Blizzard Buddy Hunting Suit Review

Blizzard Buddy Hunting Suit for cold weather hunting

The Blizzard Buddy may just be the best cold weather hunting suit on the market. 

It’s not often that a hunting product makes waves, but the Blizzard Buddy Hunting Suit is quickly gaining a fan base from hunters that depend on their gear for a successful hunt.

Cold weather hunting means you have to be diligent in purchasing the right hunting gear and clothes that are rated to keep you warm throughout your entire hunt. Many brands can keep you warm for the first few hours, but the Blizzard Buddy keeps you comfortable and in the woods longer. The last thing you want to do is to go cold weather hunting with the wrong winter gear and end up freezing the entire time. 

Hunters have a tough task when it comes to choosing the best winter hunting gear. There’s no shortage of brands and advertisements make each product seem too good to be true. You have to weigh your options when choosing the features you need such as fit, quiet materials, camo patterns and more.

Remember, the right hunting gear can last you a number of years if you take care of it, so it’s a good idea to research your choices before making a purchasing decision. Personally, I like to write out the hunting trips I plan to make ahead of time and jot down the features I need in my hunting gear. The Blizzard Buddy cold weather suit checks all of the boxes for hunting in cold weather. 

Two things I look for in a cold weather hunting suit is comfort and functionality. The Blizzard Buddy is designed not only for rifle hunters, but has features that are important to bow hunters.

Remaining quiet while hunting and walking is crucial to a successful hunt and the Blizzard Buddy is equipped with quiet zippers and specially placed armholes so you can take the perfect shot whether you’re rifle or bow hunting.

You will never know how many shots you’ve missed out on due to hunting clothing made from noisy materials. Deer and other game have heightened senses and will completely avoid you if you make even the smallest sound and this is where the Blizzard Buddy hunting suit outshines the competition. While other brands only focus on keeping you warm for a few hours, the Blizzard Buddy not only keeps you warm but ensures you remain quiet while you move.

Keeps You Warm 

The Blizzard Buddy is rated for temperatures ranging from 45 degrees F to -20 degrees F. This is perfect for most cold weather hunts. 

Special Camo Pattern

Camo patterns are important when choosing cold weather hunting gear. The Blizzard Buddy features the most realistic camo pattern you will find and allows you to fully blend into your environment and completely disappear thanks to the groundbreaking technology used in creating these patterns. The Blizzard Buddy uses high fidelity digital technology to capture incredible patterns that will fool even the most sensitive game.

Great Fit

Trying on cold weather hunting gear can be a pain because it’s nearly impossible to not only get a great fit but to find gear that you can move around in comfortably. This is especially true if you’re on the larger side. I’ve had to purchase sizes larger than I would normally wear just to be able to move my arms comfortably. The great thing about the Blizzard Buddy is you can simply leave the arm holes open to allow you to move more comfortably when you get to your deer stand and when you’re taking a shot. This is especially helpful for bow hunters who need protection from cold weather but also want to remain stealthy. I’ve personally worn cold weather hunting gear that makes noise when I would raise my rifle but the Blizzard Buddy takes care of that issue and allows you to remain quiet throughout the entire process. 

How to Clean Your Blizzard Buddy Hunting Suit

Cleaning your hunting gear is extremely important if you want to make them last. The Blizzard Buddy is easy to clean but you need to follow these directions: 

  1. Make sure you’re using a large washing machine
  2. Only use cold water and a gentle cycle
  3. Use scent-free detergent so that smells don’t linger that deer or other game can smell
  4. Only air dry your Blizzard Buddy
  5. Turn your suit inside out before washing

You get a ton of extras with the Blizzard Buddy such as the suit itself, a blaze orange vest for safety, boot covers and a carrying harness. 

Our Take

Overall, the Blizzard Buddy hunting suit is one of the best cold weather hunting suits you will find. It keeps you warm, fits great, has safety features and helps you blend into your environment perfectly. It also doesn’t cost a small fortune which is a huge plus for hunters on a budget. The Blizzard Buddy has developed one of the best cold weather suits on the market.