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7 Best Multi-Pistol Case with Foam Inserts of 2022

Case Club hard case for pistols

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 14, 2022

Transporting your pistols can be a nerve wracking experience unless you have a safe way to carry them. Most people bring more than one firearm to the shooting range and need a pistol case that will hold multiple pistols. 

We suggest using a hard pistol case with foam inserts to adequately protect your firearms. Hard pistol cases do an amazing job at securing your handguns and ensuring that they stay safe and out of harm’s way. Hard pistol cases are waterproof, and dustproof and feature pressure release valves that are built into the case itself. 

Hard Pistol Case 

The best hard pistol cases also feature foam inserts to provide an additional layer of protection. Most foam inserts are pre-cut and will accommodate all sizes of pistols, both compact and subcompact. Most hard pistol cases have adjustable foam inserts that allow you to customize your case to fit your unique assortment of pistols. You will also want to make sure your pistols are able to be stored in a quick draw position that allows you to easily grab them by their grip and handle them safely right out of the case. 

Multiple Pistol Hard Case

Multiple pistol hard cases are perfect for those who want to transport more than one handgun in a tough protective case. They feature interior foam that protects your pistols and a tough exterior that keeps them secure and safe. Many multiple pistol hard cases come with wheels to make them easier to transport. 

There are two factors you need for the best hard pistol cases: 

  1. it must protect your pistols from outside bumps, scrapes and environmental factors; and
  2. It must protect your pistols from the inside with foam.

Here are 3 Reasons to Own a Multi-Handgun Carry Case:

  1. You can safely transport multiple pistols in one case.
  2. The hard exterior and foam interior secure and protects your pistols from damage.
  3. You can bring a variety of handguns to the shooting range for practice. 

There are countless hard pistol cases with foam on the market. Here are the best:

Case Club 6 Pistol and 21 Magazine Heavy-Duty Case

The Case Club 6 pistol hard case comes with everything you need to adequately protect your handguns. It’s large enough to hold up to 6 pistols plus 21 magazines. The hard case itself is 100% waterproof and dustproof which really comes in handy when transporting your guns. You never really know what type of conditions you will subject your gear to once you load it, so it’s good to have the assurance that they will be protected. 

This hard pistol case features a specially designed silica gel canister that absorbs moisture and will help prevent gun rust. The hard case exterior is extremely durable and made with stainless steel hardware. It can withstand rust and corrosion from outside elements and is completely waterproof. You can even submerge this case and there will be no water penetration. It also keeps out dust which can harm your pistols if left unchecked. 

The hinge pin is stainless steel and tough and you get two padlock points to keep out unauthorized users. The manual purge valve is easy to use. This case is 100% shippable and airline-approved for TSA luggage. The interior foam features adjustment blocks that allow you to fully customize your pistol case to ensure your guns are safe and secure. 

The Case Club is a great multi-gun case for pistols with customizable foam inserts because it does an amazing job at protecting your pistols and magazines. 

Casematix 18” Multi-Gun Case for Pistols with Thick Customizable Foam

The Casematix is a great hard case for pistols and features a crush-proof carrying case that’s tough enough for any trip. It’s made from impact-resistant polymer composite plastic that will protect your pistols from bumps, drops and knocks that would damage your guns. It’s waterproof and has an airtight design that will keep out water, dust and other environmental factors that can harm your pistols. 

The interior foam is thick enough to absorb shock and will cradle up to six pistols and their accessories and keep them safe. The foam is 3” thick and is customizable and will fit your individual pistol collection and magazines. It also has padlock rings for additional security when traveling. You definitely don’t want someone opening your pistol case without your permission. 

We like the Casematix multi-pistol case with foam inserts because it’s super tough and the foam is thick enough to secure your pistol collection. 

My CaseBuilder 10 Pistol 20 Magazine Doro Wheeled Gun Case with Foam Inserts

The My Case Builder is one of the best large-capacity wheeled pistol cases you will find. You can safely secure up to 10 pistols and 20 magazines in a hard case that’s impact-resistant, crush-resistant and waterproof. The foam is military-grade and super-high density. You can easily adjust the foam to fit your collection and ensure that all of your pistols and magazines have the perfect fit. 

You would think this wheeled pistol case is heavy, but it’s not. The lightweight materials are extremely strong. The case itself is a heavy-duty injection mold that will protect your pistols from just about anything. The wheels are a nice touch, especially if you have to carry other gear. This multi-pistol hard case is TSA-approved for flying. You get dual padlock holes for secure travel and a built-in auto pressure relief valve. 

This multi-pistol hard case with wheels allows you to carry a large selection of pistols to the gun range or simply for traveling. 

HQ ISSUE Handgun Carry Case (Flat Dark Earth)

The HQ ISSUE handgun carry case is a great way to carry multiple handguns at once. Multi-gun carry cases make it easy to bring a variety of handguns to the shooting range or when traveling. This sturdy pistol carry case is designed from rugged materials with a hard exterior and internal customizable foam padding that will secure your guns and protect them from bumps and drops. 

This multiple handgun carry case can also hold a few magazines to keep your gear organized. The HQ ISSUE case is water-resistant and is O-ring sealed to keep other impurities away from your handguns and ammo. It features a manual valve that does an amazing job at balancing pressure inside your case and keeping water from entering. You can lock this pistol case by using the 2 padlock tabs. 

We like this handgun carry case for anyone that routinely transports multiple handguns either to the gun range or on a trip.

Case Club 10 Pistol Pre-Cut Waterproof Gun Case

The Case Club 10 pistol and 20 magazines multi-pistol gun case are some of the best on the market. The case is 100% waterproof and dustproof and does an amazing job at keeping particles and water from touching your guns. While this multi-gun hard case for pistols doesn’t feature interior foam, it has closed-cell polyethylene that will keep your guns in place while you transport them or travel. 

The interior section is molded into one solid piece that you can remove. This is a large case that gives you plenty of room inside between your pistols so that they will never come into contact with each other, even if you drop or bump your case. The latches are big and easy to use and the foam is firm and will keep your gear in place. 

The Case Club large pistol case is a great choice for anyone that transports up to 10 pistols and 20 magazines and wants more protection. 

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Multi-Pistol Case with Wheels 

Nanuk makes amazing pistol cases and their multi-pistol case with wheels is one of the best of its kind. You can secure up to six pistols with 2 magazines per gun in this hard case or you can reconfigure it to support 4 guns with accessories. You can customize it to fit your collection. The pre-cut foam provides excellent protection and secures your pistols in place.

The Nanuk 935 features the Power claw latching system that ensures your case will stay closed until you want it opened. It is waterproof Ip67 rated and will protect your guns from splashes, sprays and full submersion for a matter of time. In fact, this pistol case can be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes and it will still provide protection. 

This multi-pistol hard case is waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant to give you one of the toughest cases on the market. 

HQ Issue Multi-Handgun Case with Foam

The HQ Issue is a tough pistol case that will protect multiple guns. It’s made from tough materials that will last through heavy-duty use and abuse. It’s waterproof and dustproof and will keep out moisture to protect your guns. It has 2 padlock tabs so you can lock your case and pluckable foam that’s customizable and adds extra protection. 

Most users say they can’t even tell the difference between this case and Pelican cases. It’s rugged, tough and will secure multiple pistols and magazines. 

Case Club Waterproof 6 Revolver/Semi-Auto Case 

The Case Club hard case will secure up to 6 revolvers or semi-auto pistols. It features the closed-cell military-grade polyethylene material which many users believe is superior to ‘pluck and pull’ foam inserts. This case is TSA-approved, so you can travel anywhere with it. You can easily store as many as 6 revolvers that have a maximum length of 12 ¼”. 

This is a large hard case that’s extremely sturdy and will protect your revolvers while you transport them. The fit is nice and secure and will keep your revolvers safe. We like this case for revolvers because it’s made from high-quality materials and has the type of craftsmanship you would expect from Case Club.

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