8 Best RV Chock Wheel Stabilizers of 2022

Camping in an RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel or camper is an incredibly fulfilling adventure. You can take them virtually anywhere, but you need the right equipment. RV wheel stabilizers keep your camper in place and will prevent it from rocking back and forth. This is important for solo campers, as well as families. The last thing you want is for your RV or camper trailer to rock back and forth and damage your stabilizers. 

Wheel stabilizers make your stay much more comfortable as you don’t feel like you’re on a boat rocking back and forth. Camper wheel chock stabilizer scissors are made with heavy-gauge steel that provides additional stabilization to your RV or camper by pressing force against the tires. You can use wheel chock stabilizers along with RV camper levelers to keep your camper level and secure. 

Wheel chock stabilizers work hand-in-hand with the wheel chocks that go behind your tires to give you a comfortable and safe camping experience. Keep in mind, these chock wheel stabilizers are not a parking device and are meant to be used as a stabilizer to keep your camper from rocking. You will still want to use chocks to keep your camper from rolling away. 

Here are the best RV camper wheel chock stabilizer scissors that will keep your rig from rocking back and forth: 

EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor

The EpoArtist RV wheel stabilizer is super easy to use and can be installed in seconds. It fits nearly all RV or camper wheels. It retracts from 3 ½” to 12” and has plenty of contact area for a good fit. This is one of those RV camping accessories that you want to be sure to have before you go camping. It keeps your RV wheels locked in place and will prevent rocking back and forth. 

If you’ve ever stayed in an RV, Fifth wheel or travel trailer that rocked with every movement, then you know how uncomfortable that can get, especially if you have a camper full of children. These camper wheel chock scissors are designed from heavy-gage steel with anti-slip grips that will ensure they lock into place. 

You don’t need a drill to install these RV wheel stabilizers. Simply use the included wrench to install or remove this device in 20 seconds or less. You get two wheel chock scissor stabilizers in each box and they only weigh 10 pounds. 

MaxChock X-Shaped Wheel Chock Stabilizers

The MaxChock wheel chock stabilizers are perfect for RVs, travel trailers, Fifth-wheel trailers, Class A Motorhomes and more. They’re made from heavy-gauge steel that’s sturdy and will last a long time. These are incredibly easy to install by using the included bit with your power drill. You don’t have to hand-crank anymore as these can be installed in seconds. 

If you’re interested in stopping your camper from rocking with every single movement, this is the way to go. We suggest bracing your wheels with these stabilizers while still using your behind-the-wheel chocks. This will stop your camper from moving back and forth. We like these wheel chock stabilizers because they’re easy to use with the included bit and they’re made from tough materials. 

Bal X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

The X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer is perfect for minimizing rocking in an RV or camper. Most campers will shift and jiggle when you walk around inside, but these will help. These are designed to work with traditional wheel chocks and not to be used as a replacement. These will stay in place better than cheap wedge chocks. 

We like the X-Chocks because they remove most of the bounce you experience in camper trailers. They can retract down to 1 ⅜” and expand up to 10” to fit nearly all tires. They also feature a rust preventive coating that will make them last longer. The included ratchet wrench makes the X-Chock wheel stabilizer easy to install in a matter of seconds. 

Sulythw RV Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor

This is a great pair of RV wheel chock stabilizers that are designed strong and will support nearly all types of campers. It’s made with steel and fits travel trailers, Fifth wheels, campers, Class A Moto Homes, toy haulers and more. They’re easy to use and can be installed extremely fast. All you have to do is use a wrench to spin the screw in the middle to secure. 

These chock wheel stabilizers will take care of the annoying back and forth movement your camper makes when someone walks inside. It not only makes it more comfortable, but safer. We like this pair of chock wheel stabilizers because they’re quick to install and easy to use. 

Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock for Campers

These super grip chock stabilizers by Ultra-Fab Products will completely remove the wobble your camper experiences when someone moves inside. This particular pair works well with axles that are close together or far apart. Some campers are designed with the wheels further apart, so you need a pair of chocks that can support them. 

You’ll notice a significant difference when you use these chocks with your wheel chocks. Just extend them to snug against your tires and you’re good to go. 

Xprite RV Camper Wheel Stabilizer

The Xprite X-type wheel stabilizers give your RV or camper additional support and prevent your tires from shifting. They push against your tires for a snug fit that will remove all sway from your camper. These are made from steel and feature an anti-rust coating that will extend their life and keep them working for years of travel. They extend from 2” all the way up to 10” and will fit most campers, RVs, trailers and more. 

This pair of X-type wheel chocks come with a stainless steel combination lock to keep anyone from removing them while you’re gone. They even come equipped with a built-in wrench design that makes installation quick. 

This is a great pair of RV wheel stabilizers that will eliminate the nauseating rocking motion in your camper. 

Mahler Gates X-Shaped Chock RV Wheel Stabilizer

The Mahler Gates chock wheel stabilizer is perfect for RVs, Fifth Wheels, campers and various trucks and trailers. They’re built to last and made from high-quality materials. The design is perfect for most trailers due to the multi fulcrum design. The stabilizer has multiple protruding beans that will create more friction and grab easier. The pads are fully adjustable and will fit between most tires to eliminate rocking and swaying. 

You can extend these RV chock stabilizers from 2” to 10” to fit most vehicles and trailers. The built-in wrench is a nice feature and you won’t need additional tools to install. 

Eazy2hD Camper RV Wheel Chocks

The Eazy2hD camper RV wheel chocks are durable and help keep your RV or camper stabilized. They open from 3” to 10” and will fit most RVs and campers. X-shaped chock wheel stabilizers are great to have because they’re easy to use and don’t require special tools to install. 

These RV wheel chocks feature anti-rust coating and can handle twice as much capacity as other wheel chocks. It comes with a foldable integrated wrench that really comes in handy, especially if you’re the type to misplace tools. RV wheel chocks work by applying opposing pressure to two tires to keep your RV or camper in place and to reduce swaying. 

The Eazy2hD RV wheel chocks feature a comfortable silicone sleeve handle that’s comfortable to use. You can easily change direction by pushing a valve and this wheel chock works much faster than other products. 

We like the Eazy2hD RV camper wheel chocks because they come in a pair and help keep your RV or camper stable and secure.

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