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10 Best Truck Racks and Ladder Racks of 2022

Thule truck rack

Truck Rack

Truck racks are a great way to add additional secure transportation options for your gear. Whether you’re carrying a ladder, kayak, paddleboard or other items; a truck ladder rack will help you keep your gear safe and secure. Truck racks are referred to by many names depending on the type of rack you are looking for. 

Not everything fits neatly into the back of your pickup and some items can be easily damaged by getting knocked around. You may want to carry multiple items such as camping equipment, beach gear or tools for the worksite, but have a tough time organizing everything. A truck rack can help. 

Truck Ladder Racks

Truck ladder racks are easily bolted onto your truck and don’t require a lot of tools to complete the job. Not only do they open up space in your bed for smaller items, but they also allow you to safely secure larger items that likely cost a lot of money. You don’t want to load up with tools for the worksite only to break the daily items that you keep in your truck bed. 

You want to make sure you choose the best truck ladder rack for your vehicle which means making sure it fits your make and model and that it holds enough weight for what you intend to use it for.

Truck Rack for Kayaks

Truck racks for kayaks are a great way to transport your kayaks without damaging them. You can find kayak truck racks to hold one or multiple kayaks. They’re lightweight and are specially designed to safely secure your kayaks. You can fit a truck rack for kayaks on just about any vehicle. 

Ladder Rack for Van

Yes, they make ladder racks for vans. You can store additional gear on the roof of your van or on the back. This is a great way to modify your van so that you can somewhat use it as a work truck. 

Here’s Why You Need a Truck Rack:

  1. Truck racks help you carry and secure more gear for work or play.
  2. They keep your truck from getting scratched or dinged from your tools. 
  3. Truck racks are easy to install and don’t require you to alter your truck.
  4. It’s easier to stay organized with a truck rack.

Here are our favorite truck ladder racks. 

AA-Racks Model X31 Steel Truck Ladder Rack

The AA-Racks X31 is a simple, yet effective design. It can support up to 800 lbs. and can handle heavy-duty jobs. It features a powder coat that increases its longevity. It has a rope hook that can be used for additional security and it has 5 drilling holes which makes it easier to fit to your vehicle. 

The X31 is an inexpensive truck ladder rack that doesn’t cost a fortune and still gets the job done. You can extend it to make it fit multiple truck beds that measure from 51” up to 71” in maximum length. The design of this truck ladder rack ensures that it won’t bend easily and is stronger than other racks. The double-barred section in the middle gives it extra strength when transporting heavy items. A good truck bed rack can really make a difference in your truck’s work capacity. 

We like this truck ladder rack because it fits a large segment of truck beds and you get a lot for your money. 

TMS 800LB Universal Truck Ladder Rack

The TMS is a great choice for contractors or truck owners that prefer heavy-duty tools. This truck ladder rack can support plenty of weight for any job. The width is adjustable and will fit most trucks and can extend from 5’ to 7’ maximum. You can purchase different sizes depending on the size of your truck to ensure it fits. This is a great truck bed rack that allows you to carry even more tools and gear. 

This truck ladder rack is perfect for securing items such as ladders, lumber, kayaks, mountain bikes, work equipment, tools and more. You can drive regular highway speeds without worrying because this truck ladder rack secures your items and keeps them safe. There’s no need in spending hundreds of dollars on a custom-made rack for your truck when the TMS truck ladder rack has everything you need for a fraction of the price. 

Thule Xsporter Pro Pickup Truck Rack

Thule is a well-known truck accessory company that makes great products. The Thule pickup truck rack is designed sturdy and can secure items up to 600 lbs. It’s 16” tall installs below the cab height so it doesn’t protrude above your truck. You can install this truck rack without drilling holes into your truck bed and the SecureLock system can lock this rack to your truck. 

Many truck racks produce wind noise, but the Thule Xsporter Truck Rack reduces noise. It’s also resistant to corrosion and other outdoor elements. You can even set up a rooftop tent on this rack. 

Ikuram R Truck Rack for Kayaks

The Ikuram R is a great truck kayak rack that gets the job done. It protects your kayaks from damage while driving and ensures that they stay in place. It secures kayaks and stand-up paddleboards and keeps them from rubbing together or against metal via rubber saddles and pads. The Ikuran R features a J-Cradle that is easy to install and comes with everything you need safely drive with your kayak on top. 

The Ikuran R truck rack for kayaks is designed tough and made from anodized Aviation grade aluminum alloys that are incredibly rust-resistant and durable enough to last for a long time. They’re water-proof and won’t corrode over time. You can use this truck kayak rack for years to carry your kayak or stand-up paddle board. 

AA-Racks Model X35 Truck Rack with Kayak J Racks

The X35 truck rack by AA-Racks gives you plenty of options to carry gear, tools and toys. It comes with 8 C-Clamps and 2 pairs of Kayak J-Racks that can secure 2 kayaks with ease. You won’t have to drill into your truck bed to attach this awesome truck rack. This set comes with everything you need to attach your rack to your truck. 

The ratchet straps are sturdy and can secure a canoe, kayak or other accessory and allows you to drive regular highway speeds. The included custom designed bolts make it easier to install and the foam padding is anti-slip and resistant to the elements. You get plenty of C-Clamps so you can use two on both sides to give you extra support. 

We like this 2-kayak truck rack because it gives you tons of options and is made from high quality materials. It would be hard to find a better designed truck rack for kayaks, canoes and other heavy equipment. 

Apex Legends Elevate Outdoor STR-Rack-V2 Truck Rack

This is a heavy-duty truck rack that can support up to 1,000 pounds! This is the truck rack you want if you routinely haul heavy items in the back of your truck. This fully adjustable truck rack will fit pretty much any truck that sports a bed rail of 45” to 64.25” in total. You don’t have to drill into your truck with this truck rack; simply use the clamp installation for a perfect fit. Each post has two D-loop tie-down bracket holes for more options. 

This heavy-duty truck rack is made from durable steel and features a powder coating that will increase the life of your rack. We like this truck rack because it easily supports plenty of weight for home improvement projects, worksites or just a day at the beach with the family. 

XGeek Truck Kayak Rack

The XGeek truck rack for kayaks is a great addition to your truck, SUV or van. It’s a 4-in-1 kayak roof rack that can secure a kayak, canoe, ski board, stand-up paddleboard or surfboard. It keeps your items secure and safe while you drive to your destination. It folds and features an adjustable bilateral J-Style rack that fits a wide variety of vehicles. 

This adjustable truck rack for kayaks won’t scratch your roof while driving and does a great job at keeping your kayaks and other water sport toys safe while you travel. It’s made with high-quality materials and can be folded to adjust angles and various types of boards, canoes or kayaks. Overall, this is a great truck kayak rack that’s worth checking out.

Ecotric Adjustable Contractor Truck Ladder Rack

This truck ladder rack by Ecotric is designed to handle heavy steel, lumber and more. Basically, anything that you want to transport. It’s designed for both short and long bed trucks and is adjustable. You don’t have to drill unless you want to thanks to the “no-drill” installation option. Designed from solid steel, this truck rack can support up to 1,000 lbs and is perfect for heavy-duty use. 

This truck rack features multiple tie-down points where you can attach straps or ropes for more security. The rack itself is easy to remove when you’re not using it if you don’t want to drive around with it attached. We like this truck rack because it’s solid, tough and works exactly like a truck rack that costs three times as much money. 

AA-Racks Model X31 Truck Bed Ladder Rack

This truck bed ladder rack by AA-Racks is highly rated and comes at a reasonable price. It’s fabricated with seamless welds that provide a strong base for securing heavy items. You can modify this truck ladder rack and will fit most vehicles with a simple installation. This truck rack comes with an extendable top cross-bar that can be sized to fit various truck bed sizes from 51.5” to 71” total. You can also adjust both the over-cab extension bar and side bars. It’s powder-coated which gives it additional weather resistance. 

This is a sturdy truck ladder rack that will get the job done. 

Auroluxe Truck Ladder Rack 800lbs Capacity

The Auroluxe truck ladder rack is made from heavy-duty steel covered with a black powder coat that provides resistance to corrosion and outdoor elements. This universal fit truck ladder rack has a max height of 27” from your truck bed and the crossbar is adjustable from 5” to 7” to accommodate most pickup trucks. You don’t have to drill to install this truck rack and can use the 8 C-Clamps which are included. It even features rope hooks that give you plenty of options. 

We like this truck ladder rack because it’s sturdy, easy to install and doesn’t require drilling.

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