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12 Best Range Bags for Pistols 2022 Guide

smith & wesson gun range bag

Range bags are a necessary item if you go to the gun range. It takes a lot of gear to have a successful day of practice. You will likely be hauling gear back and forth a few times a week, so you need a great tactical backpack or range bag that can carry everything you need. This is true whether you’re a veteran of the gun range, or brand new to the scene. 

The best range bags will have adequate room for your choice of gun, ammo and gun accessories such as shooting glasses, ear protection and other essentials. Your range bag also needs to be able to keep you organized as you don’t want to always be searching for your gear.

You can take your range bag organization a step further and pack a few ammo bags to keep your rounds separate and easy to grab when you need them.  

There are literally hundreds of types and brands of range bags, so you will have some choices to make. For example, pistol range bags will be smaller and may come with multiple removable pistol pouches that can be helpful. Rifle bags will likely be able to transport a rifle plus a handgun or two plus plenty of room for ammo, weapon lights and flashlights

Here’s How a Gun Range Bag Can Help: 

  1. Range bags keep your firearms safe and secure while you transport them.
  2. You can carry more gear.
  3. They help keep your firearms, ammo and shooting accessories organized.
  4. They have plenty of pockets so you can bring ear protection, shooting glasses and extra gear for your friends that may not have everything they need.

This guide will help you choose the best range bags for the gun range, hunting or simply transporting your handguns.

Gun Range Bags Reviews:

Elite Survival Systems LOADOUT Range Bag

A range bag needs to be strong, sturdy and have plenty of space. That’s exactly what you get with the LOADOUT range bag. It’s incredibly tough and has substantial room to house multiple guns, an assortment of extra ammo and the tools you need to have a successful day at the range. Quality materials go a long way when designing a great range bag and the LOADOUT was designed with your range needs in mind. 

When choosing a range bag, you always want to make sure it has padding to protect your valuables. The LOADOUT features closed-cell foam padding that provides top-shelf support for your range gear. You never know where you will need to place your range bag and the LOADOUT has luggage rails on the bottom that gives you additional protection from uneven surfaces that would damage low-quality range bags. The removable dump pouch can be attached to your belt or another MOLLE configuration. Pockets make a trip to the range enjoyable and efficient and the LOADOUT has plenty. In fact, the front pocket is padded and will protect your items, the mag pouch can hold plenty of ammo magazines and the eyewear pouch will secure eye protection (which you should always be using anyway). The LOADOUT range bag is a great combination of precision, quality materials and efficiency. 

Osage River Tactical Range Bag 

The Osage River is one of the best tactical range bags on the market. It’s designed for transporting handguns to the gun range or for hunting. Made from 600D heavy duty ballistic nylon and is designed to protect your guns no matter what. You can take this range bag anywhere and know that your valuables are safe and secure. 

You get 9 compartments to help you store your gun accessories and ear protection. The padded dividers give you even more ways to organize your important gear inside the main compartment. You get 5 pockets with zippers that are exterior and easy to reach in a hurry. You can easily store extra ammo, magazines and other accessories that you need at the gun range. They even give you 2 pistol pouches that are removable just in case you want to bring them with you. 

The Osage River tactical range bag has a shoulder strap included and gives you an extra way to carry your range bag. You have 2 sizes to choose from: light duty which measures 13.5” x 10.5” x 7.5” and the standard size at 18” x 13” x 10” that can hold even more gear. We highly recommend this range bag for both transporting your guns and accessories to the gun range as well as hunting trips where you need a little more gear. 

Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag

Orca Tactical makes some of the best gun range bags you can find. This bag is perfect for handguns and can hold 3 or more with ease. It may look small, but has plenty of space and measures 16”L x 11”W x 9”H and can secure multiple guns, ammo, weapon lights and gun accessories. It’s tough and made to military-grade standards. This range bag is designed with 600D polyester material that’s tough and also features double stitching with extra reinforcements. It will get you through your mission in style! 

You never know what type of weather you will face when you take your guns out, so it’s a good thing this range bag is water resistant. We wouldn’t recommend you dunk it underwater, but it can help repel the occasional rain drops or splashes. It even features heavy-duty YKK zippers that are lockable. The wide handle provides a nice grip and you can use the shoulder strap for easy carry. Tactical gun range bags should be comfortable to carry and this is one of the best.

We highly recommend this range bag for those who demand rugged quality for their guns and accessories. 

Savior Equipment Specialist Series Range Bag

The build on this gun range bag is top-tier. It’s tough and won’t break even with heavy-duty use. Savior Equipment is well-known for making great handgun and rifle bags for trips to the gun range, hunting and traveling with your firearms. 

The stitching on this range bag is thick and strong and the padded interior pockets give your gear plenty of protection. It’s roomy and the exterior pocket is big enough for plenty of gear. You can fit ear protection and safety shooting glasses and still have plenty of room for other gun accessories. You can lock the zippers to keep unauthorized users out of your range bag.

We like the Savior Equipment Specialist Series Handgun Case because it’s made from rugged material, has plenty of interior and exterior pockets and comes from a trusted company. It’s one of our favorite handgun range bags.

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack makes a great gun range backpack that allows you to transport multiple handguns, and shooting equipment such as electronic earmuffs, ammo and more. You can secure up to 4 handguns in the interior foam and it can slide out so you can easily see your handguns. 

This gun range backpack is easy to keep organized due to the many pockets, storage spaces and a visual I.D. system that helps you ID your gear. It has a side pocket on each side that can secure up to 6 additional magazines each. You won’t have to worry about your gun range backpack getting wet because it comes equipped with a pull-out rain cover for those unpredictable rains. 

The G.P.S. Handgunner gun range backpack is one of the top choices for a bag that can handle everything. Many users love the fact that it features a vertical format so you can easily find the gear you’re looking for.

Exos Gun Range Bag

The Exos gun range bag is a tough bag that can hold plenty of gear and comes in multiple colors for men and women. It’s made with heavy-duty 600 Denier Polyester that’s both tough and weather resistant. You never know what you will encounter while transporting your firearms, so it’s a good idea to use a strong bag that can handle it. 

One thing we like about this gun range bag are the number of pockets and pouches it has. You can fit a lot of gear in this range bag and it even has exterior MOLLE webbing to give you even more storage options. There are two Velcro loops for additional attachments and a dual-zippered Velcro opening. You get four outside pockets to organize your tools and gun range gear. 

This is a great gun range bag for those who want a bag with plenty of storage options both interior and exterior.

Kosse Tactical Gun Range Pistol Bag

The Kosse Gun Range Bag is fairly large measuring 16.9” x 9.84” x 9.84” and can hold multiple handguns, ammo, extra magazines, ear protection, shooting safety glasses and more. It’s water-resistant and extremely durable. You can take this pistol bag to the gun range or in the woods and it will perform to the highest standards. 

We like how this gun range bag has adjustable dividers so you can make it your own and organize how you prefer. Most people can secure 3-4 handguns in this bag and the extra padding will keep them safe. You get a front pocket, bottle holder and two pockets on the sides to give you even more space. We think this gun range bag is one of the best for the money. 

DBTAC Gun Case for Handguns

The DBTAC large range bag is a big gun bag that can handle 4+ handguns plus ammo, ear protection, shooting glasses and more. It has a padded shoulder strap for easy carry and it has plenty of interior and exterior pockets to satisfy all gun owners. You get 2 accessory dividers that are customizable, plus a handgun holster that’s designed to carry inside your tactical bag. The zippers are rugged and won’t drag. 

This pistol case bag has a 37L capacity and is made from tough 600D polyester fabric that won’t snag and will last for years. 

The Molle webbing strap gives you even more flexibility when it comes to storage. We like this pistol range bag because it secures more than 4 guns and can hold plenty of extra shooting accessories. 

Reebow Tactical Gun Range Bag for Pistols

You’ve probably heard of Reebow Tactical gear. They make some of the best bags for hiking, adventure and firearms. This pistol gun range bag is made tough and water-resistant because you need a bag that can handle the elements. It’s large enough for multiple handguns, shooting glasses, ear protection and extra ammo. You can remove the inner dividers to make this bag exactly how you need it. 

This gun range bag is a good size for those who like to bring extra gear. Most users can fit roughly 4 to 5 pistols if they don’t bring too much extra gear. We think this range bag is the perfect size for most users. 

Warriors Product Tactical Gun Range Bag 

The Warriors Product tactical gun range bag is perfect for transporting pistols, ammo, hunting gear and supplies when going to the gun range or a hunting trip. They’re also great for traveling due to the multiple storage areas and secure interior. 

This gun range bag comes in 4 different colors and is made from rugged 600D polyester fabric that won’t tear or wear out. It’s even water-resistant and can handle light rain while protecting your gear and guns. You get multiple interior pockets and compartments that are the perfect size for shooting equipment such as handguns, ammo, magazines, electronic earmuffs, shooting glasses and goggles and much more. 

The interior compartment features 2 removable partitions that allow you to fully customize your gun range bag exactly how you want it. Many photographers use this same bag to transport their expensive camera equipment because it has so many options. 

The included detachable internal tote can be used as an extra gear bag, lunch bag, day pack or to organize gear in your vehicle. This gun range bag is comfortable to carry and has a detachable shoulder strap. 

We like the Warriors Product tactical gun range bag because it has plenty of pockets for all of your shooting and hunting gear and makes a great travel bag for your handguns.

Smith & Wesson S&W Tactical Range Bag

The Smith & Wesson range bags are perfect for the gun range, hunting or simply transporting your guns. It’s made from extremely durable materials that are weather-resistant and can handle heavy use. It has plenty of pockets, an ammo bag that you can remove, tons of zippered side pockets and dividers. The shoulder strap is sturdy and wide which makes it more comfortable and the spring clip buckles allow you quick access to your gear. 

Large gun range bags really come in handy if you like to bring a lot of gear to the range or when traveling. You never know what you will need to bring with you, so it’s good to have extra space for essentials. 

Dsleaf Tactical Pistol Backpack 

The Dsleaf tactical pistol backpack holds up to 6 pistols plus 10 magazines and is the perfect gun range bag for those with multiple guns. This is also a great bag for hunting and transporting your handguns and ammo. 

Not only can you hold multiple handguns and ammo in this bag but it also has 3 pockets on the top for other shooting supplies and 5 inner dividers to keep you organized and ready to go. You also get 2 side pockets plus a drink holder that’s perfect for transporting electronic earmuffs or extra ammo. This is a tough gun range bag that can handle the daily stress of going to the gun range, camp or traveling. It’s made from heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching in the places you need. 

The Molle webbing is perfect for adding more attachments and to further organizing your gear the way you want to. The shoulder straps are comfortable and fully adjustable. You can even adjust the chest straps to fit anyone. 

We like the Dsleaf tactical pistol backpack because it has plenty of storage space, it’s made from tough material that will last and can hold up to 6 handguns and plenty of ammo.

Wincent Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns

The Wincent gun range bag is a heavy-duty bag that’s worth the money and will last for years. It’s perfect for multiple uses such as transporting guns to the shooting range, camp, hunting or traveling. It holds 30L and has exterior pockets and a front compartment with 6 magazine holders. You even get Molle webbing on the outside of this bag for even more options. 

This range bag will easily hold multiple handguns, tons of magazines, shooting earmuffs, goggles and more. We like this range bag because of the build and the many options it provides. 

G.P.S. Tactical Rolling Range Bag

The G.P.S. rolling range bag can secure an impressive 10 handguns! It has an interior foam cradle that fully secures and protects up to 6 pistols and 4 extra internal pockets where you can stash 4 more handguns. It’s easy to open and see all of your gear at the same time with the wide mouth top opening. You get plenty of storage space for guns, ammo, ear and eye protection and more. 

This is the gun range bag you want if you enjoy bringing a large amount of handguns to shoot. Multi-gun range bags have their place in most arsenals. The wheels are a nice addition and make it easy to transport. This is also a nice range bag if you routinely bring guns for others to practice. 

TideWe Tactical Range Backpack Bag

Gun range backpacks are a great way to free your arms while transporting your guns. The TideWe tactical range backpack is comfortable and the weight is spread out over your back so you can carry more gear. It features a thick padded back that’s breathable and a chest strap that secures your bag even more. This is a large gun bag that measures 18.5” x 9.45” x 19.7” and is big enough to carry multiple handguns, tools, shooting goggles, ear protection and more essential shooting accessories. 

This gun backpack is designed tough with 900D polyester fabric and has reinforced stitching where you need it. This gun range backpack will provide years of service. We like the hard molded glasses case on top of the bag which protects your shooting safety glasses from getting damaged during transport. Custom gun range bags are great to have as they give you plenty of ways to arrange them in the way that suits your needs.

Overall, the TideWe range backpack is a great tool to add to your arsenal. 

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