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6 Best Underwater Scooters of 2022

Underwater Scooter

Underwater scooters are a great way to add more fun to your vacation or beach trip. You can dive with an underwater scooter which helps you swim better and reach your destination faster. They’re small, compact and extremely portable. You can even attach a GoPro so you can record underwater life. Most underwater scooters float without any extra attachments and they come with apps that allow you to use Bluetooth and stream your underwater adventures. 

Sea Scooter

An underwater scooter and sea scooter are basically the same things. You may see some products marketed as underwater scooters in some areas and sea scooters in other areas but they serve the same funciton. 

Sea scooters are fun for casual users and can be used for scuba diving or just having fun in the water. You can quickly coast to your destination and spend more time viewing underwater ocean life. They pull strong if you use the high power mode and can pull you through the water faster while you admire sea life. 

Snorkeling Motor

A snorkeling motor can help you see even more of the underwater world because it gets you further than swimming on your own. Snorkeling on a reef is more enjoyable with a sea scooter because it can help you move around easier and with less work. Children of all ages can also use sea scooters and many have a “parent mode” on the app that lets you control the speed, dive depth and more to keep your children safe. 

Snorkeling or going to the beach is a great way to escape reality and reset. Underwater scooters make your trips to the ocean even more enjoyable.

Here are the best underwater scooters for casual users. 

CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter with Camera

This sea scooter is great for both adults and children. The streamline design makes it easy to use and it’s compatible with sports cameras so you can take underwater photography and use it for video. It has a powerful motor that can dive up to 30 meters/98 feet with a maximum speed of 2.7 mph. You can use a single button to adjust the speed from low to high speed. 

Underwater sea scooter battery life can be tricky as it takes a lot of power to propel someone through water. You can usually get up to 45 minus if you use the low-speed mode and roughly 20 minutes on high-speed mode. You can even set up a “parent” mode when your children use the CellBee. You have the ability to control your child’s speed, how deep they dive and the lighting. There are tons of features accessible on the APP. 

We like this underwater sea scooter because it’s easy to use and has tons of features for children. 

Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

The WhiteShark Mix Pro has a dual-motor that’s super lightweight and powerful. It can pull you through the water with ease. You can do tricks underwater and flip upside down while documenting your underwater adventures. The buoyancy regulator ensures you never lose your underwater scooter and you can remove it if you want to scuba dive and go deeper. The battery has been upgraded and will run for 60 minutes and you can use fast charging to have it ready to go again in 2 hours. 

The WhiteShark Mix Pro can propel you in the water at speeds up to 2.68 mph. The double thrusters can push 8 kgf thrust so you can see and do more with your underwater scooter. You can dive down to a maximum depth of 40 meters/131 feet. Record your underwater adventures with the built-in phone and action camera mount. You can simply attach your smartphone to the floater or use an action camera. 

We like this underwater scooter due to the increased battery life and quick charging option that will have you back underwater in roughly 2 hours. We also like how the WhiteShark Mix Pro is powerful enough to pull multiple people at the same time so you can bring a partner. 

Aquarobotman MagicJet Sea Scooter

The MagicJet sea scooter by Aquarobotman is perfect for diving, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming at the beach. It has a much longer run time than other underwater scooters with around 100 minutes of power. It has two settings; high and low and gives you options when exploring underwater. The maximum speed it will reach is 4 mph and it can dive up to 50 meters. 

You can even put two scooters together to make them more powerful and they can pull you even faster due to the 2-in-1 modular design. This underwater scooter allows 1 or 2 handed use and you can change the battery underwater. This device is easy enough for children to use with adult supervision and allows them to enjoy being propelled through the water. 

The multi-directional camera mounts are a great feature for those who enjoy recording their underwater adventures. The camera is not included, but there are plenty on the market that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

We like the advantage of having the ability to connect two of these together for even more power. Plus, the battery is more robust than other underwater scooters and you can replace the battery underwater. The Aquarobotman MagicJet Seascooter is one of the most complete underwater scooters on the market. 

Windek Sublue Seabow Smart Underwater Scooter

The Navbow underwater scooter has plenty of functions and tools to enhance your underwater exploration. The battery is robust and will last approximately 60 minutes and it can reach a max speed of 4.47 mph which is faster than most underwater scooters. Ithas a dive depth of 40 meters/131 feet so you can see even more down below. 

The Navbow can be operated with a 3-speed switch that gives you various speeds such as FREE, SPORT and TURBO. Easily operate this device with one hand and it supports a DTC kit or D-ring buckle equipped with a tow cord so you can relieve ear pressure while playing. The OLED display gives you a quick rundown of the device’s functions and date such as your speed and battery life. You can easily attach a sports camera to record or take underwater photography. 

We like this underwater scooter because it has a long-lasting battery, recharges in 2 hours and is fairly swift. It can also dive up to 131 feet which is substantial. 

Longtime Dual Propeller Underwater Swimming Scooter

The Longtime underwater scooter is great for beginners and is a super practical choice for those who want a dependable and basic model. Weighing under 6 pounds, you can stuff this swimming scooter in your backpack to take to the beach or pool. These are great for children and helps them learn about swimming. 

The motors are coated in anti-rust and are extremely durable for over 1,000 hours of use. This underwater swimming scooter can be used in fresh and saltwater with no issue. You can dive up to 98 feet with this scooter and it has positive buoyancy so you won’t lose it in the water. You get 22 pounds of thrust and can propel through water at 2.7 mph on the high speed setting and 2 mph on low speed. 

We like this underwater swimming scooter because it’s easy to use and will last. You can even monitor it through the smart app and keep track of speed, distance explored and how deep you dove. 

G Geneinno Underwater Scooter with Dual Propellers

The geneinno reaches a maximum underwater speed of 2.7 mph and can pull you or your child for approximately 45 minutes. It has positive buoyancy which means it will float and you won’t risk losing it should the battery die. You get 2 speeds: high and low depending on how fast you want to travel. 

The dual thrusters are nice in that they are easy to steer and handle nicely underwater. This is a great underwater scooter for those interested in shallow dives, snorkeling, swimming in the pool or taking to the water park. 

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