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The 8 Best Tactical Vests of 2022

OneTigris Tactical Vest

By Rome / Last Updated August 31, 2022

Tactical vests are designed for rigorous training, shooting, airsoft and missions. They’re tough, durable and have an insane storage capacity. You can carry a ton of gear in a high-quality tactical vest and keep your supplies organized and easy to grab when you need it. A tactical vest is a necessary tool just like a weapon light or gun case and will improve your efficiency. 

The best tactical vests can handle any environment and keep you prepared no matter the situation. They come equipped with detachable parts that make customization easy and efficient. You can adjust them to fit any size and wear them over thick clothing if needed. 

What is a Tactical Vest?

A tactical vest is a military-grade vest that can protect you from attack and secure your gear while in the field. They’re designed with tons of pockets, pouches and MOLLE to ensure you have plenty of space for your gear and flashlights. Keep in mind that many products use the name “Tactical vest” and you should note the differences in each product. 

Some tactical vests are also plate carriers which means you can insert plates to protect you from knife attacks and bullets while other tactical vests are just to hold extra ammo and gear. Nearly every tactical vest on the market has loads of MOLLE to allow you to attach even more gear, tools and weapons that you may need at a moment’s notice. 

Fitness enthusiasts also use a sturdy tactical vest to carry gear and to load up with weight. You can also use them while hiking to carry your essential gear and for extra storage space.

Many tactical vests come with Molle to add more attachments and pouches to prepare for any mission. You would be surprised at the amount of gear and ammo you can organize in a good tactical vest. A cross-draw pistol holster, durable material and a mesh breathable design are common in a high-quality tactical vest that meets military standards. 

A great tactical vest can be used for shooting, training, Airsoft and missions of all types. You can customize them to fit your needs and they make a great addition to your tactical gear. 

Best Tactical Vests on the Market:

OneTigris Tactical Vest

The OneTigris tactical vest is one of the best in class and comes in 3 colors: Multicam, Brown and Black. This is the perfect tactical vest for training and real-world operations. Many people even use it as an airsoft tactical vest because it offers tons of options. 

If you’re going to spend money on a tactical vest, it needs to be designed tough and have plenty of storage capacity for all of your gear, tools and supplies. The OneTigris tactical vest is designed from 500D Cordura Nylon which is known to be extremely durable and versatile in any situation. 

You can easily adjust the OneTigris vest to fit nearly any sized user. Both the waistband and shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure a proper fit. It features a modular system that gives you tons of molle webbings that allow you to attach more gear and essential tools. You also get a loop panel for patches and identifying markers. 

This tactical vest by OneTigris excels at keeping you prepared and providing amazing versatility for any mission or training sessions. 

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T3 Tomahawk Tactical Vest

The T3 Tomahawk Tactical Vest is a rugged vest that can serve many purposes such as training or real-life missions. This tactical vest with plate carrier can be turned into a bulletproof or stabproof vest by purchasing side plate pockets to give extra protection against attacks. While it’s not a bulletproof tactical vest right out of the box, you can upgrade if that’s something you need. 

This is a great rig that has a reputation for durability and functionality. It’s made with a tough outer layer of 500 Denier Cordura that can be roughed up with no issues. The fabric is water-resistant and can get you through any type of weather. The kangaroo pouch is a great feature that can serve as an admin pouch for items you need to grab quickly. 

Tactical Plate Carrier

The tactical vest itself only weighs 2 lbs 3.2 oz. and can hold plenty of gear and supplies for military, police officers, airsoft or anyone else who needs to be prepared. 

The company is owned by former Navy SEALs that know exactly what you need in a military tactical vest. We like this vest because it has every feature you would need and you can turn it into a bulletproof and stabproof vest if you desire. 

Gloryfire Tactical Vest with Quick Release

The Gloryfire tactical vest is designed for multiple applications and can fit a wide range of users. It’s a great vest for military, police, hunters, military combat training, airsoft and more. It gives you plenty of customization options and you can turn it into bulletproof or stabproof by adding front and back plates to your tactical vest with plate carrier. 

You can adjust the cummerbund to fit pretty much any user from S to XXXL and the waist can go up to 56 inches. The shoulder pads are removable and do a great job at protecting your shoulders while carrying heavy gear. This tactical vest is breathable due to the 3D mesh liner that gives you extra air circulation where you need it most. 

The Molle system on this military tactical vest is a great way to add more attachments as you see fit. It has snap-and-hook closures for your map pockets and will keep other important documents safe and secure. We like the amount of customization you can do to this plate carrier tactical vest and the fact that it’s tough as nails. 

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and functional tactical vest with plate carrier. 

Tacticon BattleVest Tactical Vest

The Tacticon BattleVest tactical vest is as tough as they come. The company is owned by a combat veteran that fully understands the importance of durability and functionality in tactical gear. This is an extremely tough tactical vest that’s adjustable to fit any user and has a lifetime warranty. 

This vest is made from heavy-duty 500D PVC Nylon and features a double-stitched Molle PALS system to give you even more options. The 3D mesh liner gives you air circulation and makes it more comfortable to wear in hot climates. 

The front and back inner pockets allow you to turn this into a bulletproof tactical vest by adding either 11×14, 10×12 or 8×10 inserts. While this is a tactical vest with plate carrier, you can add the plates you need for extra protection from gun and stab wounds. The plates stay in place and has straps to secure them. 

The Velcro, material and attachments are all heavy-duty and can be used in any operation or tactical endeavor. 

CAMO Quick Release Tactical Vest

The Camo tactical vest features a quick-release system and is easy to wear. It’s comfortable, adjustable and breathable thanks to the detachable mesh padding. You get plenty of airflow when it’s hot outside. The waist is adjustable and can fit 29” to 49” and will fit most users. The hook-and-loop utility pockets can hold plenty of additional gear and the Molle modular system allows you to attach plenty of extra pouches, attachments, tools and even a hydration pack. 

You get a lot for your money with this tactical vest with plate carrier rig. You can purchase 2 pieces of armor plates that measure 10”x12” to make this a bulletproof tactical vest or plate carrier vest. The plates stay secure and won’t move around. This vest also has plenty of room for additional ammo and can carry up to 9 magazines with ease. 

We like the CAMO quick-release tactical vest with plate carrier due to the rugged design and functionality. 

Yakeda Quick Release Tactical Vest

The Yakeda tactical vest features a quick-release design that’s made from 1000D Nylon and is resistant to the elements. It’s lightweight, but tough and can accompany you through any mission, training or Airsoft game. It’s fully adjustable and you can protect your sides with utility pockets. 

The Molle panels are on the front and back and give you plenty of extra space for attachments, pouches and gear. It comes in multiple colors to fit your other tactical gear. You can protect yourself all around by adding plates. This is a great tactical plate carrier vest that can be adapted to fit your needs. 

This is a high-quality tactical vest with plate carrier that can be used for any operation. 

Condor Modular Chest Set

The Condor modular chest set is perfect for anyone that needs a great chest rig with plenty of storage space. It’s cheaper than many chest sets and is comfortable even when loaded with gear. The design distributes weight across your body so you can move comfortably. You can even add more gear and supplies if you need to with the MOLLE system. 

Many users compare Condor chest sets with 5.11 as far as quality, look and feel, but this one costs much less. The built-in magazine pouches give you plenty of additional space which makes this perfect for a daily chest rig. You can even take the chest piece off if you don’t use it. 

The Condor modular chest set features 3 internal mesh pockets to secure your gear and has 7 built-in magazine pouches plus you can add more if you need. It even has a built-in hydration carrier so you can use your bladders to stay hydrated.

GFire Tactical Military Vest 

The GFire tactical vest is a great choice for a dependable tactical vest that exceeds expectations. You can adjust the shoulder straps and cummerbund to fit your body type. The maximum waist measurement is 54 inches. It’s made of 1000D polyester which keeps it lightweight, but solid. 

Tactical vest Molle designs are the best way to attach more gear, tools and supplies. You can customize this tactical vest plate carrier to fit your needs. It has front pockets that can hold 12” x 11” plates and easy-access side pockets for important items. 

We think the GFire tactical vest with plate carrier is perfect for the price. It won’t break the bank and will last for years of heavy-duty use and uncomfortable environments. 

What’s the Difference Between a Plate Carrier and Tactical Vest? 

You may be wondering about the difference between the two types of tactical vests. If you’ve done any amount of research, you’ve probably seen a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably to describe both items. While many of them look the same, they are different and have different uses. 

What is a Tactical Vest? 

Tactical vests have come a long way over the years and many are fully customizable to fit your needs. They’re used by the military, police officers, SWAT, hunters and anyone that needs extra carrying capacity. Most tactical vests are lightweight and easy to put on and remove. They’re usually designed with a large zipper on the front and can be worn like a vest. 

You can get a tactical vest with MOLLE to give you even more carrying options for gear and supplies. These extra pouches really come in handy on missions or when using them for Airsoft games. You can store extra knives, flashlights, first aid, supplies, rifle magazines and more in these pockets and pouches. 

The main difference between tactical vests and plate carriers is the fact that tactical vests do not protect you the same way that a plate carrier can.

What is a Tactical Plate Carrier? 

Plate carriers are more robust than tactical vests because they’re designed to carry plates to be used as armor. You can use them with or without plates depending on your mission. They’re heavy, especially after adding extra gear, but they’re made to distribute weight to be more comfortable. 

Plate carriers are often referred to as a tactical vest with plates or a tactical vest plate carrier and are used by the military, law enforcement and anyone that needs additional protection. You can even buy plate carriers that are concealable so that no one even knows you’re wearing one. 

You can organize your plate carrier with MOLLE attachments to make it perform the way you want it to. Most plate carriers have plenty of MOLLE so you can add additional gear where you need it. Plate carriers also have plenty of pockets and pouches to carry extra ammo, first aid and other essential items. 

Plate carriers have a much higher level of protection versus tactical vests due to the panels you can insert. They can provide protection against bullets, stab wounds and other types of attack. 

Which One Should I Buy? 

The plate carrier versus tactical vest debate is easy to solve: it depends on the amount of protection you need. Tactical vests are lightweight and perfect for carrying extra gear on a mission or Airsoft game, while plate carriers are designed to actually protect you from bullets and stab wounds. They both feature plenty of pouches, pockets and MOLLE to carry even more gear.

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