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The 7 Best Tactical First Aid Kits of 2022

My Medic MyFak first aid kit

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 19, 2022

A first aid kit is a great way to add extra protection to your gear. The molle compatible system on these first aid kits easily integrates onto your tactical backpack, belt, bike, vehicle seat and even motorcycles. You never know what type of medical emergencies you may encounter for yourself or others around you so it’s good to be prepared. 

A good tactical molle first aid kit can carry enough essential supplies to cover you and your family while hiking, camping and just walking around town. Children get injured often during outings and it’s good to have plenty of gauze and band-aids on hand. It’s also a great idea to attach a molle first aid kit to your bike or hiking pack while on the trail. 

The best tactical molle first aid kits are made from rugged materials that can handle inclement weather and other environmental conditions. Most are made with 1000D nylon fabric and double stitching in places prone to ripping. 

If you’re familiar with Molle systems, then you know just how versatile they are. You can easily attach multiple pouches onto an existing tactical bag or use the rings to attach to your ATV bar or vehicle. Many people drop them in their 72-hour survival kit or bug-out bag for extra first aid kit supplies. 

There are countless variations you can use, but the main thing is that you use them to be prepared in any situation. 

Here are the best tactical molle first aid kits on the market: 

My Medic MyFak Pro First Aid Kit

My Medic makes a huge variety of first aid kits and med packs that can save your life. The My Medic MyFak first aid kit is extremely versatile and made from tough nylon Cordura that will last a long time through heavy-duty use. This is a great first aid kit for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, shooting, traveling and plenty of other activities. I always recommend keeping a first aid kit in every vehicle, camper and a few in your home just in case. 

The My Medic MyFak can be attached to a larger bag with ease. It even features a tear-away pouch inside the kit that you can grab and use as a mini first aid kit. This first aid kit gives you the basic essentials that you may need and you can modify it to add even more items. In fact, you get over 100 first aid and trauma med supplies that can be used on various types of injuries. We like the My Medic MyFak because its sturdy, full of useful items and has MOLLE attachments for even more options.

Everlit 250 Pcs Tactical Molle First Aid Kit + Survival Gear

The Everlit molle compatible first aid kit is a great addition to your emergency and survival gear. It’s one of the most comprehensive molle EMT pouches you will find. It’s compact, lightweight and exceeds OSHA guidelines for a family. It has enough supplies to treat your family, friends or coworkers in an emergency situation. 

The pouch is made from durable 1000D nylon that’s water-resistant, rip-resistant and can handle bad weather. You get 3 main compartments that can hold the gear it comes with plus any extra gear you may want to add. There’s nothing wrong with customizing your first aid kit and this is a great starter piece. 

If you’ve never used a molle-compatible first aid kit, you will be surprised at how easy it is to use. All you have to do is attach it to a tactical bag or another bag by using the molle straps on the back of the pouch. This gives you the perfect way to carry an extra first aid kit for hiking, camping, hunting or as a part of your everyday carry. 

Not only do you get a comprehensive first aid kit, but also a few survival tools such as a 3-mode tactical flashlight, flint stone, rain poncho, paracord bracelet with a compass and whistle, knife, saber card and a couple of glow sticks. It’s a pretty good deal for the price. 

We like the Everlit Molle First Aid Kit because it’s easy to attach to another bag, it has plenty of first aid kit supplies and you get quite a few survival tools. 

TOUROAM IFAK Waterproof Rip-Away MOLLE Trauma Kit

The Touroam IFAK is a Molle trauma first response kit that can attach to your bag for quick grab situations. It’s perfect for outdoor emergencies, first responders, vehicle accidents and around the home. You can secure it to your tactical bag or hiking pack and rip it off when you need it in an emergency situation. 

This Molle trauma pack has the tools you need to treat medical emergencies on the trail or in areas where you may not have access to a hospital. This is the type of survival first aid kit you need, especially when traveling since emergencies can happen at any time. 

The pack itself is Molle compatible and can attach to any Molle webbing or you can secure it to a belt. You can quickly remove the IFAK when you need it in an emergency situation via the rip-away pouch. It’s made from extremely tough 1000D nylon that’s water-resistant and has a polyurethane coating to keep water from ruining your first aid kit. 

The IFAK molle first aid kit goes far beyond a regular first aid pouch because it has items you won’t normally find such as a stop bleeding kit and emergency bone fracture treatment. The 6” Israeli bandage can stop blood flow from a life-threatening traumatic hemorrhage injury. The bone fracture treatment is great to have in a first aid kit for hiking because it can splint extremities to help you or a friend get to a hospital without further damage. 

Lastly, the IFAK has items to clean wounds and an emergency thermal blanket to help you or a friend retain body heat. It’s a good idea to keep an IFAK trauma first response Molle kit on hand to help yourself and those around you. 

Carlebben Tactical Molle First Aid Kit Pouch

The Carlebben tactical molle first aid kit pouch is a great way to attach additional supplies to your bag, vehicle or bike. It gives you 180 first aid items that can help treat minor scrapes, burns, bites and wounds. The bag itself is tough and has multiple inner pockets with elastic straps to secure plenty of first aid kit supplies. 

The kit is water-resistant as well as the inner contents to ensure your supplies are protected for when you need them. This is a great first aid kit for hiking, biking, camping and as well as your everyday carry bag. It even has extra room for more supplies if you want to add more. 

We like this molle first aid pouch because it can be used by itself or integrated into your existing gear. It makes a great addition to your bug-out bag or 72-hour emergency survival kit without taking up much space.

Homestockplus Molle Trauma First Aid Kit

The Homestockplus Molle trauma first aid kit goes above and beyond your average first aid kit from Walmart. It packs a ton of essential first aid supplies and survival gear in a Molle compatible bag that can be attached to larger bags. It has exactly what you need for minor injuries such as bandages, dressings, sterilizing supplies, an Israeli bandage and more. It also comes with plenty of survival gear to get you through a tough spot. You may already have a tactical flashlight, knife, poncho, whistle, emergency blanket and flint fire starter, but this bag ensures that you know where these items are at all times. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having backup supplies that you can provide to a friend or family member while on an outdoor adventure or as your everyday carry. 

This tactical molle first aid kit only weighs 2.2 lbs and is perfect to take hiking, camping or to keep in your vehicle for when you encounter an emergency. The kit is designed tough from 600D nylon and features a quick-release Velcro panel plus 2 D-rings so you can attach it to anything. 

We like this tactical Molle first aid kit because it provides you with exactly what you need in an emergency situation. 

Everlit Survival Molle First Aid Trauma Kit 

This upgraded version of the original Everlit pouch is probably the best first aid survival kit and IFAK that you can buy in this price range. It attaches to a larger bag via Molle so you can easy add more first aid gear to your existing bag. This same IFAK is used by military, police, first responders and firefighters on the job. It makes a great first aid kit for hiking, backpacking and other survival situations where you want to be adequately prepared. 

The Everlit IFAK Molle pouch exceeds OSHA guidelines and provides over 30 unique medical supplies that can come in handy in a pinch. It’s perfect for a solo adventure and can handle the medical needs of family or friends outdoors. 

The Everlit Molle IFAK provides more than just basic first aid, you also get plenty of essential survival and emergency items such as a knife, tactical flashlight, poncho, paracord bracelet, wallet saber card, emergency blanket and more. 

One feature we like about this Molle first aid kit is the quick-pull tab that gives you access to your bag instantly and the detachable inner pocket that can be attached to other items. 

FalconTac Everyday Carry Molle Trauma Kit 

The FalconTac is an easy-to-use Molle trauma kit that you can attach to your tactical backpack or hiking pack. It’s great for anyone that wants peace of mind knowing they have medical supplies to assist in an emergency situation. You never know when you will witness a vehicle accident or see someone get injured around town, so it’s good to be the person who is ready to help. 

This IFAK trauma kit is also perfect for first responders, police officers, military personnel, hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts that like to be prepared for any situation. It has tools to stop bleeding from injuries and has a military tourniquet along with compressed gauze and dressing to help treat wounds. 

You get a large amount of first aid kit supplies in this Molle pouch that can save a life and apply first aid in emergency situations. The FalconTac EDC Molle trauma kit IFAK makes a great gift. 

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