Casio G-Shock Blue Camo Watch GA100CB-1A

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The blue camo Casio G-Shock GA100CB-1A is one of the coolest G-Shock watches out there. It’s definitely an attention grabber and perfect those who love blue G-Shocks. The watch face is blue and green camo and the minute and hour hands are blue with silver tips so you can easily see them against the dial. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, the blue camo G-Shock will do the trick. -SHOP NOW

Resistant to Environmental Factors 

G-Shock watches are built tough and can handle extra pressure. The GA100CB-1A is shock resistant, which means it won’t be hurt easily. You can drop it, scrape it, bump it or toss it and the shock resistant design will protect the important parts of your watch. They’re designed in such a way that prevents minor jarring or bumps from doing any real damage. The blue camo G-Shock is also water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet and magnetic resistant. You can get it wet and it won’t damage the interior mechanics. Don’t worry about removing it to wash your hands, take a shower or going boating as it can take a good amount of water with no issue. Keep in mind that you probably shouldn’t wear it scuba diving as it’s not technically a diving watch. If you’re looking for a professional diving watch, check out the Casio G-Shock Frogman Series.  

The Perfect Everyday Carry (EDC) Watch 

EDC stands for everyday carry and is basically the tools and gear you need to get through the day. A tough and accurate watch definitely qualifies as an EDC tool because you need precision when it comes to timekeeping. G-Shock watches are perfect for EDC watches because they’re made with rugged materials that will last and they are precise timekeepers with loads of extra functions. They bridge the gap between a sturdy workplace watch and an all-out outdoors watch that can handle extreme environments. Gone are the days when you need multiple watches for different functions, G-Shock can handle them all.  

A Great G-Shock for Military and Police Officers 

The blue camo G-Shock watch is a great choice for military and police officers. It isn’t flashy and has a great mixture of ruggedness and accuracy that is needed for many jobs. Police officers need a watch that can handle everything they encounter throughout their shift. They get into altercations often that can break a watch in seconds. G-Shock watches have tough resin bands that can stand up to abuse. Plus, they’re easily replaceable should they snap during an encounter. Military personnel choose the GA100CB-1A often because of the blue and black tones with the negative dial. It may not be the easiest watch dial to see in the dark, but it comes equipped with a backlight auto LED light with afterglow that will get the job done.  

We highly recommend this watch due to it’s toughness and equipped features and think it’s one of the best G-Shocks for police officers and military.

 G-Shocks Make Great Gifts 

Casio G-Shock watches make great gifts for many occasions. There are so many models that you can easily find the perfect one for anyone. Need a gift for a police officer? You can easily find a blacked-out G-Shock that would be a perfect fit. Have a friend that’s into mud sports? They make a G-Shock Mudmaster that keeps out water, dust and mud. The black and blue contrast of this camo G-Shock is great for military and police officers looking for a dependable watch that can take the daily abuse of their jobs. Many people purchase this watch after graduating from Officer Candidate School due to the colors of the camo and the watch band. 

G-Shocks Are Highly Rated Watches 

If you’ve done any research on G-Shock watches for men, you know they’re highly reviewed and receive above average ratings. Many people only wear G-Shocks no matter the occasion. They work with business casual outfits, everyday clothes, uniforms, military clothing and more. You won’t find a tougher watch that can handle as much as a G-Shock can at this price or higher. Read any review about them and you’ll see just how much users love G-Shocks. If you’re looking for a stylish G-Shock that can be worn at the office or a night out with friends, the blue camo G-Shock GA100CB-1A is a great choice. 

Not Too Expensive 

You can spend a fortune on high-end Casio G-Shocks, but the blue camo GA100CB-1A comes at a good price that’s affordable for everything you get. Plus, G-Shocks last forever so you really get your money’s worth with these watches. The GA100CB-1A blue camo G-Shock is a high-quality watch without the hefty price tag many G-Shocks have today.

These G-Shocks go on sale often, so keep an eye out for discounted prices.  

Our Take 

The Casio G-Shock Blue and Black Camo GA100CB-1A has earned itself a special place in the hierarchy of watches. One look at it and you know it’s a cut above the rest. We’re a big fan of the blue camo, but also the number of essential features it has makes it one of the best G-Shocks out there. If you’re looking for the best EDC watch, this one should be at the top of your list. This is a great military G-Shock due to the color combinations and features and also is one of the best G-Shocks for police officers. If you’re still on the fence, read a few reviews on Amazon to help with your decision.  

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