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The 9 Best Tactical Sling Bags of 2022

Sling Bag

A sling bag makes carrying your everyday gear easier and more efficient. You can fill them up with gear, supplies, first aid, food and water and throw them over your shoulder for a day in the woods or on your work commute. Sling bags have tons of interior and exterior pockets and compartments that can secure your daily supplies. Tactical sling bags have MOLLE capabilities so you can attach even more pouches and gear to customize your bag the way you want it. 

Tactical Sling Bag

Tactical sling bags are a great way to carry gear and supplies for the day. They’re compact and have plenty of pockets and compartments to store everything you need for a day trip or your commute back and forth to the office. I use a tactical sling bag every single day while running errands and when taking a long truck ride. I like to be prepared for anything and carry pretty much everything I could possibly need in my tactical sling bag. I prefer a small tactical sling bag for daily work since large bags are too big for a single day’s worth of gear and supplies. 

If you need a larger bag, here are the best tactical bags on the market. 

Small Sling Bag for Men

Small tactical sling bags for men are the best way to carry what you need for the day without overloading your back. They outperform a basic backpack 10-to-1 in every single department such as space, ruggedness, organization, weight, fit and more. You can even use a great tactical sling bag while traveling solo or to carry what you and your family needs on a shopping trip.

Concealed Carry Sling Bag

Concealed carry sling bags are the perfect way to carry your gun plus everything you need for the day. You don’t want to find yourself stuck somewhere and need to protect yourself. A concealed carry sling bag can ensure that you always have protection when you need it. They have interior pockets that help conceal your weapon so that no one will know that you’re carrying. 

You would be surprised to see how many people use a tactical sling pack as a diaper bag or to carry items their family needs on a short day-trip. The reason is that they’re incredibly easy to carry and you can stuff them with tons of supplies in their many compartments. In fact, tactical sling backpacks are perfect for a short hiking trip. Obviously, if you plan to stay somewhere for a few days you may need a larger tactical backpack, but these are perfect for the necessities. 

Here’s Why You Need a Great Tactical Sling Bag:

  1. They make perfect everyday carry bags.
  2. You can carry your daily electronics such as a cell phone, iPad, flashlights and phone chargers.
  3. A tactical sling bag is great for your daily commute and can secure your work materials.
  4. You can pack enough gear for a day hike or overnight camping trip.
  5. Most of them have molle to secure even more items and essential gear to your tactical sling backpack. 
  6. They make great diaper bags or can carry family items you need while traveling. 
  7. You can attach a tactical molle first aid kit to ensure you have plenty of supplies.

Here are the best tactical sling bags on the market:

Reebow Tactical Sling Bag

Reebow Tactical makes probably the toughest tactical sling bag you can buy. It’s relatively small, but holds plenty of gear and supplies for a short trip. In fact, it measures 12” x 9.5” x 6” and can hold plenty of electronics, work supplies, survival gear, flashlights and more. The molle is perfect for extra attachments and pouches you may decide to include. 

This tactical sling bag is made from 600D polyester that’s extremely tough and durable and will easily last for years even with heavy-duty use. The main compartment is fairly large and has a divider that can store an iPad or documents. The zippered interior pocket lifts to give you even more compartments with plenty of Velcro to attach items. 

The exterior pockets on this tactical sling backpack are large enough for charging cords, pens, notebooks, batteries, flashlights and more. The exterior pockets even have bands that can secure items. There is even a pouch that fits under your back that has a wall of Velcro and plenty of padding to protect your gear. 

Many tactical sling bags have one main strap, but the Reebow Tactical sling bag has a main strap with a support strap that keeps the bag from moving. We like the Reebow Tactical sling bag because it’s beefy, has tons of compartment and pockets and plenty of molle for even more attachments. 

I personally use this bag as my everyday carry bag and load it up with knives, flashlights, charging cords, pens, cash, medicine and a first aid kit. 

Oakley Men’s Extractor 2.0 Sling Pack

The Oakley Extractor tactical sling pack is the perfect size for daily use and is made from durable fabric that will last. You get plenty of room with this sling backpack with 23L capacity that can carry enough supplies for the day. It’s lightweight and easy to carry all day long. The pockets are perfect for electronics and daily items that you need to keep close. I personally use bags like the Oakley Extractor as my EDC bag to keep all of my essential gear within reach, especially while I drive. It features MOLLE webbing on the bottom and sides so that you can attach additional items and carry even more gear. Not only is this tactical sling backpack versatile, but it’s also comfortable which is important if you wear it often. Overall, we like this sling backpack and think it’s perfect for most people’s EDC needs.

Ozuko Anti Theft Chest Sling Daypack

You don’t always need a large bag to carry just a few items. This small chest sling by Ozuko is the perfect size to carry a few items that you use daily. I have a ton of bags ranging in all sizes, but sometimes I only carry a handful of items and a small daypack is a perfect size. This chest sling is perfect for vacations and will protect your items because it’s weatherproof and wear-proof. It also comes with a lock to keep someone from unzipping your bag without you noticing. The expansion buckle design is handy and it features an anti-theft zipper bag on the back for small items such as a cell phone or wallet. You can choose from multiple colors such as black, brown, camouflage, dark gray, and navy blue. I personally love dark gray because it goes with a ton of outfits and looks professional.

5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 18L Tactical Sling Bag

The 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 is a rugged tactical sling bag that has awesome features. It’s fully customizable and adjustable on the fly. You want a sturdy bag for your everyday carry and this is one of the best. The materials are water-resistant 1050D nylon that’s lightweight and won’t snag. 

You want your tactical sling bag to have MOLLE for extra attachments and the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 has plenty. You never know how you will want to customize your bag in the future, so it’s great to have the option built into your bag like this one. 

Many people use the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 as a hiking bag and for good reason as it has a hydration pocket that can house a water bladder as well as tons of interior and exterior pockets for gear. It even has multiple stash pockets for items you may not want people to be able to see if they glance into your bag. The straps are incredibly comfortable and well-made and you can adjust them to your preference. 

This is one of our favorite tactical sling backpacks as well as a great option for a bug-out bag to keep your emergency supplies ready to go. 

3V Gear MOLLE Rapid Deployment Pack

The 3V Gear MOLLE Rapid Deployment Pack is a tough sling bag that’s perfect for daily use. It’s designed for comfort and made with 600 denier nylon that is sturdy and can survive harsh weather. This sling bag excels at making sure you have everything you need with you at all times. The MOLLE attachment straps allow you to add more gear as you need and customize your sling bag exactly how you want it. 

The 3V Gear sling bag has 3 zippered compartments and plenty of pocket dividers to store anything you need. It even has 2 pen holders so you can quickly grab what you need. You can carry this sling bag by hand, use the shoulder strap or wear it on your waist, the choice is yours. It makes a great camera bag that allows you to quickly grab your gear. We like this bag because it can hold plenty of gear and supplies and is easy to carry.

ProCase Tactical Sling Bag with Pistol Holster

The ProCase is a high-quality tactical sling bag that comes with a pistol holster. It’s a great choice for an everyday carry bag and has tons of features that can be used in various situations. You can use it for hiking, daily commute, bug-out bag or range bag and it will outperform. 

Not only is this tactical shoulder sling bag made from premium oxford fabric, but it’s also waterproof and will keep your gear and supplies dry and secured no matter what. You get 5 storage compartments that can hold numerous items and the mesh back pocket and front pockets are perfect for items you need to be able to grab quickly without searching. 

You can detach the shoulder strap and carry it by the top handle if you prefer. It even has 2 small straps that help keep your bag from moving while you carry it. 

The built-in detachable gun holster is a great option that many bags don’t have. You can easily adjust the positioning of your handgun inside your bag and it’s a great way to keep your firearm and clips concealed while you carry. 

We like this tactical sling backpack because it has everything you need for any trip as well as a hidden gun holster. 

3V Gear Outlaw Tactical Sling Backpack

The 3V Gear Outlaw is a dependable tactical sling backpack that has plenty of features. It’s great for an everyday carry bag and has MOLLE compatibility that allows you to add extra pouches and attachments. The best tactical sling bags are fully customizable and this one has plenty of extra perks. 

The material is all-season and made with 600D polyester that’s known to be extremely tough and weather resistant. The seams are double-stitched which gives the pack more durability where you need it. This bag can carry a ton of gear while keeping you comfortable. It has a Y-strap that gives you the option to tighten your pack even further which will keep your gear from getting moved around. 

A lot of people take this bag on the trail for a quick hike and the airflow is great thanks to the molded back panel. You can take this sling bag anywhere and it will carry the gear you need. 

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Tactical Sling Bag

Maxpedition makes some of the toughest travel bags on the market and their version of the tactical sling bag is one of the best you can buy. It has plenty of cargo space for your daily commute or hike and has military-grade nylon webbing that gives you more ways to customize your bag. You can add extra pouches, straps and more if you need to. 

The material is long-lasting and made with 1000 Denier Nylon with reinforced stress points where other bags have been known to tear through heavy use. Each bag has a triple coat of polyurethane that gives it extra water resistance in the event you get caught in bad weather or accidentally get splashed. It even has a coat of DuPont Teflon fabric protector for additional security and protection. 

The water bottle pocket is an easy way to grab a swig while on the go and the shoulder strap is one of the more comfortable ones you can wear. We like the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger tactical sling bag because it’s produced by a reliable company and has options for all types of users.

Wincent Tactical Sling Bag 

The Wincent tactical sling bag is rugged with plenty of interior and exterior pockets to carry your daily gear. It makes a great EDC bag, gun range bag, assault bag, bug out bag and even a handy diaper bag for dads that want a more masculine diaper bag. 

The Wincent tactical sling bag comes in two colors: black and tan. It’s compact and relatively small compared to full-size bags, but that’s exactly what you want if you’re using it for a day bag. You can stuff it with everything you need to conquer the day either for work, commuting, driving long distances or hiking. I’ve used tactical sling bags for years and take them everywhere I go. You can carry this bag in three different ways such as hand carry with the top handle, chest sling or shoulder bag so you can always access your gear when you need it. 

We like the Wincent sling bag because ti’s made from extremely tough materials and has plenty of pockets and MOLLE capabilities so that you can add to it.

Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

The Gowara Gear tactical sling bag has thousands of positive reviews from users in the field. This sling bag has been tested in all types of environments and situations. It features a 14” shoulder drop and fits comfortably over your shoulder. You need a comfortable sling bag if you plan on carrying it around all day and this is one of the best. 

You can also use the Gowara as a concealed carry sling bag because it can hold 1-2 handguns and plenty of extra ammo. In fact, it makes a great range bag that’s compact and easy to carry. This small sling bag for men has tons of inside and outside pockets and you can add more with MOLLE attachments. We like this bag as a concealed carry sling bag or as an everyday sling bag going back and forth to work.

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag for Men

The Fitdom is a large tactical sling bag that’s built differently from other bags. It makes a great utility bag that can store plenty of gear. You can wear this sling bag in the front or on your back. Front carry allows you to quickly grab what you need and is perfect for those who enjoy having instant access to their pockets. You can even use this as a waist fannypack depending on how you prefer to carry your gear. 

This sling bag for men is made from 600D luggage polyester and will last a long time. It’s not hard and rigid like other military-grade bags which makes it more comfortable for some people. It has plenty of pockets and pouches for everyday carry and is perfect for your daily commute, hiking, biking and exploring your area.

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