Best Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses of 2022

best Bluetooth sunglasses

Smart sunglasses are a great way to listen to your music. They not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also have miniaturized speakers hidden in the temples that only you can hear. You can put smart sunglasses next to your ear, but can only really hear them while wearing your sunglasses.

You’d be surprised at just how rich and immersive the sound is that comes from these tiny speakers. It makes you feel like you’re surrounded by speakers. I was blown away the first time I tried them. Smart sunglasses with audio have Bluetooth capabilities and sync to your phone so you have no wires dangling from your ear. 

You can now discreetly listen to your music while still interacting with everything around you because they don’t close up your ears completely like headphones do. You can also adjust the volume without digging out your phone. Smart sunglasses allow you to move freely while listening to your favorite music. 

There are numerous smart sunglasses companies, but we’ve picked out the best in all categories. 

Bose Audio Sunglasses 

It should be no surprise that Bose Audio makes the best selling smart sunglasses on the market. These function as a great pair of sunglasses that blocks up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays to protect your eyes. They also have built-in Bose speakers in the temples that product amazing sound that you have to hear to believe. 

You wouldn’t believe how nice these sound just holding them. It’s when you put them over your ears that you realize just how great they sound. The open-ear audio makes it easier to be aware of your surroundings because you can still hear things around you, unlike many leading headphone brands. 

The Bose Audio Sunglasses look nice and have an angular shape that’s attractive. Don’t worry, the speakers don’t make a difference regarding fit. Plus, they make lenses in 2 sizes to fit your face. You can even use the microphone to take calls and access the virtual assistant on your smartphone. 

The Bose Connect app is worth a download as it allows you to personalize your setting and more. The battery will last approximately 12 hours when left on standby and 3.5 hours of continuous streaming. The Bluetooth range is worth mentioning, it goes up to 30 feet. 

Overall, the Bose Frames are one of the best smart audio sunglasses you will find. 

Bose Frames Tenor – Rectangular Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bose takes sunglasses to the next level with the Bose Frames Tenor. These have a modern look and pair polarized lenses with Bose Open Ear Audio Technology to give you the best sound possible. You can listen to music all day without anything in your ears. Headphones that go inside your ears can be uncomfortable and you always have that friend that wants to listen for a second and stuffs your earpiece in their ear. You don’t have to worry about that with audio sunglasses. You also have less chance of hearing damage by not using inner ear headphones. 

Bose Open Ear Audio is designed to produce the best possible sound while reducing what others can hear. You could literally listen to music in a library and no one will know. The Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses have a rectangular design with a high-gloss finish. They come with polarized lenses and you get up to 5.5 hours of play time. 

Bose Frames Soprano – Cat Eye Polarized with Bluetooth

Yes, they make them for women as well. The Bose Frames Soprano are designed for a smaller fit. These cat eye sunglasses are Bluetooth compatible and use a more retro style. The lenses are polarized and protect your eyes and block 99% UVA/UVB rays. Use them for up to 5.5 hours nonstop and they only take 1 hour to fully charge to be used again. 

These are our favorite women’s smart sunglasses with audio capabilities because they feature powerful speakers that can’t be heard by others and they’re specifically designed for the contours of the female face. You can use the Bose Connect App to explore even more features. 

Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Sunglasses 

Here are the sports sunglasses with audio you’ve been searching for. If you’ve noticed a trend, Bose makes the best audio sunglasses with Bluetooth. This model is for users who prefer a sporty look when choosing sunglasses. This version of Bose smart sunglasses have a more robust battery and can last upwards of 8 hours per charge versus other models at 5.5 hours. The few extra battery hours will come in handy on a fishing trip or hiking. 

The sport version of Bose smart sunglasses can be heard while running or cycling at speeds of 40 km/h which means they hit their target of making a sporty pair of audio sunglasses that can actually be used while training. These are made rugged with a TR-90 nylon frame and a mesh barrier lining ports to protect your speakers from water and other impurities. You can now train in rough environments without worrying about your Bluetooth sunglasses. 

We like the option to change out lenses. The Bose sport audio sunglasses ship to you with the classic mirrored black lenses, but you can change them out for the Road Orange or Trail Blue. You can also put your prescription lenses in these. 

We suggest the Bose Frames Tempo to those who enjoy a sportier design. 

OhO Audio Sunglasses with Bluetooth

Listen to your favorite and take phone calls with the open ear speaker sunglasses by OhO. The HD microphone produces high-quality sound and makes listening to music in public easier. You can stay aware of your surroundings and hear what’s going on around you even with the volume turned up. Also, you can increase or decrease volume without fumbling with your phone. 

You can get up to 10 hours of play time which is more than other brands of audio sunglasses. Connect your sunglasses to your phone to take calls and use Smart Assistant Technology to stay hands free. These sunglasses are built lightweight and won’t weigh you down. Featuring polarized lenses that give you full protection from the sun while maintaining great color. 

OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses with Open Ear Audio

OhO makes a great product and these audio sunglasses look amazing. They come in a handful of colors such as blue, red, brown and black on black. Bluetooth compatible and wireless audio to give you the best experience possible. You can use hands free calling with this model. The speakers sound great while talking on the phone as well as playing music. 

The ultra slim design with colored lenses make a great combination and stray from the all-black look that many Bluetooth audio sunglasses use. The sunglasses frames are made from flexible material so they can resist breaking and they’re lightweight. You can listen to your favorite music for approximately 5 hours while using the maximum volume level. 

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