Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Knife

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One look at this blade and you know it can cut. The Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Knife is a great work knife that is perfect for the toughest cutting jobs. Used extensively by military, firemen, police officers and anyone who needs a tough, dependable knife that can pull double duty and still remain razor sharp. This is the knife you can carry as your primary everyday carry knife as it is perfect for small and large cutting tasks.  

Designed from CPM-S35VN steel, the Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tanto Blade will perform for years due to its tough build and the high-quality materials. If you work hard, you need a knife that is durable, rust and corrosive resistant and will keep an edge. -Buy Now

Blade Design 

The blade is razor-sharp and tough due to the tanto design. It’s constructed to be strong enough to handle your daily cutting needs. Tanto blades are great for piercing materials and absorbing the shock that comes with stabbing. The blade design was originally utilized by Japanese swords that needed to pierce armor. 

Perfect Grip 

You knife is only as good as the handle and you need to be able to grip it with no slippage. The Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto employs the G-10 handle that gives you the best grip no matter the conditions. You don’t want to fight for your grip in inclement weather or wet conditions. This can lead to accidents, injuries and unintentional cuts and slices. The ergonomic handle fits your hand perfectly and has to finger molds that gives you even more control over your blade. A secure grip can make all the difference in the world when cutting.  

TriAd Locking Mechanism  

You want a knife with a superb locking mechanism for a stronger overall blade. Featuring the TriAd lock, you won’t have to worry about your knife closing on your fingers. The locking mechanism is durable, strong and shock resistant so you can work this knife and it won’t close unless you want it to. If you work hard, you need a knife that will work just as hard as you. You can use this knife in the harshest conditions and it won’t slip, nor will the locking mechanism fail. There is no wiggle when the blade is locked in place.  


The Cold Steel Recon Series 1 Tanto Knife measures 9 3/8 inches overall with a blade length of 4 inches and handle length of 5 3/8 inches. It weighs in at 5.3 ounces with is a good weight for a folding pocket knife. You don’t want your everyday carry knife to be too large or too small. There’s a reason why military, police officers and fire search and rescue uses this particular knife extensively.  

Blade Length Options 

The Cold Steel Recon 1 Series comes in multiple options and blade sizes. Cold Steel understands that not every job is the same and made a wide selection of options to choose from. The Cold Steel Recon Series comes in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5 ½” blades to give you as many options as possible when choosing your knife. The blades on each Recon Series knife are razor sharp and thin for the perfect cut.  

Advantages of Tanto Point Blades 

Tanto point blades are great for multiple cutting tasks. They have an extremely strong point and were originally designed for piercing hard materials. The tanto blade is in fact quite similar to Japanese swords that were used for armor piercing. The high point and flat grind make this blade type excel at stabbing and the thickness of the blade absorbs the impact where other blade styles may break. The tanto blade is a unique blade style that will give you a different cutting experience than your regular everyday knife. If you need a knife that can pierce through hard materials, you will want to research the best tanto blades on the market. Cold Steel makes a great tanto blade knife that’s tough, popular and affordable.  

Our Take 

If you’re looking for a knife that’s extensively used by military, law enforcement and fire and rescue teams all over the world, this is the knife you’re looking for. This knife is highly recommended for those who need a blade that can pierce tough materials and has a sturdy handle that will secure your grip. It also won’t break the bank as Cold Steel makes affordable knifes that are high-quality and will last for years to come.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tanto Blade have assisted opening? 

This is a manual deployed knife that does not have assisted opening, but it’s faster than most knives. It has side knobs that help you deploy the blade faster. Your knife may feel tight when brand new, but will deploy faster once broken in.  

Can You Throw This Knife? 

While you can technically throw any knife, this knife isn’t specifically designed for throwing. Cold Steel makes knifes specifically for knife throwing, but this is more of an everyday use knife. A good throwing knife is perfectly balanced for throwing, whereas, the Recon Series 1 Tanto Blade is designed for cutting and daily use.  

Is the Locking Mechanism Hard to Push in and Secure? 

You may notice the locking mechanism is hard to push in when your knife is brand new, but it loosens up with use. A few openings and you will notice it gets easier as you break-in your knife. It may feel tight right out of the box, but just use your blade a few times a day and the stiffness will go away. This knife employs the TriAd locking mechanism that gives your knife a solid lock that won’t cut your fingers when using it on hard-to-cut items or materials.  

Does this Make a Good Pocket Knife? 

Absolutely! It’s the perfect size with a 4” blade and a sturdy handle that provides a secure grip. You don’t want your pocket knife to be too large and bulky, nor do you want it too small for your primary knife. The Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto can handle your everyday cutting needs and will last for years.  

Why Does the Military Use This Knife? 

Military operators and police officer need a dependable knife that can be used in all weather conditions. Their knives must be razor-sharp, locking mechanisms and handles that won’t slip even when wet. This knife meets their needs and more. Many operators wear tactical gloves in the field and need to be able to manipulate their knives while wearing gloves. The finger grooves on the handle help secure the blade when wearing tactical gloves.  

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