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Cigarism Genuine Leather Cigar Travel Case Humidor Gift Set

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This leather cigar travel case humidor by Cigarism is the perfect case for cigar smokers who like to take their smokes with them. It comes with all of the cigar smoking accessories you need to get started such as a cigar lighter and cigar cutter.  

Cigars need the right environment to stay fresh and to smoke like they were designed to. Cigar companies work hard to bring you the best smoke they can, but you have to provide your cigars with the right environment to keep them fresh. If you leave your cigars out in the open for days at a time, they can get dry and unpleasant to smoke. A quality humidor keeps your cigars fresh, moist and ready to smoke at a moment’s notice. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON 

Cigar Travel Cases Are Perfect for Those on the Go 

It’s rare that a cigar smoker has time to lounge around and smoke their favorite cigars, so you have to be prepared when the time comes. Cigar travel cases make it easy to store your cigar accessories all in one place, while keeping them protected and fresh at the same time. Most of us have to take our smokes to go and find time during the day. A cigar travel case with a humidor makes this possible.  

The Travel Humidor Keeps Cigars Fresh 

When you purchased your favorite cigars, they were likely in a walk-in humidor at your cigar retailer or gas station. It makes sense that you would need to store them in something that can keep them fresh and ready to go. Leaving them on the counter will dry out your cigars and make them unpleasant to smoke.  

What You Get With Your Cigar Case 

You get all of the cigar smoking accessories you will need to get started, including: 

  1. Cigar travel case 
  2. Cigar lighter 
  3. Cigar cutter 
  4. Spanish cedar lined tray 
  5. Humidifier 
  6. Siphon 
  7. Gift box 

The lighter is a torch jet flame with a cigar punch with a diameter of 0.27 inches that is perfect for lighting cigars. While you can use regular lighters in a pinch, a cigar lighter is far superior due to the flames and design. The lighter has an adjustable flame and is designed from a zinc alloy with a vintage flower carving for appeal. The cutter measures 3.7 x 1.77 x 0.16 inches with a ring gauge of 60. 

You can purchase this kit and you will have everything you need for a good smoke. It even comes with a nice gift bag and gift box. Keep in mind, the cigar lighter ships to you empty due to mailing regulations and you will have to purchase your cigars separate.  


The Cigarism cigar travel case is made from genuine leather with a classy Ostrich pattern that feel nice and will last a long time. The Zipper is Japanese YKK golden metal and runs smooth and won’t get snagged or stuck mid-track. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar which helps lock in moisture to keep your cigars fresh.  

Holds 4 or More Cigars 

The cigar travel case by Cigarism is designed to hold 4 cigars measuring 6.89 inches with a ring gauge of 60. You can fit more cigars if your preferred smoke is smaller in size.  


The Cigarism cigar travel case measures 8.07 x 5.31 x 2.87 inches which is the ideal size for a portable cigar humidor. Any larger and it will be cumbersome to carry. These cigar cases fit perfect in your glove box, vehicle console, desk drawer, day bag, hiking pack, office desk or at home and you can take them anywhere.  

Makes the Perfect Gift Set 

Not sure what to buy the cigar smoker in your life? This case makes a great gift because it comes with everything you need minus lighter fluid and cigars. Most cigar smokers have accessories already, but you can never have too many because cigar cutters and lighters are super easy to lose. They won’t mind receiving extra supplies. Cigar travel humidors are the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, work promotions and more. This is also a great gift for golfers that enjoy smoking since you can pack it up and take it with you.  

Our Take 

Regular cigar smokers need the proper accessories to enjoy their smokes to the fullest. You need cigar lighters, cutters and a cigar travel case with a humidor to experience your favorite cigars to their utmost potential. Plus, it makes it easier to pack a few sticks and take a scenic drive to clear your mind and smoke a few tasty cigars. There’s really not much that can cap off a great day (or a rough day) than a delicious cigar either solo or with a few close friends. We highly recommend this cigar travel case humidor set either for yourself or as a gift to a fellow cigar smoker.  

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