extra control and a curved button that lets you roll into quick transitions without breaking a sweat. It has a thick pad that makes sitting on your knees as comfortable as possible and a 3” thick strap to keep you in control and secure. 

The molded-in hook allows you to do hands-free starts and is perfect for users with some experience as well as complete beginners. This is one of those kneeboards that kids can learn on and adults can attack waves aggressively. You’ll be glad you bought this kneeboard. 

Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard

The Havoc is a great choice for an all-around kneeboard. It can be used by adults and children and has a thin profile design that allows for better maneuverability. The knee wells are deep and comfortable and the hydro hook helps you get up every time. You can cut hard with this board due to its design and can even do tricks. It’s lightweight and responsive on the water. 

We like this kneeboard because it is easy to use and is great for beginners and intermediate riders. You’ll be able to do tricks within a few minutes on this board with some practice. 

Kneeboard Buyer’s Guide + FAQ

How Do I Choose a Kneeboard?

You may be wondering how to choose the best kneeboard out of the hundreds of available options. There are recreational boards and competitive boards. The main difference is that recreational boards are easier to use and provide more buoyancy than competitive boards. Competitive boards are mainly used by advanced riders. 

There are different board types that you should be aware of while choosing the best kneeboard: slalom boards and trick boards. Slalom boards are designed with sharper edges so you can turn and hold and trick boards have round bottoms and round edges so you can do tricks easier. 

You also have choices such as the materials your kneeboard is made from and whether or not you use fins and rockers. Next, you have to choose your rope. Kneeboarding often requires stiffer ropes than skiing so you can do tricks on your board. You can choose from no-stretch, multi-purpose, low-stretch and other types of kneeboarding ropes. 

Are All Kneeboards the Same?

There are two main styles of kneeboards: slalom boards and trick boards. It depends on what you intend to use the kneeboard for as to which one you should choose. You can also choose from various designs, lengths and brands. 

Should Kneeboards Have Fins?

You can purchase a kneeboard with or without fins. Round edged kneeboards are better for performing tricks and may come with fins on the bottom so you can turn easier. Many recreational boards have fins attached to the bottom of the kneeboard, but you don’t have to use fins. 

Is There a Weight Limit on Kneeboards?

While there is no weight limit for kneeboarding, you will have to check each kneeboard to see how much weight they can safely hold. 

How Much Does a Kneeboard Weigh?

Kneeboards are made from lightweight materials and are easy to carry. Most kneeboards weigh between 9 to 15 pounds depending on their build. 

What is the Best Kneeboard for Beginners?

Anyone can become good at kneeboarding with a little practice. There are tons of videos that teach you how to kneeboard properly on your first attempt or you can simply jump on and give it a try! We think the best kneeboards for beginners are the SereneLife Kneeboard and Leader Accessories Kneeboard. They are both dependable boards that are easy to use.

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