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Best Steel Shooting Target Stands 2022 Review

AR500 steel target stand for shooting

Steel shooting target systems are a great way to improve shooting accuracy and improve your practice sessions. You can load multiple targets of varying sizes and “ping” away. Steel shooting targets are durable and can be used over and over. Steel has great longevity and you won’t have to replace your targets as often. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than that “ping” sound that steel targets make. If you’ve ever shot one, you know what we’re talking about. You can change the hang angle of steel targets to deflect ricochets and splatter. You want to choose a steel target shooting system that has multiple options and is made from quality materials. You can get steel target stands that hold different variations of targets to give you small or large targets to hit. 

Here’s How You Can Benefit From a Steel Shooting Target Stand:

  1. They give you an optimal way of practicing. 
  2. Steel shooting target stands can be adjusted and hold multiple targets so you can practice longer.
  3. They hold different types of targets to improve your aim.
  4. Hearing the “ping” when you hit a target is satisfying and makes you want to practice longer. 

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility and you need to continually learn and practice. Steel target stands are a great way to practice safely. Here are the best steel target stands on the market. 

Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500 

The Highwild shooting target system is a complete target practice kit. It comes with plenty of accessories that make target practice fun and practical. The shooting target stand has a 5/16” 30 proof chain mounting kit that allows you to adjust your target’s angle to prevent dangerous ricochet and for bullet deflection. You can hang 4 targets of varying sizes so you can have effective shooting practice.

The AR500 steel shooting target stand has positive reviews from shooters who’ve used this stand extensively. The steel plates are ⅜” and can withstand a lot of abuse. They make a nice “ping” sound when you hit your targets. This steel target stand comes with laser cut targets that include a surface powder coat finish to increase their use. You get the steel target stand, extension beam and 4 chain mounting kits. The shooting targets vary in size at 4”, 6” 8” for the gong targets and you get a 7”x12” torso target for additional shooting practice. 

We like this steel target stand because it’s sturdy enough for tons of target practice and you get a wide variety of target sizes to improve your accuracy. 

Highwild AR500 Dueling Tree Paddle Steel Target Set

If you’ve never used a dueling tree for target practice – you’re missing out! These are fun and extremely effective to improve your aim and shooting speed. Dueling tree paddle targets let shooters compete against each other. You can use multiple combinations depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your shooting practice. This 6” dueling tree paddle set can be used on a 2×4 board so you can build your dueling tree to your own configurations. 

This dueling tree paddle set features a tilt angle device that allows the AR500 steel targets to swing smoothly. You can even build a larger dueling tree by combining several units together to make an ultimate dueling tree for solo practice or duels with a friend. The targets are made from ⅜” AR500 steel paddles that are laser-cut and the perfect size for target practice. 

Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500 

This Highwild steel target stand is perfect for AR500 steel targets. It can hold two targets that will help you improve your shooting skills. This steel target stand is super easy to set up and install and comes with everything you need to start shooting. The chain mounting kit has a 5/16” 30 proof chain that has incredible longevity and lets you adjust your target’s angle for safety precautions. The last thing you want to happen while shooting is for a bullet to deflect in your general direction. It also prevents dangerous bullet ricochet which is especially important when shooting with others. 

The AR500 steel plates are made by Highland and feature a surface powder coat finish to make them last longer. They’re laser cut from AR500 steel plates to give you the highest quality steel targets. This steel target system comes with the target stand, 2 chain mounting kits that are extremely durable and two (2) targets. The gong target measures 6” and the torso target is 7”x12” and is great for target practice. 

Highwild AR500 Steel Hostage Target

The steel hostage target is a unique type of target that trains you to shoot reactively. It’s fun to shoot and helps you develop your senses. The swivel paddles swing when you shoot them and they display different colors based on their direction. The targets measure ⅜” and are made from AR500 steel plate. The hostage target measures 12”x20”, the top swivel paddle measures 4” and the center swivel paddle is 6” across. The kit includes a T-post mounting bracket that makes installation simple. 

This hostage practice target is perfect for all calibers of rifles and pistols. It’s important to note that you should stand at least 10 yards away from targets when using handguns and 100 yards when shooting rifles. You can install this hostage steel target with a 2×4 board, steel post or T-post. The targets make a satisfying “ding” when you hit them. 

Highland Target Stand System – AR500 Steel Target with 2×4 Mount Kit

This is a heavy-duty steel target stand that can handle all types of rifles and handguns. It’s easy to transport – you can pack a few in the back of your truck and haul to your shooting location. Simply drill holes into a 2×4 board and attach the base and target holder. You won’t need specialized tools to install this steel target stand. You can also purchase the Highwild Adjustable Steel Post for more options. 

This steel target stand system comes with a huge, 12” x 20” AR500 steel silhouette target plus the target stand base and target hanger. It utilizes a four-leg stand that makes it much sturdier than other target bases. The target hanger uses a 15 degree angle so that the target will deflect any ricochets or shrapnel straight to the ground. This is the perfect shooting target stand for all types of weapons and scenario training. 

Highland AR500 Steel Hostage Reactive IDPA Shooting Target

This AR500 hostage target provides a different variation of the hostage target. It features a large AR500 hostage target that measures 12” x 20” and a top swivel paddle that measures 4” and will help improve your hand to eye coordination. The swivel paddle target swings side to side when you shoot it. It adds a new depth of training for different scenarios. 

You have to train to shoot the same way you train your body in the gym with different types of targets and scenarios. This will ensure you are prepared for anything. This hostage target can be shot with all types of rifles and handguns and will provide years of high-quality target practice. 

Highwild Air Gun Pellet BB Gun Resetting Target .22/.177 Caiber

The Highwild pellet/BB gun resetting target is designed to be used with .177 and .22 caliber pellet air rifles. It’s a great way to improve your aim and to give you daily target practice. The steel shooting target stand measures 10.5”(L) x 8”(W) x 13.5”(H) and the targets themselves measure 1.7”. They auto reset which gives you hours of fun and target practice. All you have to do is shoot the top reset target and it will start a new shooting practice rotation. 

You get 10 pieces of bullseye target stickers so you know where you hit your target. The steel shooting target stand is made from heavy-duty steel and will last a long time and it’s easy to set up. Just push the feet into the ground and you’re ready to start shooting practice. It’s easy to move and take other locations. 

It’s always a good idea to use a safe location with a backdrop so your bullets don’t ricochet and injure someone.

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