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The 7 Best RV Backup Cameras of 2022

large RV backup camera

RV Backup Camera

RV backup cameras are a great tool that adds to the safety of your RV. They’re easy to install and have tons of features that will make your camping trip safer for the whole family. RVs are large and can be cumbersome to maneuver. A great RV backup camera can not only assist with backing up, but can also double as a security system when you’re parked. 

There’s a good chance you will one day have to park your RV in the dark which is why many RV backup cameras utilize infrared night vision. They allow you to see better with less trouble. A great feature many RV cameras have is motion sensors that will automatically wake the display when triggered. 

RV Camera System

An RV camera system is an essential item for camping that can make a huge difference in your trip and comfort level. You can use an RV camera system for backing up into a campsite or to provide 24/7 recordings around your rig. A powerful RV camera system can show you what’s going on around your RV or camper during the day or at night. You can even download an app for many RV camera systems that allows you to see live video anytime even if you’re not by your RV. 

There are tons of RV camera systems on the market, here are the best: 

Furrion Vision S RV Backup System with Night Vision

The Furrion Vision S is a waterproof RV backup camera that features night vision to ensure you can see at all times. It features live streaming and a super-wide angle of view. The 7” touch screen is easy to use and gives you a clear picture that can support up to 4 cameras. Most RV owners want all-around coverage to adequately protect their RV and those around them. You can install the Furrion Vision S on the windshield or use the table mount. 

This particular RV camera can also be used for security. Many users wire this camera and use it as their RV security system when they’re parked. It’s a good idea to have cameras that cover your entire rig when camping in unknown places. It also has motion sensors that will turn on the sensor. It also has a microphone in the camera that comes in handy. You can’t go wrong with an RV backup camera by Furrion.

This RV camera system has a transmission range of 492 feet parked and up to 50 feet while traveling at fast speeds. The wireless technology gives you perfect and a live video feed that’s crystal clear. We like this RV backup camera system because it has tons of features that make your camping trip safer and more secure. 

Truckeela Super Large 10.1” Monitor RV Camera

The Truckeela makes one of the best 360 RV camera systems on the market. It’s top of our list for best RV backup camera due to the many useful features it comes with. It’s easy to install and has tons of options that will fit any RV owner’s needs. It features 4 split-screen for more angles, 4 channels that you can use and a 360-degree view that allows you to see everything around your rig. The video is HD and provides clear images that can help you navigate or record for documentation purposes. 

The 64GB SD card is built-in so you don’t have to worry about it and the DVR function allows loop recording. Basically, you can record non-stop and pull video when you need it. It even has the ability to rotate images and mirror image options. This is one of the most complete RV camera setups you will find and one of our favorites. 

DoHonest RV Backup Camera Wireless

The DoHonest RV backup camera is the perfect way to monitor your surroundings while using your RV or camper. It features a 7” HD touch screen that gives you crystal clear HD images that makes backing up safer and keeps you aware of what’s around you. You can record video via loop recording so you can use it as a dash camera. You can use an SD card to save evidence if something happens and you need to use it for court. 

This RV backup camera system has an upgraded night vision camera that allows you to see everything at all times. The split-screen is a great option and gives you the option to toggle between cameras to see all views of your RV. You can choose between a single image, 2 images and 4 split-screen images. 

You get an incredibly wide-angle with a 170-degree viewing angle of your front, back and sides. Not only is this RV backup security camera super tough, but it’s also IP69 waterproof and can handle bad weather. It also features a built-in wireless receiver with a transmitter. If you’re looking for the best backup camera for an RV, this is a great place to begin your search. 

We like the DoHonest RV backup camera system and security camera because it allows you to see everything happening around your RV or camper even at night.

Rohent Wireless RV Backup Camera

The Rohent RV camera is compatible with RVs, Fifth Wheels, large trucks, 18-wheelers and other large vehicles. The screen measures 7” and is clear. The antenna is specially designed to be up to 50% stronger than normal antennas and can reach up to 800 feet. You get 2 video inputs and the choice between viewing in single or split-screen modes. 

This is a great choice for campers that want the ability to have “eyes” all over their trailer. The waterproof camera is able to handle all weather types and extreme temperatures. You can use it in extremely hot climates as well as freezing cold temperatures and it will still give you perfect feedback. The RV camera will record as a continuous loop or you can use the manual operation. 

LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera for RV

The LeeKooLuu RV backup camera has everything you need to protect your RV and to assist in driving and parking. It’s IP69 waterproof and can withstand all types of bad weather, heat or freezing temperatures. The all-metal design is perfect for RVs. The touch button screen is easy to use and responsive and the FHD DVR system allows you to loop record. It can help you collect evidence when you need it for court. 

If you’re in the market for an RV & auto backup camera, this is a great option. We like the ease of use and the fact that it can support up to 4 cameras to give you the full picture of what’s going on around you. It even has night vision which comes in handy on those trips where you arrive later than expected. 

ZeroXClub 10” RV Backup Camera System

The ZeroXClub RV camera features a large monitor with 2 side view cameras and 2 rearview cameras to give you plenty of video coverage around your RV or trailer. You can record with a wide 170-degree angle to catch more activity. The monitor can display single, split and quad views to give you access to more blind spots. An RV rearview camera pays for itself with the security it gives you and your RV.

The camera itself is IP69 waterproof and can survive through rain, snow and temperature extremities. You can loop record continuously while driving or parked to ensure you capture everything happening around your RV. This is a great RV camera system for anyone that wants an additional layer of safety and security while camping. 

Amtifo A7 RV Backup Camera

The Amtifo HD RV camera features a large display that’s easy to use and connects to the wireless backup camera. It’s IP69 waterproof and has a strong signal that sends videos to the display for your viewing up to 825 feet in an open area. This monitor can support two cameras and allows you to see perfectly when backing up. It also lets you switch between the rearview and front view and has split-screen capabilities. 

This RV camera is user-friendly and anyone can install it. Simply attach the antenna and supply power to them. The camera can provide continuous recording and will rewrite over the memory card when it’s full. We like the fact that it’s an RV rearview camera with wireless capabilities. 

We like this RV backup camera because it works great, fits most campers’ needs and doesn’t cost a fortune. It also makes a great RV backup camera replacement if you need one in a hurry. 

RV Backup Camera FAQ

Is an RV Backup Camera Worth it? 

An RV backup camera is a great investment that makes camping and traveling easier and safer. They assist in backing up your rig and minimize your chances of backing into things. Installing an RV rearview camera can also help you see your children or other people’s children and pets that may wander behind you while backing up. 

You can also use RV camera systems for security purposes. Traveling can be dangerous and you never know who is around you in camping spots. The best RV backup camera systems will allow you to see all around your camper or RV and can even record 24/hour loops so you always know what’s going on around your property. 

You can get an RV backup camera with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities so you can easily view your surroundings. RV cameras also help with road safety while traveling. 

We think a good RV backup camera is well worth the money to give you extra safety, security and road awareness. 

Here are a Few Reasons to Own an RV Backup Camera:

RV Backup Cameras Can Save Money on Insurance Claims

It’s incredibly easy to hit something while backing up your RV or camper. A good RV backup camera can help you navigate and minimize your chances of causing damage to your camper or someone’s vehicle. RV backup camera systems can help you avoid accidents that can cost a small fortune to fix and cause your insurance rates to increase. 

RV Backup Cameras are Great for Security 

You can position your RV cameras to cover 360 degrees around your campsite. You never know who walks around your property while camping and RV cameras can let you see what’s around the area. They can also record incidents if someone damages or steals your property. Also, you may not want to go outside if you hear something or someone and an RV camera can help you see what’s really out there from the comfort of your RV or camper.

RV Backup Cameras Increase Road Awareness

RVs and campers are well-known for having blind spots. It can be tough to see all traffic while driving. An RV backup camera system can allow you to see more of the road and to monitor traffic. 

Backup Cameras for Campers

You can find backup cameras for campers, RVs, travel trailers and Fifth Wheels. Every type of trailer can benefit from having a backup camera to see where you’re going. It’s easy to back into things when you’re trying to get into a tight camping spot. 

Wireless Backup Trailer Camera

A wireless backup trailer camera can be fitted to any type of trailer and will give you peace of mind while backing up. You can install a wireless backup trailer camera on a live-stock trailer, hauling trailer and other types of trailers to ensure you back up safely and without incident. 

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