Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR

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If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line Casio G-Shock, the Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR is exactly what you’re looking for. While it may be one of the more expensive Casio G-Shock watches for men, it’s worth every penny once you see everything it comes with.  

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman is part of the “Master of G” line of men’s watches are some of the best G-Shocks on the market. They’re designed for those with an active lifestyle that desire more from their watches. This isn’t a watch for the casual user, its functions put it in a completely different category than watches you will find in stores. It’s tough, rugged and has plenty of features that make it one of the most essential G-Shocks on the market.  -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Rugged Design 

We all know G-Shocks are tough as nails, but the Rangeman line of men’s watches goes a few steps further. First, let’s discuss their resistance to the elements and heavy-duty use. Every G-Shock is shock resistant, which means they can take a beating and keep on ticking. Their design protects the inner workings from drops, scrapes, abrasions and impacts. Watches can easily get damages with heavy-duty work or just by children dropping them on the hard floor. G-Shocks help prevent damage from knocks and drops that you likely subject your wristwear to everyday.  

GPS Navigation 

The new addition to the “Master of G” series of rugged G-Shocks is fully capable of navigating with GPS. It collects data from GPS satellites to give you an up-to-date location in real time. You can set a route or just get your bearings to see where you’re located. GPS is an extremely valuable function to have on a watch. Sure, your phone has GPS, but you never know when that will stop working or your batteries will die. G-Shock Rangman watch batteries last an extremely long time due to solar charging and is an essential piece of gear.  

Bluetooth Capable 

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR has Bluetooth capabilities that give you more options. The Bluetooth function uses low energy and is capable up to 2 meters or 6 feet. You can pair your watch with your smartphone using the G-Shock Connected app, which gives you the option to create routes or save track and point data such as longitude and latitude as well as altitude and temperature readings.  

Wireless and Solar Charging Systems 

G-Shock has thought of it all with the Rangeman “Master of G” series of men’s watches. You can utilize the GPS functions for upwards of 33 hours on a wireless charge. If the battery level drops below the sustainable level for GPS use while you are outdoors – the solar charging will pick up the slack so you GPS functions can continue. You will be able to see the time display at all times due to the solar charging abilities of this watch. Solar powered G-Shocks are highly coveted these days because the batteries last much longer than conventional watches.  

Mud resistant G-Shock watches

Dust and Mud Resistant Design 

If shock and water resistance wasn’t enough, the G-Shock Rangeman is also dust and mud resistant. This is due to the construction of the watch and the materials used. The body is designed with mud resistant buttons that use a cylinder type structure and gaskets for shafts to keep mud and dust from reaching the internal workings of your watch. You can’t find that toughness on other brands.  

Always Accurate Time Anywhere in the World 

The G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR gives you accurate time no matter your location. It does this by receiving data from time servers which allows your watch to update and give you the time with pin-point accuracy. 

Triple Sensor 

The G-Shock Rangeman series of watches utilizes the Triple Sensor method to provide you with the ability to measure compass bearings, temperature and atmospheric pressure and altitude. These watches could technically be considered survival gear as you never truly know when you will need a trusty compass, know your altitude or to measure the temperature fluctuations. It’s always good to be prepared for everything and the G-Shock Rangeman does exactly that. The available functions makes this the perfect EDC watch as well.  

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Water Resistant 

You won’t have to remove your G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR from your wrist when you get wet. It’s water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet. This means you can take it with you for water sports, work involving water, boating and you won’t have to remove it. You can even take a shower with it on and wash your hands without concern over water getting in. Keep in mind, this is not technically a diving G-Shock. While it is water-resistant up to 200 meters, that doesn’t mean it’s rated as a diving watch or deep-water usage. While you may get away with it without damage to your G-Shock, it is not advisable as it can cause long-term damage. G-Shock makes diving watches if that’s what you’re looking for.  

In Summary 

The Casion G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR comes fully equipped with: 

  • Bluetooth 
  • GPS 
  • Atomic Timekeeping 
  • Solar Power Charging 
  • Water Resistant 200 Meters 
  • Shock Resistant 
  • Mud Resistant 
  • World Time – 39 Cities 
  • Countdown Timer 
  • Carbon Fiber Watch Band 
  • Triple Sensor: Longitude/Latitude, Temperature, Altitude, etc. 

Our Take 

If you have the money to spend, this is one of the best G-Shock watches you will find. It’s the latest in the “Master of G” series and has everything you could possibly imagine. It would be hard to find a watch that can outperform the G-Shock Rangeman for survival and heavy-duty use. This watch literally does everything and makes the perfect EDC watch. The GPS function alone is quite impressive, but when you also have solar power charging, atomic timekeeping and Bluetooth – you know you’re getting the best. Not to forget the triple sensor capabilities which include temperature readings, altitude and longitude/latitude measurements. This is the rugged watch your adventurous little heart has been searching for. The G-Shock Rangeman is highly recommended for those who want more out of life and enjoy living on the edge.  

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