Casio GGB100-1A9 Mudmaster G-Shock with Orange Accents

best orange G-Shock Mudmaster Watch

If you’re a fan of the G-Shock line, then you know about the Mudmaster lineup of G-Shocks. The GGB100-1A9 Mudmaster is one of the best watches you will find. They’re tough enough for the roughest environments known to man and they look amazing. Designed with a carbon core guard structure case that will protect the internal watch mechanics from drops, bumps, spills and abrasions that would break lesser watches. The Mudmaster is a large, yet super lightweight G-Shock that will far exceed your expectations. -SHOP NOW 

Tough as Nails 

The Mudmaster G-Shock gets its name from the innovative design. The metal buttons form a super tight seal on the body that makes it mud resistant. The Mudmaster goes even further by securing the back with a stainless-steel panel and an outer cover that’s shock resistant and made from resin embedded with glass fibers for maximum protection. The bezel is a triple layer of resin that includes carbon fiber inserts for even more protection.  

Made for Adventure 

If you seek adventure beyond your daily grind, you need a watch that can keep up. The Mudmaster was built for the outdoors and can take whatever your day can dish out. Not only is the Mudmaster GGB100-1A9 the perfect watch for thrill seeking in the great outdoors, it looks professional enough for the boardroom. It’s rare that you find a watch that is built to withstand the harshest environments and is clean enough to wear to important business meetings. The design team behind the G-Shock Mudmaster took these factors into account when building the perfect watch.  

water resistant g shock

Water and Shock Resistant 

G-Shocks are known for toughness and their ability to survive in extreme conditions. The G-Shock Mudmaster has all of the attributes of regular G-Shocks plus more. The Mudmaster is water resistant up to 200 meters and will survive shock-induced damage from extreme use.  

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Quad Sensor Capabilities 

The G-Shock Mudmaster line of watches goes a step further to give you access to an entire array of tools. The Quad Sensors give the wearer access to a potentially life-saving compass, thermometer, accelerometer that counts your steps using a 3-axis acceleration sensor and an altitude/barometer for those who grab life by the horns and seek out adventure. You also get world time with 38 time zones, auto sensor sleep state for power saving, 5 daily alarms for those who hold multiple appointments and much more.  

Bluetooth with Special G-Shock Application 

If the Quad Sensor capabilities weren’t enough, the G-Shock Mudmaster also has the ability to connect to Bluetooth via a specialized application developed by G-Shock and will allow you to record your altitude data from your adventures, route information from your travels, step counts for those keeping to a workout plan and it also helps to configure your watch. The G-Shock Mudmaster is much more than a watch, it’s a lifestyle. 

Analog-Digital Dial 

The Mudmaster dial is easy to read compared to other G-Shocks. As most users know, some G-Shocks are hard to read in low light. The Mudmaster has bright hands to create a contract against the dial, large numbers and a background that’s dark enough to allow you to see at a glance. They put a lot of thought into the design of the dial. The hands glow so you can see better and the negative dial can be read easily, even at night.  

Large Buttons 

Large buttons are easier to press and you won’t have to fumble with your watch to access functions when you need them. You can easily navigate through functions with large buttons and find what you’re looking for faster. Many users wear tactical gloves and need to access watch functions without removing their gloves. The G-Shock Mudmaster makes it easier to manipulate buttons while on the go.

Perfect EDC or Everyday Carry Watch 

The G-Shuck Mudmaster line of watches features some of the best practical applications you will find in a watch. Not only is it a phenomenal time keeper, but it also improves your EDC or everyday carry which loads of useful functions. You never know what you will need on your daily grind and the G-Shock Mudmaster gives you exactly what you need. The compass, temperature sensors, barometer and tough build make this the perfect watch to work in, wear around the campsite, wear to the office and more.  

Our Take 

We all know and love the G-Shock line of indestructible watches and the Mudmaster line goes a few steps further. You would have a hard time finding a more reliable watch than this one. The Quad Sensors give you numerous readouts of your environment and the resin embedded with glass fibers and triple layered bezel gives an added level of protection. If you can afford the price tag, the G-Shock Mudmaster will make an interesting addition to your watch collection.  

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the G-Shock Mudmaster Solar Powered? 

The G-Shock Mudmaster is battery powered and uses 1 LR44 or CR2025 watch battery.  

What Size is the Mudmaster? 

The Casio GGB100-1A9 Mudmaster is 55.4mm which is considered a large watch, but not too big.  

Is the Mudmaster G-Shock Considered a Dive Watch? 

While you may be able to dive while wearing the Mudmaster, it is not recommended as they are water resistant up to 200M. There’s a good chance nothing would happen to your watch, but it is possible it could cause damage with repeated dives. If you need a watch that’s specifically designed for diving, you can check out the G-Shock Frogman Series watches.  

Does the Mudmaster Come in Different Colors? 

Absolutely! Here’s a link to other colors 

Can You Record Your Activity Log? 

Yes, the Mudmaster allows you to record your altitude data, step counts and route information when hiking or traveling to create a unique activity log. This is a great feature for those that like to analyze statistics and keep track of their adventures.  

Watch Specifications

  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Altitude/Barometer
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Mud Resistant
  • Records altitude date
  • Shock resistant
  • Water resistant 200 meters
  • Carbon and resin case
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • World time with 38 time zones
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • 12/24-hour format
  • Case diameter: 5.5 cm
  • Case thickness: 19.3 mm
  • Shock proof

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