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6 Best Pistol Racks of 2022

Pistol Rack

A pistol rack is a great way to organize and store your pistols for easy access. A good pistol rack will make your life easier and allow you to store your pistols with or without magazines. You can use pistol racks to organize your gun safe and create more space on your shelves. The materials are soft and won’t scratch your firearms. 

Pistol racks are great to help organize when you have multiple pistols due to the kydex dividers that are semi-rigid and keep your firearms separated. Most pistol racks also feature high-density foam that provides just enough cushioning between your firearms. Many designs also have a strong magnetic strip so you can attach to your gun safe, truck or even behind appliances such as a refrigerator. 

Pistol Rack for Gun Safe

A sturdy pistol rack is a great way to organize your pistols and create more space in your gun safe or other areas. You would be surprised at how much space a pistol rack can free up in your gun safe. You will be able to store additional gun supplies or ammo by using a pistol rack in your gun safe. These are incredibly lightweight and will protect your pistols for years. 

Gun Racks

Gun racks come in all shapes and sizes. They can help organize your rifles, shotguns and pistols. You can easily customize them to fit your gun safe or other areas where you store your firearms. Gun racks can help create more space and organize your gun safe. 

Here’s How a Pistol Rack Can Help: 

  1. Pistol racks help keep your pistols organized and ready to use. 
  2. They provide cushioning between your pistols to keep them from damaging each other. 
  3. Pistol racks are available in vertical or horizontal designs to give you more storage options. 
  4. They help keep your gun safe organized.

Here are the best pistol racks on the market:

BenchMaster Pistol Rack

BenchMaster makes great firearms accessories and their pistol rack is one of the best. It secures up to 8 pistols and you can store them with or without magazines. It can hold any caliber and helps keep your gun safe clean and organized. You will be able to find the pistol you’re looking for easily and quickly when you use a pistol rack. 

The BenchMaster pistol rack is lightweight and incredibly sturdy. It does a great job at keeping your pistols safe. It features Kydex and high-density foam that keeps your pistols in great shape and provides shock absorption and chemical resistance. 

We like the BenchMaster pistol rack because it’s sturdy, lightweight and holds 8 pistols. You know you’re getting a quality gun accessory from BenchMaster. 

Savior Equipment Pistol Rack

Savior Equipment makes one of the best pistol racks on the market. It comes in 2 configurations: 8 and 12 slots depending on how many handguns you wish to secure. This pistol rack also comes in multiple colors and does a great job organizing your gun safe and creating more space for other gun accessories. This pistol rack is tougher than other brands and features outer steel plates that hold the rack together. 

You can store plenty of handguns in this rack and it will fit most large pistols and still have room for accessories that you may want to store as well. Not only does this pistol rack have steel plates, but also features lightweight polymer plates that will keep your pistols separated and secure. They won’t bang against each other. You won’t need any tools to use this pistol rack and it’s super easy to install. 

We like the Savior Equipment pistol rack because it holds plenty of handguns and is designed to be tougher than most other pistol racks. 

Mind and Action Foam Pistol Rack

The Mind and Action pistol rack is made from high-quality foam materials that support your pistols and won’t scratch them. It’s made from closed cell, non-reaction foam that keeps your pistols clean and dry. It doesn’t interact with moisture, solvents or lubricants and keeps your guns from touching each other. 

50% Less Than Competitors

This pistol rack is lightweight and can hold anywhere from 1 to 6 handguns of various calibers and sizes. It’s a great way to organize your gun safe and keep your guns safe and healthy. It can even accommodate revolvers. If you’re unsure about using a pistol rack with dense closed-cell foam, just read some of the reviews and you will see that they don’t absorb oil, moisture and lubricants that can damage your guns over time. 

We like the Mind and Action foam pistol rack because it helps create extra space in your gun safe and keeps your pistols organized and secured. 

Adoreal Gun Rack for Pistols

The Adoreal pistol rack is a great choice for gun owners that want a more durable rack for their pistols. It’s stronger than basic foam pistol racks and won’t collapse. It easily holds 4 pistols and can accommodate various sizes and calibers. The gun slots measure 2” wide and will fit most pistols and large revolvers plus accessories. 

The exterior is made from steel plate that will protect your pistols and the interior is closed-cell foam that will protect your pistols from scratches. Closed-cell foam doesn’t absorb moisture or other liquids such as lubricants and will keep your guns clean. You can carry this pistol rack with the carrying handles to move your pistols to another location without removing them if needed. You don’t even have to assemble this pistol rack, it comes ready to go. 

We like the Adoreal pistol rack because it has a tough exterior and soft interior to protect and organize your pistols. 

BenchMaster Magnetic Pistol Rack

The BenchMaster magnetic pistol rack is a great way to store up to 2 pistols anywhere. This pistol rack features two large magnetic strips that can be used inside of your gun safe or any home appliance to hide pistols. It will accommodate any caliber pistols with or without magazines. This is a great way to organize your gun safe even further and it can be used with larger pistol racks to add additional storage space. 

This magnetic pistol rack is made from Kydex and high-density foam that is perfect for protecting your pistols. In fact, it won’t absorb any moisture and is resistant to chemicals that can damage your pistols. It’s lightweight and won’t collapse even if you store large pistols. 

We like the BenchMaster magnetic pistol rack because it gives you the perfect way to store two additional handguns anywhere in your gun safe or around the house. 

Mind and Action Deluxe Pistol Rack

The Mind and Action deluxe pistol rack is sturdy and makes a great addition to your gun safe accessories. It can store up to 4 handguns of various sizes such as full-size pistols, handguns and revolvers. It features wood barrel rests with carpeted surfaces to protect your pistols and to keep them separate from each other. It even has some leather to add more protection. 

This is a great way to add more depth to your gun safe. You can store them neatly on a shelf and free up tons of space for other gun accessories or ammo. You can even store the magazines below this pistol rack for even more organization. 

We like the Mind and Action deluxe handgun rack because it’s made from nice materials and allows you to organize your gun safe and free up much-needed space. 

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