Casio G-SHOCK GWM5610-1 – The Heir to the Original G-Shock

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Updated to Include Atomic and Solar Power 

Everyone loves a classic, especially one like the G-Shock GWM5610-1 that’s been updated and improved. Not only does it carry on the tradition of the super rugged square G-Shock of old, but it’s been imbued with atomic synchronization and solar power charging.  

The G-Shock GWM5610-1 is perfect for those who love the classics, but enjoy new technology that watches have today. You’ll notice that this version is thinner and lighter than its round G-Shock cousins. It’s less bulky as well and fits a nice suit. SHOP ON AMAZON

Tough Solar Power Goodness 

This watch has solar power charging which keeps your battery chugging along no matter what. The batteries last much longer so you don’t have to change them anytime soon. Casio’s solar power watches can convert even the smallest amount of light from the sun or indoor lights into usable energy for your watch. You don’t have to leave it in the sun and can collect light throughout your day. The continuous Tough Solar Power amps your watch through a tiny solar panel paired with a rechargeable battery that will power your watch’s functions like a champ.  

Atomic Timekeeping 

In a time where precision is everything, G-Shock raised the bar with atomic timekeeping. You won’t have to reset the time on your G-Shock. It will synch and automatically update the time for you.  

Shock Resistance 

The G-Shock brand of watches are well known for their ruggedness and ability to survive. The GWM5610-1 square G-Shock has this feature and can take a beating. This is the type of watch that will survive in any environment and will keep on ticking. You can’t beat them no matter how hard you work or play. The GWM5610-1 square G-Shock is designed with materials that protects it from scrapes, drops, impacts and abrasions.  

Water Resistant 200 meters (660 feet) 

If you play hard, you need a watch that can keep up. You never know when you’ll get wet and your daily watch must be water resistant. While you may not want to take the GWM5610-1 scuba diving, it can handle water and continue working for you. This watch is water resistant up to 200 meter or 660 feet and you don’t have to take it off to wash your hands or during a downpour. You can also wear your G-Shock while taking a shower or for water sports such as fishing, jet skiing, boating or swimming.  

Tons of Essential Functions 

You need a watch that has various functions that you require on a daily basis. G-Shocks are great for office work and heavy-duty work due to their toughness and the fact they’re loaded with helpful features such as:  

  • Multi-band atomic timekeeping 
  • EL backlight 
  • World time for 48 cities and 29 time zones 
  • Shock resistance 
  • 1/100-second stopwatch 
  • 5 daily alarms 
  • City code display 
  • Countdown timer 
  • Power-saving function to extend your battery life and more. 

There’s too many to list, but know it has everything you need.  

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Perfect for Business Settings and Outdoors 

The square G-Shock GWM5610-1 pulls double duty and is the perfect fit for both office settings and outdoor adventure. You no longer have to own a business watch for work and an everyday watch for hard work. G-Shocks pair great with business casual and a pair of loafers as well as jeans and work gloves. G-Shock makes the most versatile timepieces on the planet.  

Pairs With a Business Suit 

You may be hesitant to pair your G-Shock with a classy business suit, but G-Shocks are known to go with a suit and tie. In fact, most business men have ditched the classic gold watch for more rugged options such as G-Shocks. Check out the style of watches men wear next time you’re in a business or office setting and we’re sure you will see quite a few G-Shocks. Wearing a G-Shock with a business suit says that you know how to dress, but also enjoy an adventure now and then.  

EL Backlight 

The G-Shock GWM5610-1 is equipped with the famous EL Backlight that allows you to see your dial in the dark. What good is an awesome watch if you can’t tell time at night? G-Shock thought of everything when they built this tank.  

Classic Square Body 

The Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 is a call-back to simpler times. The classic square body is a direct descendant to the older models of G-Shocks that paved the way for the newer generations of watches. Don’t think this G-Shock is outdated though, it has all the new features packed inside a retro body. The GWM5610-1 is one of the best square G-Shocks made.

Smaller Than Round G-Shocks 

The GWM5610-1 is a large watch, but not quite as bulky as the round G-Shock models. It looks great on your wrist without taking up too much space. It’s lighter and thinner and is perfect to wear with long sleeves and jackets due to it being thinner. If you’ve had a large and bulky watch, you know how annoying it can be for it to get stuck under your sleeve. Round G-Shocks sometimes force you to choose between popping a sleeve button or tucking it behind your watch. The GWM5610 square body G-Shock fits your wrist comfortably and you will forget it’s even there. If you’re looking for the best Casio G-Shock with a square body, check out the GWM5610-1 and read the reviews. 

Recessed Function Buttons 

The G-Shock function buttons are pushed back into a protective body on the side of the watch so you don’t accidentally trigger a button. You may have to use your fingernail to access your G-Shock function, but the design allows them greater protective depth.  

Easy to Read Display 

One complaint many G-Shock fans voice their concerns about are the negative dials on many G-Shocks. They’re often hard to see in dim light and you have to squint to read the time even in broad daylight. You won’t have that problem with the GWM5610-1 square body G-Shock as it has a clear dial that’s easy on the eyes. The dial is arranged in an organized manner and the numbers are large and directly in the middle. You can see the day, date, time and other minimal functions with a quick glance. The EL Backlight illuminates the entire screen and not just a corner like other models. 

The Perfect EDC Watch 

This is the everyday watch you’ve been waiting for. It can handle the work place, outdoor adventures, inclement weather and you don’t have to take it off to get wet. G-Shocks can take a beating and keep on ticking and they last an exceptionally long time. The GWM5610-1 square G-Shock has a classy look that you can wear with your work clothes and knocking around town. It has every feature you need in a watch as well as atomic timekeeping and Tough Solar power that keeps your G-Shock watch battery charged continuously.  

Specs and Measurements 

The Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 has the following measurements: 

  • Band Size 8 inches 
  • Band Width 20mm 
  • Case Diameter 46.7mm 
  • Case Thickness 43.2mm 
  • Case Material is Resin 
  • Display Type is Digital  
  • Body Shape is Square  
  • Water Resistant up to 660 feet or 200M 

Our Take 

We highly recommend the square G-Shock GWM5610-1. It’s rugged, classy and a perfect throwback to a simpler time. Not only is it shock and water resistant, but this model has Atomic Timekeeping and Tough Solar which puts it in a whole new category of classic watches. You can’t go wrong with a G-Shock and the GWM5610-1 square G-Shock is a cut above the rest.  

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