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Cigarism Alligator Pattern Leather Cigar Humidor

cigar humidor for travel

Transport your cigars in style with the Cigarism Alligator Leather Cigar Travel Case with Humidor.

When you need to carry your cigars with you, Cigarism has exactly what you need. They make some of the best cigar cases on the market and have a huge selection to choose from depending on what you need.  

Cigar smokers have vastly different needs and tastes. Some smokers only carry one cigar and smoke it as soon as they buy it, while others like to purchase a few cigars at a time and smoke them periodically. If you don’t smoke your cigar immediately after buying, you will need to store it in a humidor or else it will dry out. If you travel often, a travel cigar humidor is what you need.  

When choosing the perfect travel cigar humidor, you have quite a few choices. First, you need to figure out how many cigars you intend to carry. Are they just for you, or do you plan to smoke them with friends? Also, consider what type of materials you want in your cigar travel case. The most popular cigar travel cases are made from leather with Spanish cedar interiors to lock in moisture.  -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Holds 6 Cigars 

The Cigarism leather cigar travel case can easily hold up to 6 cigars with a max ring gauge of 56. This will cover the majority of cigars you will smoke. It will also hold smaller cigars because each cigar fits neatly into its own holder and the case has a leather strap that secures them. Many users are able to hold more than 6 cigars if you load it up with smaller cigars. This case is great for those that like to keep a few cigars on hand and smoke with friends.  

Leather Alligator Pattern, Spanish Cedar Interior 

The cigar travel case itself is made from genuine leather and has a classy alligator pattern to give it a little something extra for style. The leather is Split cow leather which is high-quality and will last. Not only is the leather soft and supple, but it feels nice to the touch. The interior is lined with Spanish Cedar which helps keep your cigars fresh and gives your box a nice aroma. Spanish cedar also repels insects and pests that are attracted to cigars and can ruin them. There are 6 dividers to secure your cigars, but you can fit more if you smoke smaller cigars.  

The Perfect Cigar Travel Humidor 

Cigars must be kept fresh if you want to have the best smoke possible. They dry out easily and become stale. No one wants to smoke a dry and stale cigar. Humidors keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. This cigar case comes equipped with a cigar humidor that will keep your cigars fresh on the go. These are perfect to keep in your vehicle, office desk or at home because you never know when you’ll get a moment to smoke so you always have to be prepared.  

High Quality Zipper 

Zippers are always an issue with cigar cases, but the Cigarism travel case uses the best materials available. You won’t have to worry about the zipper getting stuck and not keeping your cigars fresh with this cigar case. It runs smooth and won’t get stuck on the tracks. You don’t want your zipper to get stuck mid track and let your cigars ruin. Cigarism has your back and only uses the best materials when constructing their cigar travel humidors 

Perfect for Smoking Parties 

The ability to hold 6 large cigars makes this cigar case a great choice for those who smoke with friends. You can store 2 different sizes in each side and have plenty to pass out to friends. The humidifier keeps your favorite cigars in the right humidity and the cigar box protects them from accidental drops, scrapes and spills to give you the perfect smoke session.  

What You Get 

You will receive an alligator pattern leather cigar travel case, humidifier, 2 trays to store cigars, siphon, bag and a nice gift box. You get everything you need to safely transport your cigars.  

Travel Cigar Humidors Make the Perfect Gift 

If you’re looking for the best gifts for cigar smokers, travel cigar humidors are always a hit. Every cigar smoker can benefit from these. Not just for travel, cigar humidors are always needed when you want to store cigars. It’s not easy choosing the perfect gift for the cigar smoker, but Cigarism has you covered. It comes with 1 bag and 1 gift box that makes it perfect to send to someone as a gift or to keep for yourself. 


The Cigarism alligator cigar travel humidor measures 8.26 x 4.52 x 3.54 inches and is the perfect size for most cigar smokers. The interior trays measure 3 PCS 6.69 x 0.86 inches / 3 PCS 5.51 x 0.86 inches and can fit up to 6 big cigars or more if you smoke smaller lengths. The max ring gauge it will safely secure is 56, but you can always go smaller.  

Our Take 

Cigar travel humidors don’t get much better than the Cigarism line of products. They’re made from high-quality leather and the alligator pattern adds extra style points. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar which helps with cigar freshness and gives your box a nice aroma. This is the perfect cigar travel case for those who enjoy having a few extra cigars at their disposal. Perfect for extended weekends or to keep in the office for when you get a moment to smoke. These are also great for those who like to have extra cigars for friends. You don’t want to have to run to the store each and every time you want to smoke your favorite cigars so a cigar humidor is the best route to take. The Cigarism Alligator Leather Cigar Travel Humidor is highly recommended by those who use them and they make the perfect gifts for cigar smokers. You would have a hard time finding a better cigar humidor case that holds 6 cigars in this price range.  

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