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6 Best Pop-Up Privacy Tents of 2022

best camp shower tent

Privacy pop-up tents are a convenient way to provide extra privacy when you need it. They’re easy to use and perfect for camping, spending time at the lake or even hiking. Privacy pop-up tents allow you to use as a bathroom, shower or change clothes without anyone even knowing. 

You’ve probably been at a campsite that didn’t have bathrooms/showers or you had to walk too far from camp to get privacy. Popup privacy tents fix that problem by allowing you to fully cover yourself with 100% privacy. 

Popup privacy tents are a great addition to your camping, hiking or RV gear because you never know when you or a friend will need extra privacy. These are also great for when you get caught in the rain and there’s no shelter in sight. 

Here are 3 Reasons To Own a Pop-Up Privacy Tent: 

  1. You never know when you or someone else may need some privacy. 
  2. Not all campsites have safe facilities.
  3. You can use them in situations other than camping. 

Here are the best pop-up privacy tents on the market:

Green Elephant Privacy Tent 

The Green Elephant pop-up privacy tent is easy to use and extremely convenient. You can create a private room in a matter of seconds. It has plenty of space and stands 6’ 10.7” tall and allows most people to stand up straight while showering, relieving themselves or changing clothes when you don’t want anyone watching. This pop-up privacy tent has plenty of inside space that allows you to move around. 

This is a tough pop-up privacy tent and comes equipped with 8 tent pegs and 4 guy lines to secure your tent and keep it standing in position while you do what you need to do. You can also use the included sandbags for additional security so that your privacy tent doesn’t go anywhere. 

This pop-up privacy tent isn’t just for hunters and campers and can be used as an emergency shelter when you need it most. We like this pop-up privacy tent because it’s rugged, comes with plenty of ways to secure it and it’s tall enough for most people to stand up. 

Anngrowy Pop-Up Privacy Tent 

The Anngrowy is a great choice for a privacy tent for a camping shower. It makes an on-the-spot privacy shelter and can be used around the camp, hiking or on the beach. It’s extra tall and can fit two people at the same time. It’s lightweight and super easy to carry. You won’t even notice the extra weight in your bag. 

This pop-up privacy tent is waterproof and has a rainfly to give you additional coverage. There’s nothing worse than trying to use the restroom and getting drenched in the rain. It’s made with 190T Oxford cloth that repels water and provides UPF 50+ for those extra hot days. 

You can fold this privacy tent to save space. Not only is it portable, but it’s 6’4” tall and will fit anyone. You can fully stand up and stretch your arms which makes it perfect for showering, using the restroom or simply changing clothes when you don’t want wandering eyes. 

We like the interior of this pop-up privacy tent. It has a showerhead lanyard, mesh storage pouches for shower items, a clothesline and a flashlight lanyard. You get tons of extras with this privacy tent. 

Rocklin Industry Pop-Up Privacy Tent

The Rocklin Industry is a large privacy tent that’s extra wide at the top to give you more room. It’s double-layered and provides privacy anywhere. The walls are designed to allow plenty of light for you to see and keep prying eyes from seeing inside. The fabric is water-resistant and will keep you dry during rain. 

This is a great privacy tent for people who need more space as it’s 6’8” tall with a 4’ x 4’ base so you can move around inside. The wires used in the construction of this privacy tent are more than 2x the strength of other pop-up tents. This makes it last longer and will collapse easier so you can store it with your gear. 

We like this pop-up privacy tent because it’s extra large and gives you plenty of space which includes extra room for your shoulders and upper body. 

Higherbird Pop-Up Shower Tent

The Higherbird pop-up privacy tent is perfect for when you need to take a shower or use the restroom and there isn’t one close to your location. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require complicated assembly. You simply carry it in your bag and pop it out when you need it. The windows provide plenty of ventilation at the sides and top while you shower or use the bathroom. It also features a zipper window that blocks pesky mosquitoes. 

The material is 190T high-density nylon that’s waterproof and provides UV protection. It also can retain heat when it’s cold outside. This is a great pop-up privacy tent to take camping or sporting events where you may need shelter. 

KingCamp Oversize Pop-Up Privacy Tent

The KingCamp pop-up privacy tent is the ultimate immediate shelter option. It’s large enough for 2 people and is easy to carry. It’s larger than most pop-up camp showers/bathrooms and gives you additional room to move around. It features a mesh roof with mesh side windows so that you don’t overheat and ensures that you have plenty of ventilation. The last thing you want is to sweat profusely while trying to change clothes or use the restroom. 

This extra-large pop-up privacy tent is sturdy and comes with 2 fiberglass poles, 4 drawstrings, 4 steel poles and 8 steel nails. It’s designed to be rugged and long-lasting and can accompany you on camping trips for years. It has a mesh floor that prevents water from soaking through and the polyester floor is designed for showering or simply changing your clothes. The fabric is 150D oxford fabric that’s waterproof and provides UV protection. 

We like this oversized pop-up privacy tent because you can comfortably shower, change clothes, use the restroom or get a break from the sun or cold wind. It’s huge, sturdy and can be used by 2 adults at the same time. 

Leader Accessories Pop-Up Shower Tent

Leader Accessories makes quality outdoor gear and their pop-up privacy tent is a great option. It comes equipped with 4 pull strings and 8 metal mounting stakes for additional strength and balance. It has a built-in entrance so you can easily get in and out with no hassle. You can shower, use the restroom and change clothes in an instant with this pop-up privacy tent. 

You get an interior hang rope to secure your towel when showering and a partial floor so the water can drain. We like this portable pop-up shelter because it’s easy to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

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