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The 5 Best Solar Powered Outdoor Security Lights of 2022

AmeriTop solar powered motion detector home security lights

Solar-powered security lights are one of the best things you can do to protect your property. They light up large areas to alert you when someone walks into their perimeter. It also sends a message to would-be burglars, thieves or worse that you are prepared and their actions will be known. 

The best solar-powered security lights or floodlights use super bright LEDs to light up an area. They have smart motion sensors that detect movement within large spaces that you want to protect such as your home, business or camp. Most feature multiple adjustable heads that can cover any area and angles to ensure your property is well-lit. 

Solar-powered motion security lights are all-weather resistant and will protect your home for years. They can easily withstand bad weather such as heavy rain, wind gusts, snow and hail due to their IP65 waterproof rating that most security motion lights have. 

You work hard for the safety of yourself and your family and solar-powered security lights are a great way to keep the ones you love safe and secure. It’s highly recommended that you protect your home with at least 4-layers of home security such as: driveway alarms, home security cameras, solar-powered security lights, interior home alarms and a way to protect yourself from intruders. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need Solar Powered Lights:

  1. They protect your home
  2. They deter people from attempting to break-in
  3. They last for years

There are hundreds of companies that make solar powered motion security lights, here are the best: 

AmeriTop Solar Powered Security Light

AmeriTop makes a strong solar powered security light that will illuminate your property like no other. It features built-in 128 super bright LEDs in a three head design that covers an incredible amount of area that you want to protect. The built-in smart motion sensor is one of the best on the market and can detect motion up to 26 feet around. You and your neighbors will know if anyone steps into your motion detector’s radius. 

This solar powered motion security light will stay when movement is detected and will remain ON as long as that person is active and in range of the sensor. Basically, it keeps a light on them until they leave the area. 

The three-head design is perfect for illuminating a large area of land. You can adjust them up, down and horizontally for up to 270 degrees of wide lighting angle. You can even adjust until you have the perfect amount of coverage to protect your property. 

These are super easy to install and come with everything you need. The 18650-2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powerful and keeps your security light bright for long-term use. 

We like the AmeriTop solar powered security light because it’s easy to use, lights up a large area and gives you 270 degrees wide angle illumination. 

HMCITY Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

HMCITY makes a great solar-powered security light that comes in a 2-pack or 4-pack, depending on how much property you want to cover. The LEDs are powerful and illuminate a large area when someone or something gets within 26.4 feet. The motion sensor has been upgraded and is more sensitive to pick up movement on your property. It has a 120 degree sensing angle. 

These solar powered motion security floodlights are designed for outdoor use and are IP65 waterproof, heatproof and will work during harsh weather conditions. It has an incredibly long lifespan and you get 120 LEDs that are some of the brightest and most efficient you can buy. 

The solar panel that powers these security lights features a high conversion rate of sunlight and charges faster than most solar panels. 

We like the HMCITY solar powered flood lights because they’re extremely dependable, bright and cover an ample amount of ground. 

Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair makes some of the best solar-powered security lights on the market. They’re affordable and get the job done. They can detect up to 33 feet and have a wide range of 120 degrees. The light stays on for 30 seconds once triggered and will stay on as long as the person or thing is still moving in the area. You can cover a large amount of land with a set of these lights. 

You can mount these solar security lights anywhere on your property such as outdoor walls, patios, trees, fences, etc. The batteries are long-lasting and powerful lithium rechargeable batteries. They can fully charge without much light and can shine for up to 30 hours with night use. 

We like Otdair solar powered motion security lights because they don’t cost a fortune and are extremely reliable. They’re also incredibly easy to install and use. 

Atupen Solar Motion Sensor Lights with Remote Control

The Atupen solar powered security lights are powerful, dependable and cover a wide angle so you can see who enters your property. It comes in a 1-pack or 2-pack depending on how much property you need to cover. The 3 head-design is perfect for covering multiple angles. In fact, it covers up to 270 degrees with strong LEDs. 

The battery is a long-lasting 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the light itself is made from all-weather material. The IP65 waterproof rating makes sure that your solar-powered security light will work no matter the outside conditions. It can rain, snow or sleet and these lights will continue to work. 

The remote control is convenient when you want to change the modes and saves time because you don’t have to remove the light to make changes. This security floodlight features 210 super bright LED beads that will perfectly light up a large area. 

We like the Atupen solar outdoor lights with remote control because of the convenience factor, powerful LEDs and the wide angles that let you see everything happening on your property. 

Kernowo Solar Lights Outdoor Security

The Kernowo solar-powered outdoor security lights are the perfect addition to your home security system. They light up a large area with 3 super bright and flexible LED heads. They shine over 2500 lumens and can be used in your yard, farm, garage, parking lot, driveway and other spots that you want to be able to see anytime someone enters. 

The wireless motion sensor lights have two modes that will keep your property well-illuminated. The solar panel is tough and can handle all types of weather conditions. It’s IP65 waterproof and made from ABS material that can take a beating and continue working. 

The solar panels on these floodlights charge the 2400mAh battery quickly and efficiently. We like the Kernowo solar-powered motion security lights because they’re bright, charge quickly and provide plenty of illumination to your property. 

Do Solar Powered Security Lights Work?

Solar-powered security lights do an amazing job at illuminating your property when someone trespasses. They let people know that you can see them and that you may have cameras recording their movements. Solar-powered security floodlights harness the power of the sun to keep themselves powered all through the night. You can cover every inch of your property with enough lights to ensure people know they are being seen and possibly recorded. 

Every home needs security lights to prevent burglaries. It’s a proven fact that well-lit homes are more likely to be passed over by burglars and those considering a home invasion during the middle of the night. The solar-powered element to these security lights ensures that your lights won’t fail. 

Do Solar Powered Security Lights Work in Winter?

Solar security lights absorb plenty of sun even during the winter or on cloudy days to power through the night. They continue harvesting the sun’s energy even during cloudy days or during snow and ice. Solar-powered security lights can get a full charge even on a cloudy day. 

Are Solar Powered Security Lights Worth It?

Absolutely! It’s your duty to do the best you can to prevent burglaries or break-ins at your home or business and lighting is one of the key elements to prevention. Solar security lights simply make sure you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or your lights not working when you need them to. 

How Long Do Solar Powered Security Lights Last? 

Most solar-powered security lights will last at least 4 years before you need to replace them. LEDs have been known to last approximately 10 years, but it’s the unit itself that you have to worry about wearing out. Your solar-powered security lights may start to lose the ability to receive a full charge from the sun and that’s when you need to replace them. 

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