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FireDog Genuine Leather Cigar Pouch – Carry Your Cigars with Style

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Smoking cigars is a great way to relieve stress and contemplate your day. If you’ve been smoking for a while, you know how important it is to protect your cigars when you carry them. Cigar travel cases have been around for years and are a staple for most cigar smokers. You can get them in various materials.

There are countless brands and designs on the market for leather cigar cases which makes it easy to find one with exactly what you’re looking for. The FireDog genuine leather cigar pouch is a great choice if you’re looking to carry 5-6 cigars for short trips. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Natural Full-Grain Leather 

The FireDog leather cigar case is made from natural full-grain leather that improves with age and use. It’s tough and will last for years of use. The leather is soft and feels amazing each time you open it. We like leather as it has a natural look and lasts forever. 

Easy Way to Transport Cigars 

We all know how easy it is to damage your favorite cigars while carrying them around town. One wrong bump or drop and you’ve ruined an expensive smoke. Cigar travel cases are the easiest way to protect your smokes while in transit. The cigar pouch easily holds 5-6 of your best cigars with a ring gauge of up to 60 and 7.5” long. That’s plenty for a weekend trip or a quick smoke after a long day at the office.  

Plenty of Storage 

The FireDog leather cigar travel case has a special pocket that’s utilizes a large magnet to keep it closed. This is the perfect place to store cigar lighters, cutters or even your car keys. The pouch will protect your cigar accessories from bumps and scrapes.  

Great Travel Humidor 

This cigar travel case is the perfect size for a handful of cigars. You probably don’t want to carry more than 5-6 cigars at a time anyway as they can get stale if you store them for too long. This travel humidor is perfect for vacation, camping, the office or a drive around town.  

Lifetime Warranty 

FireDog offers a lifetime warranty on their leather cigar cases because they know they’re made with high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship that will last years and years.  


The case itself measures 10.25 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches and is a good size for a handful of your favorite cigars. The lighter/cutter pocket is large enough for most cigar accessories at 3.45 x 2.25 inches and the cigar pocket is 7.67 x 4.52 inches. Overall, the FireDog cigar travel case is the size you want if you’re looking for an extended weekend case or a vacation. 

Our Take 

If you’re looking for the best cigar travel cases on the market, the FireDog is worthy of your time. The genuine leather is some of the best quality we’ve seen on cigar travel cases. It’s a good size for a few cigars and will protect them when traveling. The extra pockets are a great feature and allows you to keep your cigar smoking accessories in the same place. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your cigar cutter or lighter when you’ve finally carved out a few minutes to light up. This cigar travel case is priced right for what you get and won’t break the bank. If you’ve been smoking cigars a while, you need a travel case and the FireDog is a great place to begin your search.  

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