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Cigar Smoking Beginners Guide

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Cigar smoking can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. While smoking cigars may not be 100% healthy, it has been proven to lower stress and forces you to breathe deeply. They’re great for the campsite while sipping coffee or something a little stronger.  

Cigar smoking differs from cigarette smoking as you normally don’t inhale, but “taste” instead. Many cigar smokers believe this makes cigars a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but more studies need to be conducted.  

If you’re new to cigar smoking, you may be overwhelmed by the various types of cigars and accessories you need to properly enjoy your smoking session. You can walk into any cigar shop or local spirits store and they will likely have a walk-in humidor or at least a shelf that has an assortment of cigars. Choosing a cigar can be a daunting task with the numerous brands, so you may want to speak with the store owner to help you choose one.  

Now that you have a few cigars to try, you probably realized there’s more to smoking cigars than just lighting it and puffing. You need a cigar cutter to snip the end to draw smoke and you will need a cigar torch to light your cigar and begin smoking. The best way to learn is to have someone show you in person such as the cigar shop owner or a friend that smokes cigars regularly. You need to make your snip in the right spot or your cigar could unravel or not draw correctly and ruin your smoke.  

Once you learn how to properly smoke a cigar, you will need a carrying case to transport your favorite cigars. Portable cigar cases come in all shapes and sizes, so you will have to figure out how many you will need to carry and which cigar smoking accessories you will need.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of some of the best cigar accessories in each category that every cigar smoker should have.  

You will need:  

  1. Cigars 
  2. Cigar cutters 
  3. Cigar torch 
  4. Cigar carrying case 

Cigar Travel Cases

As stated previously, cigar cases come in different sizes based on how many cigars you need to transport. Many of these have a built-in humidor to keep your cigars fresh, while others are purely a carrying case. They come in sleeves, round tubes, boxes and zipper bags and many have slots for your cigar accessories. Here are some of the best cigar cases you can find: 

Wall St Smoker Leather Portable Travel Cigar Case – 8 to 10 Cigars 

The Wall St Smoker Cigar Case is one of the best cases on the market due to superb craftsmanship and materials. Designed to hold everything you need, this cigar case is made from real leather that’s soft, durable and looks better with age. The hard-shell exterior keeps your cigars protected and safe while traveling. It holds 8 to 10 Double Gordo Cigars, a handful of 60 ring gauge cigars, up to 3 lighters, 3 cigars cutters and a handy cigar rest. You can carry enough cigars and cigar smoking accessories for just yourself or a small group of friends. It’s the perfect portable leather cigar case for those who like to keep their smoking accessories in one safe place. You can now take your cigars camping, hiking, weddings, golf course, bachelor parties and any other type of celebration or social gathering. It even has an outside pocket to hold extra items or a cell phone. This top-of-the-line cigar travel case measures 9.125”L x 6”W x 3”H and is perfect for any style cigar smoker.  

Amancy 3-Finger Leather Cigar Case 

Amancy makes some of the best leather cigar cases on the market. They don’t cost a lot, but are made to last. Made with brown leather on the outside and cedar wood inside – this cigar travel case comes with a cutter that fits snug in an exterior front pocket. You can carry 3 cigars up to 6.5” long with a ring gauge up to 52. This is the perfect cigar travel case to put in a business suit pocket, front jean pocket, briefcase or anywhere else you want to carry a few of your best cigars. This cigar case measures 7” x 3.6” x 1.4” and is the perfect travel companion.  

Cigar Torches

Quality is important when choosing the perfect cigar torch. You don’t want to use a regular lighter as it won’t light your cigar evenly. You need a hot and powerful flame to get an even burn. Here are some of the best cigar torches you can buy. 

Tomolo Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame 2 Pack 

The Tomolo Torch is a powerful and dependable cigar lighter. Designed from durable zinc alloy material and a fully transparent fuselage fuel tank – this is a tough cigar torch that will keep you puffing away at your favorite cigars. It has a built-in cigar punch that gives you more options and the triple jet flames give you plenty of firepower. You get two cigar torches and each one comes in a separate gift box. Keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend or stock up for yourself. You never know when you will have the opportunity to light up, so keep multiples on hand just in case.  

XIFEI All-in-One Cigar Lighter 

The XIFEI is a high-quality cigar torch that gives you much more than other lighters. You get the cigar lighter, cigar puncher, cigar draw enhancer and a cigar stand. The XIFEI goes far beyond other brands to give you the best quality in cigar torches possible. You can easily refill the butane fuel when you get low and you can tell when you need more with the oil level window. The jet blue flame is powerful and will keep your cigar lit when you need it.  

Cigar Cutters

A razor-sharp cigar cutter can make the difference between a great smoke and a mediocre smoke session. A dull cigar cutter will rip your cigar instead of slicing through it with precise cuts. You can easily get a high-quality cigar cutter without breaking the bank if you know where to look. 

Alaska Bear Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut Blade 

The Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter is one of the best-selling cutters on the market. You can usually find one for around $10 and can grab a few at a time to make sure you always have a razor-sharp cigar cutter handy. Designed from rugged stainless-steel, this self-sharpening double-bladed cutter will last for years. It comes with a gift bag that will protect your new cutters and keep it sharp longer.  

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter 

The Colibri is a little more high-end than your everyday cigar cutter, but it’s perfectly fine to spend a little more on a quality cigar accessory. This cigar cutter has an ergonomic design with a spring-loaded release for cleaner cuts. The V-Shaped cutter does a great job at cutting your cigars with precision. The stainless-steel blade stays sharp and gets the job done.  

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