The 5 Best RV Slide-Out Support Jacks of 2022

Camco trailer slide-out support

RV slide-out supports help prevent strain on your RV or camper trailer by providing additional support where it’s needed most. Slide-outs provide extra room in your RV to make your camping trip more comfortable, but they can place extra unnecessary tension on your RV that can cause issues later on. 

The best RV slide-out supports are made from heavy-duty steel that can handle heavy weights for long periods of time. Most RV slide-out supports can hold upwards of 5,000 pounds and will fit any size slide-out to give you extra support. They’re adjustable and can fit your RV’s slide-out height, no matter the type of rig you own. 

Not only are RV slide-out supports easy to use, but they can increase the life of your RV by removing the extra strain on your RV. The extra stability they give you equals peace of mind knowing that your RV has additional support. 

RV slide-out supports are one of those essential items you need similar to an RV generator to ensure you have the best camping trip possible. 

Here’s Why You Need an RV Slide-Out Support:

  1. They relieve stress on your RV/Camper by supporting your slide-outs. 
  2. RV slide-out supports are super easy to use and you don’t have to install them.
  3. They can handle heavy weight and take the pressure from your slide-outs.
  4. You can adjust them to fit any RV or Camper slide-out. 

Here are the best RV slide-out supports on the market:

Camco 48866 EAZ LIFT Heavy-Duty Slide Out Support

The Camco EAZ LIFT slide-out support is one of the best on the market. They’re well-known around RV and camping circles as being super dependable and easy to use. They do an amazing job at protecting your slide-out mechanism on your RV or camper trailer. You can adjust it to fit your particular model as it adjusts from 19” to 47” tall. 

This is a heavy-duty piece of equipment and is made from rust-resistant steel that can support up to 5,000 pounds each. You won’t have to worry about your slide-outs with these heavy-duty support systems attached. You get 2 supports in a package and they are easy to store in your cargo box. 

We like the Camco slide-out supports because they’re rugged, easy to use and provide a great amount of support to any RV or camper. 

Dumble RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks Set

The Dumble RV slide-out stabilizer jacks come in a set of 2 and provide greater stability for your RV or camper. They lessen tension in crucial points and add more steadiness to your RV. They also help alleviate the rocking back and forth motions you feel when people walk around inside. These are made from heavy-duty steel with a zinc powder-coating that will last for years and help fight off corrosion and rust. You can store the Dumble RV stabilizers in your cargo box by simply folding the handle. 

These RV slide-out stabilizers are easy to install simply by lowering your jack all the way down and sliding it under your slide-out. Next you will use the handle to increase the height until it meets the RV slide-out support bars. These are great to use when you use your RV for weeks or months at a time to give you ultimate stability. You can even get the Dumble RV slide-out stabilizer jacks in multiple sizes such as 16-28”, 21-37” and 26-49” in height. 

We like these RV pull-out stabilizer jacks because they’re sturdy and perfect for long-term use. 

Weize Slide Out Support Jacks for RV, Camper and Travel Trailers

Weize slide-out support jacks are a great choice for RV owners who want to add extra stability to their rigs. These jacks will save tons of wear and tear by bracing your slide-outs where they need it the most. Many RV owners have found out the hard way that slide-out repairs can be expensive and can be avoided. You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about slide-outs sagging or causing damage to the rails. Thankfully, you can alleviate the issue with heavy-duty support jacks. 

The Weize RV slide-out support jacks come with 2 in a box and can each hold up to 4.700 pounds. Since RVs come in various sizes, you can adjust these jacks from 20.5” to 38.5” tall. You can use these on any type of ground because they resist sink-in that happens when the ground is damp or there was a recent rain. 

While there’s no assembly required, we suggest using leveling blocks to keep these jacks on an even surface. Also, be sure to not tighten them too much as that can cause damage also. They’re easy to install and use even if this is your first time using support jacks. 

We like the Weize RV slide-out jacks because they’re easy to use, adjustable and resist sinking into the ground. 

Libra RV Slide-Out Stabilizer Jacks

The Libra RV jacks can hold upwards of 5,000 pounds each and have proven themselves in the camping community. You get two in a box and they adjust from 16” to 28” tall to fit multiple makes and models. Use the same size socket for your stabilizers to install these in a matter of seconds. Remember, the goal is not to apply hard pressure, you simply want them tight enough so they don’t fall over. Overtightening these slide-out jacks can cause damage to your RV, but you will get it perfect with a little practice. 

You can choose from 3 different sizes to fit your individual rig the best way possible. You get 2 jacks and a crank handle and a ¾” socket. 

Weize RV Slide Out Support 20” to 48” 

The Weize heavy-duty RV slide-out support jacks can hold up to 5,000 pounds each and make a great addition to your RV support and stabilizing system. They’re made from rust-resistant steel that features a zinc powder-coating finish to make them last longer. They resist rust and can handle extended outdoor use. These are great for long-term camping use and will give your slide-outs the extra support they need to stay healthy. 

These jacks are easy to use and are meant to be snug, but be sure to not overtighten them as that can cause issues down the road. You get two per box and they measure 20” to 48” tall. We like the Weize RV and camper slide-out support jacks because they’re incredibly sturdy and add extra stability to your rig. 

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